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This webpage is about the Elephant now active in your lounge room - Climate Change

Book titles: Chris Cunningham, Climate Change and the Cargo Cult London, Austin Macauley Publishers, 2019. (There was a warning to the world issued in the 1870s.)

Joelle Gergis, Sunburnt Country: The history and future of climate change in Australia. Melbourne University Press, 2018. (Appalling, as this is the first book about history of Climate Change ever issued in Australia; yet in the time of the first governor of NSW (Arthur Phillip), the early colony almost died because of climate difficulties with their food supply. Australia's early colonists had food insecurity to worry about.
William Rosen, The Third Horseman: climate change and the great famine of the 14th Century. New York, Viking/Penguin USA, 2014.
Michael Mann, Our Fragile Moment. Scribe, 2023.(Reviewer finds it is pitched midway between denialism and doomism.)

The Clathrates: But here my thoughts too (clathrates are also mentioned little in books on climate change matters) are colored by what happened to a friend whose father was a geologist who knew New Zealand plus outback Australia well. My friend had a younger brother who was a talented artist, who when he died was employed by a Melbourne tv channel as a set worker/painter/designer. My friend's brother was so scared by his father’s prognostications re Climate Change that he ended with taking his own life (suicide by hanging, in the early 1990s, I think). Their father's prognostications about Climate Change had included thoughts about Clathrates.

Now, Clathrates are a hangover from the last Ice Age, about 11,000BC and in essence they are little packets of methane now found in the Canadian or Siberian tundra or on the Antarctic seabed, and if they melt they’ll release their methane and contribute to Climate Change but so far they haven’t melted. Ignorance of them by the media means the entire area is under-researched. If they melt, they ought to make the new methane-spotting satellite (early 2024 hey and new technology) light up like a Christmas tree. But are Clathrates as a threat mentioned by the world’s media? Well, generally, no, except for rare and non-joined-up mentions. I’ve been watching this climate change debate, but never before have I seen a year like 2023, which is still pre-Clathrate, as it were. 2023 seems like the ”debate” is well over and it is time now for action, though as the UN now says. I basically feel that people enjoy taking risks, and that we have gone past all the tipping points. I also fear that our long period of peace is over.

Expect wierd things to happen to the world of employment: (the world is on the cusp of an Artificial Intelligence explosion. The compiler is a pessimist, not an optimist; this may have coloured this compilation.) Also, expect Europe to produce much less of triumphal music.

Expect wierd things to happen to government disbursements and to citizens because the tax take has reduced.
Watch also for changes to scenarios, such as: Inflation/cost of living rises: and it's world-wide: at least in the "developed" world, the UK, USA, etc. Housing Crises (Australia has one nationally, but Johannesburg, South Africa has one, too). And waste less. Ed.

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For 18 March, 2024 - Climate Change
2024++ - Australia

Climate - an international perspective - a news digest devoted to world weather ...

Climate stats: For the New Year - ... Will international aid packages tend to shrink? March 2024 - Is it time to open the news report with the weather? (regrettably, yes.) ... Maybe: internationally, at least, some electricity power transmission lines will need to be put underground? Other changes? Changeover of electricity systems without discussion of electrical engineering? (I don't think so) By the way, The Anthropocene (human-induced Climate Change) has never happened before; so we are all now in 2024 in uncharted waters, together, whether we (or the insurance company, or the government of the day) like it or not. Watch the democratic countries vomit soon and watch out for failed states (like Haiti). Expect to hear more retellings of the fable about the little pig who reinforced his house and was wise, despite getting only derision. Expect to see more Australian internal migration as time goes by. Ask yourself soon whether weather will make the entire planet less-than-liveable.

Climate issues for 2024.

Use search word, "Anthropocene". For like-minded websites (and there are far too few of them around the world's Internet still) see: Or, try to Google on books on Climate Change history, too - Lately this webpage only logs an otherwise-ephemeral source usually unlogged - ABC TV weather broadcasts - Ed.

Climate Change Sausages ... so good ...

So good! Getcha Climate Change Sausages here ...

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This webpage is about the Elephant active now in your lounge room - Climate Change.



18-3-2024. World: Australia: low pressure rules in North Queensland, ok.

17-3-2024: Australia: Melbourne: Extinction Rebellion demonstration goes predictably.

16-3-24: World: Africa: world chocolate shortage has many causes but one of them is world climate change, expert says. North America: USA has more tornados in Tornado Alley: Arctic: Freezing seawater to thicken sea ice from above?: Australia: Shit fight over nuclear power in 0z. Dutton, leader of the Liberals, vs CSIRO: CSIRO wins debate, Dutton loses. At stake is public trust in Science (the CSIRO position; Dutton is spoiler).

15-3-2024: World: Indonesia: Bali: Bali has rains/landslides: one Australian woman killed. Australia: conditions ease further but lows rule in the north of Oz, ok.

14-3-2024: World: Australia: Sydney wakes to health risk, a smoky haze from hazard reduction burns from CFS. Lows rule, ok

13-3-2024: conditions ease, to bring more rains/flash flooding to the west (WA) and north (Northern Territory and Queensland).

12-3-2024: Australia: cool changes predicted some days ago. WA gets rain; cool change for SA, Queensland gets rain. As yesterday. Perhaps all news should begin with the weather? Suddenly turning quickly enough to align with the news cycle, yet media outlets still don’t seem to get it, argues Christopher Warren. As our oceans hit record heat levels and acidify, accelerating the melting of Antarctic ice, Australia's traditional news media has its reporting on the crisis - business-as-usual -literally back to front. Is it time to open the news with the weather report? - crikey daily

11-3-2024: Australia: heatwave, fire dangers prevail; storms, humidity, health risks across various parts of the country.

10-3-2024: World: Australia: Melbourne, Victoria: Moomba Parade cancelled due to current heatwave (will this get some former climate deniers rethinking?): Heatwave and fire dangers prevail.

9-3-2024: world: Australia: Today's Sydney Morning Herald, news review, Why Dutton is digging in on nuclear, front page, Mass coral bleaching on Great Barrier Reef; teaser on pseudo front page, world on brink of global coral bleaching event; p. 7, fuel discounts for motorway users as toll finding near.

8-3-2024: Australia: Rains, fire dangers, and heatwaves especially in south-eastern Australia.

7-3-2024: World: nil information: Australia: as yesterday, rains in the north and west vs some fire dangers elsewhere.

6-3-2024: Australia: as yesterday, but more rains, some fire dangers.

5-3-2024: As yesterday. Australia has a shortage of EV car mechanics.

4-3-2024. World: Australia: Now it's rains; posing the risk of flooding in the Australian north and west, though some fire dangers still exist. In n/w NSW, Armidale begins the day with grey cloud cover.

3-3-2024: Australia: conditions ease. WA had its warmest spring on record and may have just had its warmest summer on record - (Read about the warmies on the website managed by ABC tv's Landline program.) NSW coast = heavy swells. In n/w NSW, Armidale has a fine day plus a post-lunchtime storm.

2-3-2024: world: Today's Sydney Morning Herald: Climate Change: Third hottest summer on record despite all the rain. Australia: national conditions ease but tendency to warm; in n/w NSW, Armidale begins day with grey cloud cover/fine and has a post-sunset storm.

1-3-2024: World: South America: Bolivia has rains and deadly floods: Australia: Conditions ease again but do not be complacent as some fire dangers also exist: Victoria has some fires and also, NSW has some morning fires, TAS has fires, Queensland has storms, SA has heat, WA has winds, and Darwin NT has storms.

29-2-2024: World: nil information. Australia: conditions ease, especially in western Victoria, but authorities are anti-complacency too. Fire near Sydney in NSW.

28-2-2024: World: South America: Peru has rains and landslides: Australia: as yesterday re heatwaves, etc.

27-2-2024: Australia: as yesterday re heatwaves.

26-2-2024: World: South America: Bolivia has rains/floods. Australia: VIC and WA have high fire dangers, Queensland has storms, floods: Eastern Australia is headed for heatwaves, culminating on Wednesday.

25-2-24 world: nil information. Australia: Tully in Queensland has flash flooding.

24-2-2024: Wild weather in Sydney interferes with Taylor Swift eras concert.

23-2-2024: World: Australia: nil information.

22-2-2024: World: nil information.

21-2-2024: World: nil information.

20-2-2040: World: nil information. Australia: WA has heatwaves, Queensland has storms.

19-2-2024: World: Asia: China: Dust storms in northern China, visibility down to 100 metres, snowstorms. Australia: Fierce rainstorms and lightning in Sydney. Heavy rain predicted for Northern Territory.

18-2-2024: World. Australia: In n/w NSW, Armidale begins with a fine day.

17-2-2024: World: South America: Bolivia has rains, landslides. Australia: Cyclone Lincoln (downgradable) leaves Gulf of Carpentaria and crosses land near QLD-NT border; Victoria, thousands without power, Australia: Armidale NSW starts with a fine day.

16-2-2024: Australia: Wild weather. VIC: power outages: World: nil information.

15-2-2024: World: nil information: Australia: hell breaks loose: power outages in Victoria.

<14-2-2024: Australia: Wild weather continues. Fire danger in Western Victoria: Storm situation in Victoria is horrifying, now 260,000 without power: unprecedented damage to power transmission capability in Victoria.

13-2-2014: Australia: Wild weather eventuates in parts of country, in Victoria due to storm. WA has heatwaves: Western Victoria has heatwaves and fire dangers: NT and Western FNQ have floods.

12-2-2024: Australia: heatwaves and rains return.

11-2-2024: Australia: conditions ease.

10-2-2024: Today's

Sydney Morning Herald

: Climate Wars 2 with Nick O'Malley: on the pushback against renewables etc in Australia: Australia: conditions ease into heatwaves. In n/w NSW, Armidale begins with a fine day but clouds over.

9-2-2024: Australia: Conditions about the same.

8-2-2024: Australia: National Party tries to stop renewables: (When will these people ever learn the facts?) heatwaves in parts of the country. In n/w NSW, Armidale has grey cloud cover.

7-2-2024. World: Australia: conditions worsen slightly.

6-2-2024: 1-6-2024 : today's Sydney Morning Herald: lax leaders can burn in January, with Nick Bryant: December has become the red letter day of the political class: World: "In a country experiencing the catastrophic effects of climate change earlier than most advanced nations, January is a month of extreme weather events" ..., World: while mean temperatures suggest that some parts of the world at least have gone past the world's agreed rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius. (Being a pessimist, the compiler of this website probably agrees.) North America: USA: Californa: aftermath of storm: thousands without power. Australia: conditions ease.

5-2-2024: Australia; Heatwave for parts of the country esp., n/e Victoria.

4-2-2024: Australia: conditions hot: South America: Chile: Chile wildfires plus heatwave.

3-2-2024: Australia: Conditions ease. Europe: Enngland: Swedish Climate activist Greta Thunberg acquitted in UK.

2-2-2024: Australia: conditions as yesterday. Armidale begins with a fine day: Europe: England: Swedish Climate activist now 21, Greta Thunberg, on trial in UK.

1-2-2024: Australia: As yesterday. Armidale begins with a fine day.

31-1-2024: Australia: As yesterday and it's bad in Qld.

30-1-2024: Australia: Queensland: As yesterday, but worse: Brisbane is bad: Rest of Australia: heatwaves, and tomorrow, worries for WA. Armidale begins day with grey cloud cover.

29-1-2024: Australia: warnings continue for inland FNQ. In n'w NSW, Armidale begins day with grey cloud cover. Europe: France: Two misguided climate activists throw pumpkin soup on Mona Lisa in Louvre, Paris.

28-1-2024: Australia: FNQ rains continue. in n/w NSW, Armidale has grey cloud cover.

27-1-2024: World: Australia: Now Northern Territory cops it from Cyclone Kirrily which has now been downgraded to a tropical low; rains.

26-1-2024: Australia: Townsville Far North Qld, and ex-TC Cyclone Kirrily donwngraded to tropical low; 53,000-60,000 without power, ex-cyclone hit Townsville c.10-11pm last night and now creating havoc inland. In n/w NSW, Armidale starts with a fine day. Much of rest of Australia, heatwave conditions.

25-1-2024: Australia: Today's conditions are worse than yesterday's, and similar warnings are issued. In n/w NSW, Armidale starts with a fine day.

23-1-2024: World: Asia: South China has deadly landslides: Australia: Australia has wild weather: risk of flash flooding, fire dangers, heatwave, winds in parts, and in FNQ a cyclone.

24-1-2024: Tropical Cyclone Kirrily may cross the Queensland coast near Townsville about Thursday evening and deliver our weather a huge low. Risks of flash flooding in the affected areas. Much of rest of Australia has heatwave conditions and lows galore. In n/w NSW, Armidale starts with fine day.

23-1-2024: World: Asia: South China has deadly landslides: Australia: Australia has wild weather: risk of flash flooding, fire dangers, heatwave, winds in parts, and in FNQ a cyclone (it's monsoon season). Cyclone Kiralee ought (at least category Two) now cross the Queensland coast near Townsville: FNQ preparations are well advanced.

22-1-2024: World: ? has landslides: Australia: Queensland seems destined to take the brunt of current weather - the cylone-in-development in the Coral Sea seems to enter the coast between Mackay and Cairns next Thursday, and not from early Monday this week. WA, and Kimberly area looks flood-prone.

21-1-20245: Australia: Mackay and other places in Far North Queensland are predicted to be in danger from a Coral Sea tropical cyclone on the move from early Monday. North America: USA: ice sculptures in Michigan = tv industry funsiness.

20-1-2024: World: Australia: 1100 km stretch of Queensland coast in danger of tropical cyclone forming in Western Pacific/Coral Sea.

19-1-2024: Australia: Rains and other troubles continue. in n/w NSW, Armidale begins with a fine day.

18-1-2024: World: Giant, now-floating icebergs from Antarctica/Southern Ocean are mentioned on ABC morning tv: Australia: rains continue.

29-12-2023: What has Labor done for the climate? - crikey.

17-1-2024: World: Australia: Rains continue .

16-1-2024: World: Australia: Conditions worsen, NSW plus VIC have rainstorms, s/e Queensland has wild weather (so does Darwin, NT), WA/ northern Perth have bushfires.

15-1-2024: Australia: WA, Perth north area has bushfires. most of Australia has heatwave - North America/USA overnight, Iowa conditions cause comment.

14-1-2024: South America: Colombia has heavy rains plus landslides/mudslides; Australia: EV take-up after national charging surge gets more ABC tv attention- Heatwave conditions in the nation's west encourage bushfires - NSW has rain showers - Far North Queensland fears more floods.

13-1-2024: Conditions worsen. North America: USA: Iowa temperatures lower to point where - Nick O'Malley writes for News Review, "Renewables revolution is facing headwinds" - a letter-to-editor is headlined - "humidity will be the sticky issue as climate changes" it interferes with US presidential election -today's Sydney Morning Herald".

12-1-2024: Today's Sydney Morning Herald front page, Ssydney sweats through muggiest day on record - Australia: Far North Queensland faces threat of new tropical cyclone maybe forming, bringing heavy rain and further risk of flooding. Central VIC floods are over, but floodwaters now on the move in watercourses pose new worries.

11-1-12024: America: Eastern US has bad storm. Australia: Poor conditions, inc., excess rain, ramp up again in Central VIC and FNQ/Central Qld. In n/w NSW, Armidale begins with a fine day that moves to intermittent, light, grey cloud cover.

10-1-2024: Australia: conditions ease.

9-1-2024: Australia: conditions ease, the rain moves east, but Central VIC. is flooded. In n/w NSW, Armidale begins the day with grey cloud cover. Armidale has light rain.

8-1-2024: Australia: Heat builds and wild weather/heavy rain prevails in s/e and as usual, do not drive into floodwaters: In n/w NSW, Armidale initially has grey cloud cover/fine day; Armidale has light rain.

7-1-2024: World: Australia: Predictions are that Victoria is in for a hard time. In n/w NSW, Armidale has a fine day.

6-1-2024: Australia: Conditions ease further in coastal eastern Australia. In n/w nsw, Armidale starts with a mostly fine day. And if you ardently believe that so little could be happening in the rest of the world re Climate Change, adjust your set now - and just wait. And oh, we find that UK is discombobulated by bad floods. And predictions by late afternoon are that tomorrow, Victoria Australia will cop more flooding rain.

5-1-2024: Australia: Queensland clean up after flooding continues. In N/W NSW in Armidale, we have grey cloud cover.

4-1-2024: Australia: conditions ease.>

3-1-2024: Australia: Heatwave eases in north? - Queensland invokes help from Aust Defence Force - Rainfall moves north from n/e NSW to Brisbane area.

2-1-2024: world. In n/w NSW, Armidale has mostly either a fine or a grey cloud cover day, mixed. Today's conditions are much like yesterday's, ecxcept that now, waterways are fuller. Heatwave for the north and intense rain for s/e qld and n/e and s/e NSW.

1-1-2024: Australia: a soggy start for the eastern coastal New Year: (but last night's fireworks in Sydney Harbour went off magnificently at midnight). In n/w NSW, Armidale has mostly either a fine or a grey cloud cover day.

Libyan officals fear epidemic will follow deadly floods - smh 16 September 2023, should we ape spain and name heatwaves January 12, 2024. p 18, electric car sales rocket as tax cuts take effect - and similar on 13-12-2023.

On September 2, 2023 in SMH, Ross Gittins asks: how can Australia gradually wean itself off fossil fuels trade and find new exports to fill the gap" while in Canberra, Treasury finds that it needs to flag climate threat after investor lawsuit -.

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