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An updated/recompiled Bibliography
Aspects of Modern Australian History
(now proceeding alphabetically by surname of author)
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As we notice by 2022 ... new publishers to keep an eye on, (mostly Australian) ... Scribe, Text, Hachette, New South, Biteback. Australian Scholarly. Skyhorse.

A few new books we're considering ...

computers, Steve Levy, Facebook: The Inside Story. Portfolio, 2020, 592pp.

feminism, Kate Fitzpatrick, Becoming: Beauvoir: A Life. Bloomsbury, 2020, 448pp.

music, Julie Andrews, Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2020, 340pp.

politics modern, Julia Ebner, Going Dark: The Secret Social Lives of Extremists. Bloomsbury, 2020, 349pp.

History australian, Tanya Brereton, The Killing Streets. Hachette, 2020. (On the killing of three prostitutes in Sydney. Reviewer says, "forensic, vivid, atmospheric)

politics Australian, Gordon Corera, Russians Among Us: Sleeper Cells, Ghost Stories and the Hunt for Putin's Agents. HarperCollins, 2020, 448pp. // Norman Abjorensen, The Manner of Their Going: Prime Ministerial Exits in Australia. Arcadia, 2020, 273pp. // Samantha Maiden, Party Animals: The Secret History of a Labor Fiasco. Viking, 2020. (Will Anthony Albanese remain as leader of the ALP?)

Books history general, Thomas Piketty, Capital and Ideology. Belknap Press, 2020. // Michael Bennett, Pathfinders: A History of Aboriginal Trackers in NSW. NewSouth Books, 2020. // James Pope-Hennessy, The Quest for Queen Mary. (Edited by Hugh Vickers.) Hodder and Stoughton, 2018, 298pp.

John Zubrzycki, Empire of Enchantment: The Story of Indian Magic. Scribe, 2018. 416pp.

issues, Adam Rutherford, How to Argue with a Racist. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2020. (Science vs pseudo-science, prejudice, etc.)

language, Dennis Baron, What's Your Pronoun? Beyond He and She. Norton, 2020, 283pp.

Books re wwI and wwII, Phiip Bradley, D-Day: New Guinea. Allen and Unwin, 2020. 322pp. // Bram van der Stok, The Great Escape from Stalag Luft III. Big Sky Publishing, 2020. // Volker Ulrich, Hitler: Downfall. Bodley Head, 2020, 912pp. // Antony Beevor, Arnhem: The Battle for the Bridges, 1944. Viking, 2018, 457pp.

legends, Graham Hoyland, Yeti: An Abominable History. HarperCollins, 2018, 320pp.

animal studies, Rosamund Young, The Secret Life of Cows. (Introduction by Alan Bennett) Faber, 2018, 128pp.

Sydney Opera House

self improvement, Matt Noffs and Kieran Palmer, Addicted? How Addiction Affects Every One of Us and What We Do About It. HarperCollins, 2018. // Marina Benjamin, Insomnia. Scribe, 2018.// Camilla Nelson and Rachel Robertson, Dangerous Ideas About Mothers. UWAP, 2018.

philosophy, Toby Ord, The Precipice: Existential Risk and The Future of Humanity. Bloomsbury, 2020.

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