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Below are some newly-made links to webpages by Dan Byrnes as found from Google surveys taken during 2004 -

Essay, "A Bitter Pill" on Thomas Jefferson is a history link at: - AMERICAN-REVOLUTION-L Archives. From: Jan Heiling <> Subject: [A-REV] A Bitter Pill - The Blackheath Connection Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2004 09:22:05 -0800. ... AMERICAN-REVOLUTION/2004-01/1073064125

The Blackheath Connection is linked at a genealogy website by Stephen Bosanquet - bosanquet_stephen_page_no_5.php -

The Blackheath Connection is linked at: Australia and South Pacific Genealogy Mine ... Convicts to a New World: at: -

The Blackheath Connection is also linked at: sose/austhist/convict/default.htm -

The Lost Worlds website is linked at Cairns at: -

Thom the World Poet has linked at: -

Some webpages are linked at a major listing of Australian writers at: -

A link has been made for or from Iran to Dan Byrnes' website - Electronic Literature at: displaysection.php?areaID=10§ionID=55 -

Dan Byrnes's Word Factory re quality short stories, poems and links is listed by Jerry Jigger in the UK at: -

One short story (The Big Kid Trick) by Dan Byrnes is listed at: -

Jemma Lilley at The Poetry Factory has linked at: downunder/pages/links.html -

Dan Byrnes' Merchants and Bankers Listings website for genealogical and historical information has been linked at:

Other websites here are organised as follows:
Literary, including poetry: the main page is:
Poetry, Introduction:"
Short stories and articles various:
At - Title: What's Wrong with the Internet in Australia - in 2002 - Direction to story by Gerry Patterson - Genealogy queries - HTML Tips 'n' Tricks - Polemics

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What these websites are for at... aboutmb.html

What's new with these websites and pages? At: whatsnewmb.htm

Articles at: articles.html - Check out a variety of articles on various topics

Guide to Bibliographies presented here on various websites, at: bibliogs.htm -

Dan Byrnes' CV at: dbcv.htm -

Festivals (Australian/International): Highlights and info/website guides at: festivals.htm

Gig Guide(s) - mostly for Eastern Australia at: gigguide.htm -

Jokes (a set of pages) at: jokes.htm -

Jokes1 Highlights and info/website guides: jokes.htm

Latest jokes added - Jokes2 Highlights and info/website guides: jokes2.htm

Regional Links: For Northern New South Wales - this website's home region, at: -

Guide to Merchants and Bankers Listings website Highlights and info/website guides: merchants.htm

Shorts.html - For several short stories by Dan Byrnes, and some poetry files, at: -

THE YEAR: For the record: notes on books and music created or produced in Northern NSW in recent years, at: -


Dan Byrnes' websites or webpages (at an earlier-used address) are or have been linked to many of the websites listed below (Thanks to their webmasters)

The (original print media article) Blackheath Connection article in Push from the Bush has been linked at: -- &c&c

New links to the Blackheath Connection by April 2005 include those at: and to - which is from Adam Matthews Publications, imaginative publishers of research collections and see also Adam Matthews at and to and to &c – and to // (which is to Australia and South Pacific Genealogy Mine) and to Greenwich Industrial Society at: and to and to &c &c

History: At:

History: Surfable Books: WorldBook General Reference Encyclopedia: History: United States: Re: Australia as a British convict colony:

History: Peter Western Maximilian Database: For British royalty and aristocracy:

History: My Favorite Links: GENUKI: Scotland. Geographic Nameserver - Scots Origins: TerraServer Homepage (clickable map) re The Blackheath Connection:

History: Maritime Museum Links:

History: ConvictCentral: (Australia):

and see also (probably the same):

Re The Blackheath Connection and genealogy at:

On Wikipedia, in German, on Duncan Campbell (1726-1803) the Thames Prison Hulks overseer at:

History: The Blackheath Connection, Convict Women and Sexual Subjugation in Nineteenth-Century, Australia Randall Bass PhD '91, Assistant Professor of English, Georgetown: - http:/ sose/austhist/convict/default.htm

See also:

History: The Intolerable Hulks, by Charles Campbell - Life of Convicts on the Hulks: The Duncan Campbell Letterbooks: A Note about British Prison Ships Britain's Prison Ships, 1776-1783: The Blackheath Connection:

History: [MICHIGAN-AFAM-L (Genealogy)]: Check out The Blackheath Connection - Questions on Slavery:

History: The Ethics of Disposable Labor: By Dr. Benjamin Balak ( ... 113) and thus markets previously closed to convict ... were transported... Balak%20-%20convict%20transportation.doc

On Convicts, etc, re Australia, at:

History: Convict Liptrap to America - transported in 1772; material is linked at:

and much the same re Liptrap at:

History: I have read the "Campbell Letters" from the "Blackheath Connection" website where these letters speak of Duncan and Dugald Campbell in great detail...

History: Discovering family histories - of Family History Organisations; Australia-Genealogy ~ Link - Australian Family History Compendium; Australia-Genealogy ~ Link - (The) Blackheath Connection: ~northing/placenames/aus-nz.html/

Mutiny on HMS Bounty:

History: Trinity College, WA: Australia's story: Queensland and NSW Shipwrecks, The Blackheath Connection:

Entertainment: Sharon's Colon's Aussie Country Music Links Pages:

Entertainment: Tamworth Online:

Entertainment: Community broadcasting: Armidale: - 2ARM-FM

Entertainment: Tamworth Rage Page: Country Music:

Esoteric: Global Psychics: Remarkable Links: Earth Link Mission: http://

Esoteric: Global Psychics: Remarkable Links - Prophecy: Morgana's Observatory: http://

Esoteric: MindBodySpirit:

Esoteric: Mindbodyspirit Magazine Internet: http://

Esoteric: New Dawn Magazine (Australia):

Esoteric: Re Lost Worlds: Links by Thom the World Poet: Here are some links that I think you may enjoy. Strange Trips:

Esoteric: Esoteric Web Link Index:

General: Bondi Beach Home Page: Webmaster Brian Robson: Bondi Beach Home Page

General: Chuff Lloyd/ - Port Macquarie - GREAT AUSSIE SITES

General: Bondi Beach Index:

Language and Writing (Humour): Sharon Colon's Golden Apostrophe Awards:

Poetry: DREAM FORGE-WebZine MAP of Austin (Texas):

Poetry: Map of Austin Poetry (Texas): Poetry Links Map: 165:"/

Poetry: Map of Austin Poetry (Texas):

Poetry: David Barnes (in Australia, or, Poetry Down Under):

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