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The Blackheath Connection

News in July 2006: The history websites on this domain now have a companion website, and an updating website as well, on a new domain, at Merchant Networks Project, produced by Dan Byrnes and Ken Cozens (of London). This new website (it is hoped) will become a major exercise in economic and maritime history, with much attention to London/British Empire and some attention to Sydney, Australia.

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Recently appearing: The Shakespears were yet another family which moved its members to India after the American Revolution.
See website by Steve Pearson in UK:

While this page is amplified, a revised links page for this website is also available at:


Archives Authority of NSW
Historically yours Archives Authority of NSW
Links, etc (broken link)

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Archives of Australia
Useful Archives of Australia
Historically yours (broken link)

Australian National Maritime Museum

Indigenous History of Sydney, from first contacts

General, listed alphabetically Biography
Britannica's Lives (broken link) Biography - Thomas Jefferson
Interesting (but broken link?)

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Blackheath - London
Website maintained by local historian, Neil Rhind, now writing his third book. Blackheath whaler, Daniel Bennet
Sailing for Bennet in the Pacific is Capt. Morgan here (but a broken link)

Blackheath, London
Interesting essays of wide interest - Black Studies (but broken link?)

Lastfound as Error 500 - can't connect - Bligh - Betham>
For a little more on father-in-law of William Bligh, Richard Betham. A site on Manx history from Frances Coakley


. Bligh - Bounty - Pandora
Pandora - the ship that chased the Bounty mutineers (but broken link?) Bligh and Bounty
Mutiny on HMS Bounty (but a broken link?)

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Locating place names, try this collection of maps

93rd Highlanders



Last found as Error 404 - not found - - British-India
Tod Mill's collection of links for military in India

Convict Creations
Assessing the legacy of convictism< /a> Convict Ships and Convicts

Lists, etc. (broken link)

Broken link -">Convict ships, listings
A pay site, from Southern Cross Genealogy Convict Transportation Records
From the Irish National Archives (but broken link?)

ConvictCentral, Australia
Very comprehensive Convicts - History - Northern New South Wales
Convict Trail with Paul Budde (broken link)
Convicts - The Convicts - (broken link?)
A way to earlier Australian history

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Advertisement Convicts - The Southern Cross Genealogy Page
On Convicts, clipper ships, POWs, ships other, coats of arms (but broken link)

Genealogy Library Australia (broken link?):

Family - and NSW South Coast around Ulladulla
Genealogical Research in Australia with Cathy Dunn

http://www.kittybrewster/com/l.htm/ Family - Arbuthnot
Interesting (but broken link)

Family - Archives Authority of NSW
History, also Family - Australian Family History Compendium
Genealogy, various (broken link)

Family - Bellas
Bellas family of Long Marton - a family saga/history

Family - Births, Deaths, Marriages, NSW
Has links Australia-wide

Family - Bond
Bond-Chitty family links

Family - Burke's
Update of BURKE'S Landed Gentry, 18th Edn

Broken link -">Family - Claiborne Family
In Jamaica/USA - Virginia


. Family - Clan Campbell Society of North America
Useful (but a broken link?)

Family - Daniel Morgan's Genealogy Pages
Very useful website

Family - First Families
Australian Genealogy

Error 500 - can't connect - -

Error 500 can't connect - - Family - Forbes, Leckie - Family - Forbes-Mitchell - Forbes clan
Genealogy research - see also /jmitchell.htm (broken link)

Family - Money
General genealogy

Broken link -">Family - NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
Useful Family - Palmer
Family Books & Other Resources (broken link) Family - Pattle
One of several sites on Pattles Family - Pattle at Scott's End
Pattle in South Africa (broken link) (see also /ms73/SITE.HTM and /ms73/ALPHKTOQ.html#Pattle

Family - Staunton Park Genealogy Centre
Portsmouth, UK

Broken link -">Family - Women and the Sea Network
An online discussion forum" Family History - IHR New South Wales Family History Documents
Internet History Resources from Northern NSW (Broken link?)

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Advertisement Family History from British India
C18th, C19th, website based in Canberra (broken link)

Family history/genealogy information available from
The Mormon Church



Genealogy - Australian Genealogy Forum

Genealogy in Australia
Useful< /a>

Broken link - on-line family history seminars NSW State Library

With other genealogy-type resources Atlas of Europe

History - China
From Xia dynasty History - Western Australian Coast
From Dennis Greeve (broken link)

History and genealogy of the wealthy families of America
Pay site History of Liverpool Clipper Ships, 1850-1870
James Baine's Black Ball Line [Emigrants] (broken link)

History of Places in Australia
Know where you are History, various
Including on tea import to Australia (broken link) India
On labour shipped India-Guyana, via Mauritius - John Gladstone's property - Letters Gillanders-Arbuthnot and F. R. Prinsep, sec, Govt India. (broken link) India
India Society for Nautical Research



Irish ancestry search
Via Tiara

Irish Family History Association

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Library - US Library of Congress
Very useful

Broken link -
Lorraine's Top Family History Internet Sites Links - MacLinks Family Connections - Australia
Excellent collection of genealogy/research links (broken link)

Broken link -">London - Past Lord Mayors
Useful, interesting

London Ancestor
1794 Kent's Directory of business names/addresses Mariners
Capt John Woolmore of London, essay by Tony Fuller (broken link)!greeve/firstmariners.html/ Navigators
First mariners on West Australian coast (broken link) Navigators
Matthew Flinders and Nicholas Baudin on Australian coastlines (broken link)

Navigators - Capt James Cook
HM Bark Endeavour< /a>

Navigators - Capt James Cook: (Broken link?)
New news

http://werner.ira.uka/~maier/australia/explore/cook.html/Navigators - James Cook, Explorer

Rather academic (broken link)

NSW Heritage Office - Heritage Assistance Program
Telephone: (02) 9635 6155, email to:

NSW Historic Houses Trust of NSW
Architecturally yours

On the Thames River Slavery
Another site of interest (broken link) Slavery
Historical Encyclopedia of World Slavery (broken link) Slavery - Flamemag - e-zine
On questions of slavery in history - London (broken link)


. Slavery - Footsteps to Freedom
How slaves ran free to Canada (broken link) The Day It Happened In Australia
Chronologised history (broken link) US History Online
Interesting (broken link) Whaling
Archaeology of whaling, New Zealand, South Australia (broken link)


Part Three


Gould's Books Online

Maps - Internet Atlas
For geography and maps


Ends the list of websites

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Meanwhile, an emailer sent the below items after noticing them in a newsletter.

========= HISTORY ==============

AMERICAN NOTES: TRAVELS IN AMERICA, 1750-1920 Comprises 253 published narratives by Americans and foreign visitors recounting their travels in the colonies and the United States and their observations and opinions about American peoples, places, and society from about 1750 to 1920. And much more.

COLLECT BRITAIN - PUTTING HISTORY IN ITS PLACE Travel through time and place with Collect Britain's panorama of images from the British Library's famous collections. Maps, prints and drawings, photographs and documents, rare early sound recordings from around the globe - you'll find them all here....Explore the specially selected collections, take a themed tour or visit a virtual exhibition.

KING COUNTY SNAPSHOTS King County, Washington, through 12,000 historical images carefully chosen from twelve organizations' collections. These cataloged 19th and 20th century images portray people, places, and events in the county's urban, suburban, and rural communities.

REPORTING CIVIL RIGHTS This site, a companion to The Library of America's Reporting Civil Rights, presents the reporters and journalism of the American Civil Rights Movement.

THE UNITED STATES NEWSPAPER PROGRAM A cooperative national effort among the states and the federal government to locate, catalog, and preserve on microfilm newspapers published in the United States from the eighteenth century to the present. Funding by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Technical assistance furnished by the Library of Congress.

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