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The below descendancy on shipbuilders Wells has been posted in this file at the request of some descendants now resident in UK - Ed

Descendants of David WELLS
1. David WELLS sp: Miss NOTKNOWN
2. Shipbuilder Abraham WELLS (d.1678) sp: Alice NOTKNOWN
3. Shipbuilder John WELLS (b.1662;d.1702) sp: Miss NOTKNOWN
3. Shipbuilder Richard WELLS (b.1664;d.1710) sp: (Brensden) Susannah BRONSDEN (m.1689)
4. Shipbuilder Abraham WELLS sp: Elizabeth BUTTALL (m.1715)
5. Shipbuilder William WELLS (b.1729;d.1805) sp: Susanna or Elizabeth NEAVE (d.1810)
6. Shipbuilder William WELLS (b.1768;d.1847) sp: Mary HUGHES (d.1818)
7. Bengal CS, Judge Frederick Octavius WELLS (d.1847) sp: Maria SCOTT (d.1856)
8. KCB Admiral Sir Richard WELLS (b.1833;d.1896) sp: Augusta Jane NORMAN (d.1927)
9. Constance Nora WELLS (d.1944) sp: Admiral John Scott LUARD (b.1865)
8. Sarah Bridget WELLS (b.1834;d.1924) sp: JP John CRAWLEY (SAMBROOKE-CRAWLY)
8. Mary Julia WELLS (b.1842;d.1922) sp: Rt Hon MP Thomas Frederick HALSEY (b.1839;d.1927
) 9. Mary Cecilia HALSEY sp: Walter Edward BARNETT
10. Hugh Philip BARNETT sp: Ruth Edgerton BROWN
8. ICS, William Sutherland WELLS sp: de Lautour Georgina Catherine LATOUR (d.1870)
9. Sir Lionel LATOUR 9. Lillian Mary WELLS
sp: Brig-General Bryan James CURLING 10. Diana Mary CURLING sp: Mr FRANKLYN
7. Susannah WELLS (b.1763;d.1808) sp: Rev Henry Roger DRUMMOND (d.1806)
6. Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas WELLS (b.1759;d.1811) sp: Sarah Bridget FREMANTLE (m.1784)
7. Capt RN William WELLS (b.1788;d.1826) sp: Lady Elizabeth PROBY (d.1869)
8. MP William WELLS (b.1818;d.1889) sp: Louisa CHARTERIS
7. Grenville Granville WELLS (b.1821;d.1901) sp: Hon Allada Hariot JOLLIFFE (d.1908)
6. Shipbuilder, banker, John WELLS of Blackwall Yard (b.1761;d.1848) sp: Esther PUGET (d.1848)
7. Rev Henry George WELLS (b.1806;d.1852) sp: Charlotte BARING (m.1833)
7. Elizabeth WELLS wife1 (b.1812;d.1888) sp: Sir Percival Hart DYKE, Bart6 (b.1799;m.1835;d.1875)
8. Treasury official Sir William Hart DYKE, Bart7 (b.1837;d.1931) sp: Lady Emily Caroline MONTAGU (m.1870;d.1931)
8. Philadelphia DYKE (d.1904) sp: William KNAPP (d.1887) sp: Rev James MACKENZIE (b.1819;d.1857)
8. Frances Julia DYKE (c.1877;d.1925) sp: MP Abel SMITH(c.1877;m.1877;d.1898)
8. Gertrude DYKE sp: Reynolds Moreton MORETON (m.1894)

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