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MERCHANTS and BANKERS - From before 1400 to 2004
- an international perspective


Pre-Crusader times to 1095AD
Crusader Times 1095AD-1400AD
Lists 1400-1450
Lists 1450-1500
Lists 1500-1550
Lists 1550-1575
Lists 1575-1600
Lists 1600-1625
Lists 1625-1650
Lists 1650-1675
Lists 1675-1700
Lists 1700-1750
Lists 1750-1775
Lists 1775-1800
Lists 1800-1825
Lists 1825-1850
Lists 1850-1900
Lists 1900-1950
Lists 1950-2002
Lists 2002++ inc. computers
Lists to 2008
Bibliography - Merchants

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This Merchants and Bankers Listings website is now years old and is (from 2019) undergoing a marked identity change. Its timeline material on economic history (for 1560-1930) is being moved to a website managed by Ken Cozens and Dan Byrnes, The Merchant Networks Project. This will empty many of this website's pages which have always been in series. In due course, Merchants and Bankers Listings will carry information from the Crusades on the early development of what became “capitalism” in Europe to 1560 or so. As well as a conglomeration of data on modern developments, mostly on modern/technical industry, computing, and for the future, today's climate change problems. The editor's view is that in the context of climate change, the views of Merchants and Bankers (and Economists), the keepers of matters economic, are due for a considerable shake-up. If this website can encourage the shake-up, and help inform it reliably, well and good. -Ed

You can find much greater detail for the timeframes 1550-1700 at another website... THE BUSINESS OF SLAVERY... a website book also designed to bring genealogical studies up-to-date from 1530 to the present-day... as well as questions of merchant lives and activities ... Click now to ... The Business of Slavery (in English history).

The Merchant Networks Project
Merchant Networks Project logo by Lou Farina

The history websites on this domain now have a companion website on a new domain, at Merchant Networks Project produced by Dan Byrnes and Ken Cozens (of London).

This website (it is hoped) will become a major exercise in economic and maritime history, with some attention to Sydney, Australia.

How this website arose...

This website, produced by Australian writer/historian Dan Byrnes, is a no-frills, text-based website designed simply to list historical and genealogical information on many notable merchants and traders of what is termed, the Western World.

The information delivered here by website proposes a basis for a longitudinal study of related topics from the time of Crusaders, to the present.

However, the merchants, bankers and traders treated here are mostly from the English-speaking world, since I can read no other language besides English.

Merchants are often seen by historians as humdrum, mundane people, but certainly, the more conspicuous entrepreneurs amongst them can seem very entertaining.

After years of reading on merchants, commercial histories, and business styles as they change over the centuries, I would be moved (personally, in 2001) to say that Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, quite apart from questions surrounding his current wealth, or his abilities as a computer programmer, is one of the most remarkable merchants in human history - which is saying quite something.

Bankers in whatever era are a different matter, and in fact, the earlier, Western history of banking is much-annoyed by sets of views (theological disapproval) on the taking of interest, regarded as usury. Bankers however have varied, and still vary, in the "creativity" of their outlook, which is a factor which will be given attention in these webpages.

But here, with merchants and bankers, questions of injustice, greed, or charity, or clarity of commercial mind, will also be treated, as might be found entertaining. (Hyperlinks to relevant websites as given in the text will add to this aspect of this website.)

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This website is not exactly a book project; it is more a set of listings of names, connections, notes, with some family history and bibliographic material added where relevant. "Can this website help other researchers?" is perhaps, the question!

It is especially hoped that this set of listings will be of help to family historians.

These pages will be added to and improved in quality as time permits. In time, some essays will appear on these pages.

Merchants logo gif - 9347 BytesInformation in these files is organised in chronological order from Early Crusader times to the present (and please use the table above for navigation):

Much of the information presented in this website arose as part of research for The Blackheath Connection, a formal treatment of the history of convict transportation from England to North America and then to Australia, 1718-1810.

This however is not the only reason for the treatment of mariners. Sea captains often went on land to work and live as merchants. Much more is known about this sort of behaviour in the English and American cases, than the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch or French cases.

European exercises in colonisation used the services of mariners, of course. How often sea traders operated as "minor bankers" for short-term deals remains unknown. Associated with mariners of course is the matter of marine insurance, a very important aspect of finance-handling.

Much of the information presented on this website is, as it were, "offcut material" from another related project, and may sometimes seem unfocussed, but remaining of interest when seen in terms of long timelines, more so where family history may also be a matter of interest.

- Dan Byrnes (otherwise indicated in these pages as -Editor) Merchants logo gif - 9347 Bytes

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