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18-5-2024: world; australia:

17-5-2024: world: australia.



14-5-2024: World: Australia: showers cleared, fine days rule, ok.

13-5-2024: World: Australia; nil information.

12 May 2024: World: northern Afghanistan has floods: australia Sydney: eastern suburbs: a 10m sinkhole opens up after heavy rain - fine or rainy days: geo-magnetic solar flare/storm excites photographers as it lights up s/e skies - Australian Lights/Australis Borealis:.

april 27, Australis Borealis lights up: Drive has feature on ev's. p. 38, technology story by Tim Briggs, keeping a lid on lithium battery fires; fragments of bird flu are turning up in cow's milk. april 6, 2024 business, bridge over troubled water is not the only link in supply chain pressure, indeterminate 0-1-202B: Back to past for energy future, 'investment in new renewables projects is grinding to a halt', Australia invented the solar power cell in 1988, then waved goodbye to it in 2001 as it left home for China' writes Peter Hartcher on 30 March 2024 in Sydney Morning Herald's news review, today's Sydney Morning Herald, 55% of all new cars sold in Australia are suv's. Re 4-5-2024: story on, drivers double number of hybrids sold, p. 6 Spectrum, fossil fuel giants scale back their climate targets; IEA assumes that fossil fuel demand would peak by 2030, before entering a plateau and a slow decline; Nasser's position seems shaky; despite Amin Nasser saying in 2024, 'we should abandon the fantasy of phasing out oil and gas, World: Australia. for 6-4-2024, 9-5-2024: World: Australia. Evacuation warning for Sydney as rain lashes city, Venice day-trip fine could cost $500, for Sydney Morning Herald 4-5-2024: it's about to get even wetter, weather you like it or not, by Angus Dalton,

11-5-2024: World: Australia: fine days or rain showers, tornado in Bunbury, WA -

10-5-2024: World: Australia: fine days or rain showers.

9-5-2024: World: Australia: fine days or rain showers.

8-5-2024: World: Australia; variable showers/rain due to a blocking high:

7-5-2024?: world: brazil has lethal floods. australia

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