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LOST WORLDS - The Website © ... your entry to World Mysteries

The Mysterious and the Arcane continue to fascinate as New Occultism meets today's Scientific Humanism

Still, there exist abiding yearnings for * Secret Teachings * Ancient Lore * The Knowledge of The Illuminati * Ways to Personal Development * Curiosity about unlocking mysteries and secrets of life * Wonders of the world and humanity since people began to ponder...

Lost Worlds explores the world around us, the past and present, and... the Universe

Lost Worlds © reaches from the darkest corners and furthest reaches of the Web as seers, sentinels and sages welcome the Millennium "for a dawning age of spiritual freedom and moral reawakening".

EDITORIAL POLICY: "Lost Worlds has the ambition of enhancing the influence of the New Age Movement through an appreciation of historical accuracy."

LOST WORLDS - A website featuring timelines on how history is changing as more of the past is discovered, ending in extra mysteries... Explore and wonder deeply about the past.


About LOST WORLDS website

A website for delving into the past...

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Webmaster Dan Byrnes (above) has found that this website gradually became derailed by the aftermaths of 9/11 and the rise of armed jihadi groups of the Islamic World, and current controversies. Pay Pal Prefer gif The result was a stoppage of additions to chronology files for the modern world in 2009 and continuing. The emphasis reverted to the deep past. From now on this website will be seeing additions for the periods 4000BC-500AD.

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Topics on religion

Articles and a booklist

Wanting something different on religion? Try this website's articles or book suggestions.

An article on Moses and the Exodus from Egypt. Booklists of various kinds.

Also on article on Israel's situation today, in the Archives section.

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    Computer programmer, musician (former ISP for this entire domain)
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    Larry West

    Scientist, author, raconteur (USA)

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List of Contributors: Bookreaders various. Scott Hall (Armidale NSW). Larry West (Texas USA). E-mailers various.

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