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Dan Byrnes - Curriculum Vitae

Last updated 5 April, 2022

Nowe retired; former WEBMASTER and FREELANCE WRITER

Life online - life in print media -

By March 2022: Currently;

Right now he has a 11-item suite of websites from Australia with content ranging from Australian convict history to the personal, digests of international (now mostly old not new) news, music matters, creative writing, humour, and a spot of family history, plus some green things, plus some of The Future too ... not to speak of a dab of satire on the way through ... Right now, aged 74, he is fully-retired and resting from work (2007-2021) on a new history book - Merchant Networks which treats often too-little-known matters in the English-speaking world/British Empire, 1760-1860, including the British acquisition of Australasia.

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2022: Dan Byrnes' 1987 essay, 'Emptying The Hulks' is advertised online as distributed by Collective of Australian Bicentennial History.

Stephen Davis was once head of a maritime museum at Hong Kong, where he wrote a book published eight years ago, on the Keying, a Chinese junk which made its way to England in 1849. Dan Byrnes' online book on history, The Blackheath Connection, is listed in Davis's Bibliography.

Dan Byrnes is cited in (for example): English migrants to Eastern Australia, 1815-1860 by Janet Lyndall Doust, a thesis examinng English immigration to eastern Australia between 1815 and 1860, dealing predominantly with the colonies of New South Wales and Victoria. I focus on the English because of their relative neglect in Australian immigration historiography, despite their being in the majority among the immigrants. I uncover evidence of origins, class, gender, motivation and culture. To provide a rounded picture of these immigrants, I use statistics and contemporary literary sources, principally correspondence, diaries and official and private archives, and compare the English immigrants in eastern Australia with English immigrants to the United States and with Scottish and Irish immigrants to New South Wales and Victoria in the same decades. To analyse the origins, motives and skills of the immigrants, I employ demographic data and case studies and examine separately immigrants with capital and assisted immigrants. Overwhelmingly, for both sets of immigrants, the motive was to seek material success in the colonies, faster than they believed they could at home. For the majority, this overcame scruples about the primitive state of the colonial societies and the taint of convictism. Land was a major attraction for many self-funded immigrants, who began to come into New South Wales in increasing numbers in the 1820s, initially mainly in family groups, but later larger numbers of single men were attracted to seek wealth prior to marriage. Many settled on the land as their primary source of income; others who came to practice in middle class professions were also keen to acquire town and country land for the status and wealth it promised, but lived and worked in urban areas. Chain migration was a common feature among middle class families in all decades. The gold rushes of the 1850s throw into stark relief the gambling element propelling so many people drawn from all but the poorest classes to chase fortunes. In the promotion of the Australian colonies to labouring people through government-assisted passages, the period 1831-1836 was experimental. I analyse the steps taken, the lessons learned and the background, motivations and skills of the English people attracted by this early scheme. Revised recruitment criteria were put into action in 1837 and I examine a profile of the assisted immigrants from a one in sixty sample from that year to 1860. This longitudinal study shows that, despite contemporary and subsequent criticisms of the quality of the assisted immigrants, they fitted the categories demanded by the colonists and predominantly came from regions of England suffering economic decline. To examine the culture and values of the English immigrants, I develop an extended case study of one family over two generations and analyse key themes emerging from the private papers of a cross-section of people. These two perspectives illustrate the contribution English immigrants made to the culture in eastern Australia and show how many of them maintained contact with family in England over a long period, while engaging actively in their new society.

This mention was found in a paper hosted outside of

... History of Australia, 70-92, 117-132. 85 Williams, ‘Bulk Passenger Freight Trades, 1750-1870’, 51; Dan Byrnes, ‘The Blackheath Connection: London Local History and the Settlement at New South Wales, 1786-1806’...

Books by Dan Byrnes which these websites have inspired.
Ancient History, The Bleak by Dan Byrnes (forthcoming). An exploration of human life from the end of the last Ice Age (c.11000BC-to-8000BC) to the present day without the Holy Books ... Now (April 2022) being rewritten ...
Modern history: from 1690s to 1810. The Blackheath Connection + Merchant Networks. Plus a book sndwiched in; The English Business of Slavery which ends 1700. Merchant Networks is scheduled for release by later 2022. It explores various merchant networks identifed by a multiplcity of histoains (mostlty of the British Empre 1718-1860 and finds new patterns plus an ocean new to Europoeans - the Pacific ...
Some of Dan Byrnes' work in early Australian history has also been cited in the following titles: Maxine Lorraine Darnell, The Chinese Labour Trade to New South Wales. 1783-1853: An Exposition of Motives and Outcomes. University of New England, Armidale, Australia. January 1997. Ph.D thesis.
Tom Keneally, The Commonwealth of Thieves: The Sydney Experiment. Sydney, Random House, Australia, 2005.
Balleneros del Sur. Antropología e historia de la industria ballenera en ls costas sudamericanas. by Daniel Quiroz, a highly-followed author on, with ... con- tours os Spain’s imperialism in the Pacific, 1521-1898 in 2021.
Environmental History, 12 (1): 65-88. BYRNES, Dan (1988), Outlooks for England’s South Whale Fishery, 1784-1800, and the Great Botany Bay Debate.
From whips to wages: From coercive to incentive driven labor by Dr. Jennie Jeppesen; Melbourne Univ. Unpublished data Dan Byrnes; Personal correspondences June 2014.
Artistic license in heritage visualisation:
Re Sydney Cove circa 1800 by Dr Kit Devine, found by 2021; Heritage visualisations are works of the cultural imaginary and this paper examines the artwork Artistic License: VR Sydney Cove ca. 1800 which foregrounds the interpretive nature of heritage visualisation. It is a re-imagining in virtual reality of A View of Sydney Cove, New South Wales, 1804, a contemporaneous print of Sydney Cove. Existing in the liminal space between accuracy and authenticity it is both art object and heritage visualisation. The dual nature of this work supports engagement with wider audiences, fostering and broadening debate at individual, institutional, academic and societal levels about the nature and role of heritage.
Cozens, K. and D. Byrnes. "For 1800-1820 (work-in-progress)", 22 May 2004. Royal Museums Greenwich, private correspondence, ...
Possession, planning and control: Imperial and early Australian land policies as a cornerstone of New South Wales history, 1788-1855 by Paul Farnill. (This mention was found in a paper hosted outside of
Ken Cozens and Dan Byrnes, "Plummer/Barnham," Merchant Networks(2006), www.merchantnetworks, ...

Also, see Globalizing the Routes of Breadfruit and Other Bounties by Elizabeth DeLoughrey, a highly followed author ... see also, ...Mintz, Sweetness, 4-5. 66 Austin Clarke, Pig Tails ‘n Breadfruit: Rituals of Slave Food (Kingston: Ian Randle Publishers, 1999), 113-114. 67 See Gascoigne, Mackay, and Frost. See also Dan Byrnes The...
East London merchant networks in Asia The Fitzhugh’s, 1750 -1800. by Kenneth Cozens. A highly followed author ... , mechanical devices etc), by looking after supercargoes for coasting trade, acting as agent for private British Country merchants in India, and purchasing (two) ships during his time in Macao. Dan Byrnes informs...
UNIVERSITY OF GREENWICH GREENWICH MARITIME INSTITUTE Dissertation submitted towards the MA in Maritime History Politics, Patronage and Profit: A Case Study of Three 18th Century Merchants. by Kenneth Cozens A highly followed author ...: TNA, ADM 112/165, ref: 986, made in respect to the surveying of victualling ships in 1779. Also see: Martyn Downer’s, Nelson’s Purse, and the Dan Byrnes website for further comments, information, and...
Trinity House Ballast Office Thames Symposium Paper by Kenneth Cozens A highly followed author .... 344, original reference cited by DanByrnes, which confirms evidence cited elsewhere in the study, that Calvert & Co., were supplying British garrisons. Note too, the reference to ‘armed victuallers...
Eighteenth Century Merchant Circles in London's Wapping: Peter Thellusson, Maritime Trade and the Global Movement of Money. by Kenneth Cozens A highly followed author.

...Masonic lodges can be viewed on the website of the Australian historian Dan Byrnes:, here see his article entitled: ‘Freemasonry in London and Sydney...

Dan Byrnes' websites

You can also look (now) eleven websites ... (Some are now finished, some are not-yet-finished.) Including ...
About page - finished (now retired)
Lost Worlds - The Website - now closed - ie, finished. Explore history timelines and wonder deeply about the past.
Bibliographies/Booklists (Australian history) - work-in-progress
The Blackheath Connection - A major work in Early Modern Australian history _ The Blackheath Connection ... a 70+ page website on convict transportation to North America, then to Australia to 1810. Based on The Duncan Campbell Letterbooks 1758-1803++ held by Mitchell Library, Sydney. Finished -
The English Business of Slavery - a 12-chapter website book - finished
The Merchant Networks Project (A follow-up to The Blackheath Connection) - The Merchant Networks Project website (Updated from 3-9-2019, now being redesigned, merchant and commercial histories with Dan Byrnes and Ken Cozens) - now finished
Merchants and Bankers Listings (history) - finished
History of Music Technology (HoTM) - work-in-progress - articles and timelines)
Poetry (Poems 1-1000) - work-in-progress
Humour - work-in-progress
Short stories and a few articles - finished
Personal Website, The - work in progress

Dan Byrnes is a former journalist/sub-editor (with earlier experience in advertising/copywriting), and a poet and historian with wide-ranging interests. He is also quite experienced with proofreading. But now is fully retired.

Since 1996 he's been fascinated with the Internet as an information-delivery system, websites and associated technology including database development.

His current elven websites (offering 350+ pages) are designed specifically for quick information delivery, quick download and quick page print-out.

For assistance with: Report writing, research services, manuscript enhancement (including editing, sub-editing, proofreading), freelance journalism, web mastering (but not blogs or graphics creation), assignments, word processing, copy writing, assistance with commercial promotions. Wide range of software available including use of one computer with Windows XP and one computer with Linux-Xandros3 system. Databasing. Genealogical/historical research. Newsletter preparation. Hire of computer time. Rates: $30 per hour or by negotiation for larger projects.

2007-2022: Preoccupied with writing with Ken Cozens (London) the book that became Merchant Networks (three drafts).

May-June-July 2006: Exploring PHP programming packages re better tactics for handling content management system(s) (CMS). Also preparing for re-launch of Merchants Networks website (as below) on its own domain.

20 May 2006: Launch of new website on historical topics, planned to become large-in-scope, focussed around time of the American Revolution, on Merchant Networks, in conjunction with Ken Cozens (London researcher). Available via links on this website. (See above note)

April-May 2006: Major upgrade of Linux system now using Xandros 3 - now well able to maintain and FTP-to-website a wide range of websites for clients. Excellent new and expanded hard disk storage capacities.

April 2006: Major upgrade of Linux system now using Xandros 3 - now well able to maintain and FTP-to-website a wide range of websites for clients. Excellent new hard disk storage capacities. Then to exploring several PHP systems for future developments.

Early 2006: As historian, embarking on history research project with Kenneth James Cozens (of London), on merchant networks (London-based and/or British-Imperial 1690-1900). Hopefully with a new approach and at least one “new” or otherwise unmined set of original documents to be assessed. A new, co-written manuscript arising.

Early 2006: Notice of extra hyperlinking of website The Blackheath Connection and associated files by websites in Australia, UK and USA including one major website on third US President Thomas Jefferson.

Citations of The Blackheath Connection December 2005 in Kenneth James Cozens, Politics, Patronage and Profit: A Case Study of Three 18th Century London Merchants. (MA thesis, Greenwich Maritime Institute, Greenwich University, UK)

November 2005: Now maintaining website for Tamworth-based landscape artist - Phillip Russell.

September 2005: Major new citation of website The Blackheath Connection: In Tom Keneally, The Commonwealth of Thieves: The Sydney Experiment. Milson's Point, NSW, Random House, 2005.

Main current projects: Spring 2005: Getting together a better-functioning Linux system - using Xandros2/Linux. New history-writing work on Australian maritime history 1810-1865.

October 2005: Major new citation of The Blackheath Connection: In Tom Keneally, The Commonwealth of Thieves: The Sydney Experiment. Milson's Point, NSW, Random House, 2005.

Latest editing/proofreading work: mid-2005: A university Masters thesis via New Zealand and a PhD thesis via two Australian universities (and both very entertaining works indeed!)

Latest editing work!A major book of eco-tourism for Australia by Armidale marine biologist, Len Zell!
Launched in Armidale and Broome in September 2003.
For more information on eco-adventure, check Len Zell's wild discovery website at:
See also: zellcover.jpg - 47922 Bytes

Dan Byrnes' qualifications are:
1999 - Certificate III in Information Technology (Computing and Multimedia) (VETAB Accredited).
1995 - Honours Degree (History) from The University of New England.
His BA majors were in Psychology and History.

He is a former board member of New England Writers' Centre and has been active in literary and media circles in Armidale and the region.

He is listed in The Oxford Literary Guide To Australia (1987) (under "Tamworth") and in the 1988 edition of The International Authors and Writers Who's Who.

He used to trade under the business name: Dan Byrnes Word Factory. Australian Business Number: ABN 27 526 974 374.


Latest productions:
April 2004: Long poem, Cracktooth, on "grumpy-old-man syndrome", published in April 2004 issue of New England Review (from Armidale).

March-April 2004: Hits to all-pages at new URL (exclusive of robots and other Net entities) hit a high of 41,000 monthly, then decline over the Easter holiday period.
November 2003: Uploading of early version of new website, HoTM for music demons. (History of Technology of Music). Has specially-designed CSS for more upbeat look 'n' feel.
September 2003: Editor/proofreader for an eco-tourism guide: Len Zell, A Guide to The Kimberley Coast Wilderness - north-western Western Australia. Armidale, self-published, 2003. (Graphic design by Donna McGowen, formally launched in Broome on 19 September.)
June 2003: Departure from old Internet address - Revision of former websites for new address at:
June 2003: Association for developing new Perl scripts for monitoring netsurfer activity and website traffic levels with Unix programmer Gerry Patterson of PGTS Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, on the Net at:

April-May 2003: Completion of drafting of final book on history of convict transportation to Australia, 1810-1865. Completion of entire project. (Material not appearing on the Internet.)
May 2002: Multipage website (remaining under construction) for Stephen and Co., Booksellers, of 65 Pudman Street, Boorowa, NSW, exploring local and regional history, aspects of the southern NSW wool industry, book exchange, second-hand book sales.

November 2001: New history website launched, at - (address no longer operating) Merchants and Bankers Listings, on entertaining questions of trade, business and financial dealings in world history from the time of The Crusades to the present.
October 2001: Enabling website operations for e-commerce.

April 2001, Developing a 15-page website, "The BushNet Telegraph", which was published by Tamworth-based Internet gateway, Northern Inland Online/New England and North West Regional Development Board. A website in weekly-update newsmagazine format designed to address Internet-related issues specifically in Northern New South Wales. Now recommissioned. Once operating at:

April 2001, Invited to become part of a regular panel on Thursday nights, 2ARM-FM, a live-radio cultural comment two-hour show with guests, chat, and music. "The Culture Vultures", with Travis Gee and Benjamin Thorn.
(See University of New England monthly newssheet/update, Smith's for June 2001, on "cultural conundrums".)

February, 2001, Compere for segments of Poetzinc readings at venues in Armidale. Continue as webmaster for community broadcasting station, 2ARM-FM, Armidale.

September, 2000, Poems "very short love poem" and "The Historian", published in Connecticut USA in Clay Palm Review, edited by Lisa Cisero, first issue of Spring/Summer, 2000.

June-July 2000, Newspaper articles on The Blackheath Connection as website history project, in The Armidale Independent, The Armidale Express, The Northern Daily Leader, and also items in Newswrite, newsletter of NSW Writers Centre, and in newsletter of New England Writers Centre.

8-9 April, 2000, Armidale, Compere of readings by writers with New England Writers Centre at Art in a Garden, a major annual arts show presented by New England Arts Society Inc.

12 March, 2000, Begin uploading The Blackheath Connection to the Internet. A large treatment of the history of convict transportation to North America and then Australia, 1718-1810. (Produced with the aid of Word in Microsoft Office 2000 and Sausage Software's HotDog Professional 5.5.) By September 2000 the website achieves a regular 250 hits per week minimum.

February 2000, Elected to board of New England Writers Centre, continuing as Webmaster and with technology committee work. Volunteer Webmaster for Armidale Community Radio at 2ARM-FM:

October, 1999, Poems published by New England Writer's Centre, Armidale, as part of a new anthology of regional writing edited by Yve Louis, Skylines. Book launch: 15 October in Armidale.

March-July 1999, Obtained Certificate III in Information Technology (Computing and Multimedia) (VETAB Accredited). Graduated, 1 July, 1999.

Early 1999, Managing three websites on a virtual domain: Dan Byrnes' What's On Message Board : (no longer operating).

February 1999, Elected board member, New England Writers Centre. Later creating a website for the centre:

Early 1999, Completing history book as an overview of convict transportation from Britain, 1717-1810: The Blackheath Connection.

December 17, 1998, launching an Australian domain for what's on information (now defunct):

December, 1998, launching an add-on feature on Message Board Website, Tourism Business News, or, journalism on regional and other tourist industry matters. Venture not successful.

September-November, 1998, Completion and upload of website design for New England Writers Centre, Armidale, NSW at:

13 September, 1998 - Launch of a new website via a server operated by Armidale Business Enterprise Centre, The Northern New South Wales Message Board, a comprehensive listing of events and what's on in the region for up to one year ahead.

Mid-1997, Judging a poetry competition (contemporary) for Port Macquarie/Hastings Regional branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers.

From March 1997: Several months' stint as journalist with Publicity Unit, University of New England.

January 1997, Elected board member, New England Writers Centre.

December 1996, Launch of personal home page on the Internet.

Mid-1996, Judging a poetry competition (contemporary) for Port Macquarie (Hastings Regional) branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers.

March 1996 - With upgraded computer system, setting up a new operation, Dan Byrnes Word Factory.

January 1996 - Elected secretary of the Regional Poets Cooperative (retired, January 1997). Appointed as newsletter editor (till January 1997).

1995 - Completing an Honours degree in History at the University of New England. Graduated BA, March 1995. Hons, 1996.

1994 - Completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of New England. The result, a double major in History and Psychology. Other subjects included Education, Economics, Economic History. In 1995 work on an Honours degree eventuated.

September 1992 - As historian, awarded a writer's project grant by the Literature Board of the Australia Council for the Arts for the completion of a book on convict transportation to North America and Australia. Work continued through 1993. Research on this project continues to the present.

Dan Byrnes: Listed in:
Who's Who Of Australian Writers (Thorpe, 1991)
Oxford Literary Guide To Australia (1987-1993) (under "Tamworth" - as poet)
The International Authors and Writers Who's Who, 1988.

Dan Byrnes initiated the annual Tamworth January Country Music Festival Bush Poetry Contest in 1987. The contest is now recognised nationally in Australia.
Dan Byrnes also helped initiate the establishment of the coveted national songwriting award, The Songmaker, annually awarded by the Tamworth Songwriters' Association.

Earlier work:

Aged 63 (in 2011), Dan Byrnes is a poet, freelance journalist and writer, historian and fiction writer who has lived in London, Sydney, Melbourne, and Tamworth and Armidale in northern NSW. The information below refers to print-media activities.

November 1991: Publication of major history research work: `The Blackheath Connection: London Local History and the Settlement at New South Wales, 1786-1806,' in: The Push: A Journal Of Early Australian Social History, No. 28, 1990., pp. 50-98. (A journal published by the History Department, University of New England, Armidale NSW 2351). Article written while in Melbourne.

1989-1991: Living in Melbourne, working at a variety of newspaper-based assignments. Some work was with The Macedon Ranges Telegraph, based at Gisborne-Sunbury, and earlier, subediting with the Leader Newspaper Group (Northern Division at Northcote, Melbourne).

1990: Various freelance assignments for Diverse Media, based in North Melbourne, on four magazines: Prime Time, Power Farming, BOAT and Fireworld.

Various research material Dan Byrnes has gathered is now with the Mitchell Library, Sydney, and the Australian National Library, Canberra. His articles have been cited in internationally-distributed historical journals and books. In early 1990 was published a long-neglected history thesis by Wilfrid Oldham, now titled Britain's Convicts To The Colonies. (Library of Australian History, North Sydney). The book carries a commentary by Dan Byrnes.

1989: Visit for history research to London, UK.

1987-1988: As a local historian, co-editor with Frank Crosling for Tamworth and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry of an official Bicentennial book, a compilation of local business histories published in November, 1988: Who Was Who In Tamworth Business In 1988.

From 1981: Worked on a community free weekly paper, The Tamworth Times, and then a regional daily newspaper, The Northern Daily Leader, (1983-1986). Dan Byrnes also for a time edited Northern Magazine (Tamworth). His articles have also appeared in The North West and Hunter Valley Magazine (Gunnedah).

The work at The Tamworth Times, from 1981 a newly-established community free newspaper which still survives, was as an all-round, non-sports journalist with particular reference to covering local government.

From 1979 (an ex-musician having been active 1965-1973) he was deeply involved in the establishment of community radio station 2YOU-FM in Tamworth, as initial programming convenor and a board member, later vice-president, of the Tamworth Broadcasting Society Ltd., which gained the licence for the station.

Between 1983-1987 he mounted many programs on air on 2YOU-FM, including current affairs, music and non-music interviews, music shows of every description and poetry segments.

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