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Site history as at 9-10-2014: This web domain now uses Halcyonic, a free site template by AJ for HTML5 UP. It's responsive, built on HTML5 + CSS3, and includes 5 unique page layouts. The Halcyonic template is built on the skelJS framework, so it has full responsive support for desktop, tablet, and mobile device displays. License Info: Halcyonic is licensed under the CCA 3.0 license, so use it for personal or commercial use as much as you like (just keep the footer credit intact).

By July 2009 it has been decided to abandon presentation of Links Garden pages (FYI sets of hyperlinks subdivided into topics) which have been maintained on this website since before 2000. By 2009, new developments with search engines have made the exercise pointless. - Ed

By January 2009 work began on a extra, small "personal website" for this domain. Aspects of the webmaster's family history will be included in the material presented. By July 2009, work on this however had stalled due to pressure of other work.

koala.gif - 272818 Bytes"Well hello" - Koala graphic at right by Len Zell of Armidale - May 2004 (Used by permission)

Long rest for websites - unplanned

These websites from have had an unplanned rest period.

A destructive hard disk crash in May 2004 resulted in my stepping a long way back from everything, by way of which I took a six-months technical college course in computing for the Web.

All very interesting, but meaning, my websites have received no attention at all since May. In the interim, hits have been steadily rising, now nudging 48,000 hits per month. This figure, by the way, blows out of the water the theory that websites worth attention have to be constantly updated and given attention. An interesting finding in its own right. It seems, an entertaining website can make its own way sailing alone through cyberspace (with much help from Google and other search engines, it should be said).

And while it continued interesting, exploring techniques old and new of managing websites, there piled up in my archives a great deal of old and new material for placement on my web pages for 2005. Top-of-the-tree in terms of new information will be a project to render assistance to a migrant to Australia who has a fascinating project - which will probably become a website on this domain, temporarily, till this new website finds its shape. I assure you, you'll know this website when you see it. I'm very much looking forward to working on it.

Otherwise, the plan by late 2004 is to give the HoTM website (History of Technology of Music), a great deal of fresh attention. Also something to look forward to - Dan Byrnes

Press Release

Phone: Australia (+61) 0267 715 243
Dan Byrnes' website:
E-mail address:

Dan Byrnes, Word Factory, Unit 4, 145 Marsh Street, ARMIDALE NSW 2350.
25 October 2005

IF you have a product, service, or idea for an international, maybe all-age audience, not offending the family market, have you considered advertising on the Internet?

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Lately my websites (Sept.-Oct 2003) have hit rates rising regularly to 28,800 per month. (to around 37,000 per month by March 2004 and then 41,000.) The netsurfing viewership is heavily international!

Just lately, I have designed an unfussy way of melding advertising content with my existing webpage contents. This means an ideal opportunity now exists for Australians to get messages to the USA and UK, to the wider English-speaking world.

At present with this new system, graphics carrying advertising material must be of a standard size - 460 wide x60px deep or 468x60px. (Or, dimensions close to this as seen in usually-used graphics software; so as to avoid distortion of any graphic propagated.)

This graphic size is to enable (a) quick placement, (b) modification (a new version) and/or, (c) deletion of graphics; to an agreed schedule. (Any mix of any at quick speed per e-mail!)

Graphics can have captions at an extra charge; and/or, be hyperlinked, if desired. But graphics anyway should preferably carry an ordinary mailing address plus an email address rendered as text on the graphic itself, not a hyperlink. (Any extra charges here due to extra time spent on extra coding, by negotiation; preferably by phone).

The basic charge for placement of advertisements is AUD$5 per day, for any number of days, as agreed beforehand. Of course, graphics can be e-mailed to me for quick handling.

Advertisements will be accepted after pre-payment, and can go onto the Internet very quickly. Right now, you're welcome to phone anytime - day or night - to find out more.

The Internet can seem a complex situation to deal with. "From Oz", I can simplify, cut through the hype and get your message overseas for as long as you like at moderate cost.

Yours sincerely,

Dan Byrnes

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For the record...

Just for the record, these websites from 3 November 2003 are joined by a new website on History and Technology of Music (HoTM for short). This will become a large website, though at what speed this will happen is hard to say. You can find the index page at:

A while ago...

This set of websites - 340+ pages - began life around 17 May 2003, replacing an earlier-used domain which was decommissioned by late June. Hits began to be counted on the webpages on 1 June 2003, and page popularity rankings will be regularly monitored in the light of plans for new pages or new material to be added.
Since 17 May, a great deal of links-checking has been conducted to cull broken links, using the W3C links-validation system.
So far, almost 3000 broken links have been found and deleted, almost half of the earlier-appearing links collections. The churn rate is high! Far too high!
World-wide, and not just in Australia, it seems that the lives of websites on the Net are more ephemeral than anyone prefers to know. It also seems as if it is difficult if not impossible to sell an existing-but-interesting URL to new operators so that its content can be changed - no one is interested!
Something to lament, however, is that Australian websites on aspects of cultural life and/or tourism have been particularly hard-hit. It is hard to know what to suggest about this situation, as the links culled seem to have arisen in two blocks - from about mid-2000 to when they died - or from early-mid-2002, to when they died. Which makes it seem as though websites which managed to survive "the great bust" have since disappeared; and worse, websites newly-arising since 2002 have had much too-short a life (?).
Many such dying websites came from individuals, many from organisations. What can be suggested here? Are many Australian sites badly-planned or executed? Do they have insufficient budget? Do webmasters lose interest early? Do businesses (and government departments?) find that properly maintaining websites is too expensive a business?
What price the earlier much-vaunted anarchy and freedom of expression on the Net? It seems, a lot of Australian website designers conclude that developing a website is just a mood-to-be-in, they find that it takes real work to sustain a website? And so they later drop the matter?
It doesn't seem a good sign, but of course, congratulations to the survivors - Ed

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And since I live in Armidale, NSW, below to page bottom appears a list of events coming up in Armidale. This list is regularly given to Armidale's public broadcasting station FM91.1 (2ARM-FM) for upload to its own website.

For more on this topic, see graphics on this page...

The Main Purpose...

The main purpose of this website is to deliver to the Internet a major history writing/research project - The Blackheath Connection.
Producing this has been a major exercise, reviewing the history of convict transportation from England (or, Britain) to North America 1718-1755, and later to Australia from 1786-1810.
Research for this has been undertaken since 1977.
I refer to this project as a website book, and a detailed follow-up on the period 1810-1865 is now being completed (intended for print media only).
If you are attracted to The Blackheath Connection, prepare for some surprises by way of discovering an often-new set of perspectives on the rise of Australia's convict colonies from 1788!

Various other of my writings, and various pages arising from my areas of general interest will also gradually appear on this domain. So please keep watching...
One of these areas of interest is Anglo-Indian-Australian C18th-C19th maritime history and matters associated. Please feel quite free to email on such topics.

For a complete list of the major files on offer here (segregated into their separate websites), click now to: List of Filenames



Some graphics appear on these webpages courtesy of their creator, Joel Byrnes at Adeptus Productions (Brisbane):

Database programming for upload to web pages by Brian Robson of
Bondi Beach Home Page

For computer support across years, variously, thanks to: Gerry Patterson/PGTS Pty. Ltd. and Brian Robson (Bondi, Sydney, years of advice on databases and website design questions).
For previous computer/Net support, many thanks to Chariot netconnect (formerly Northnet in Armidale, New South Wales).
To Joel Byrnes and Erica Saunders of Brisbane, (Adeptus Productions) for inspiration, advice and updates various, ongoing. By late 2005 to Ross Bennetts of Armidale (network work, MS-Linux) and Owen Wigg of Armidale (Linux advice, network and ftp advice). Also to the staff of Dick Smith, electronics retailers, Armidale, for speedy and no-nonsense tech advice.

Privacy Policy:
In general, you will only receive an email from me in reply to an email you have earlier sent to me. All information received here will be treated confidentially unless you wish it otherwise. (I often receive email on questions genealogical...)
This website/webmaster does not engage in SPAM activities. And wishes everyone else in the world felt the same way! SPAM is currently a curse on world cyberspace!!

Phone: (02) 6771 5243.
Dan Byrnes Word Factory,
Unit 4,
145 Marsh Street,
Armidale NSW 2350 Australia
ABN 27 526 974 374


You can find popularity rankings of these webpages at:

This website ( replaces an earlier-appearing virtual domain managed 1997-2003 by Dan Byrnes, which had the URL - - Netsurfers finding that main page will be redirected to here. E-mail sent to the e-mail addresses used for those web pages will also in future be redirected to here. The whatson address was deleted from the Net on 23 June 2003.

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Phone: (02) 6771 5243.
Dan Byrnes Word Factory,
Unit 4,
145 Marsh Street,
Armidale NSW 2350.
ABN 27 526 974 374

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