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This webpage is about the elephant now shitting in your lounge room - Climate Change

Book titles: Michael Mann, Our Fragile Moment. Scribe, 2023.(Reviewer finds it is pitched midway between denialism and doomism.)

How the future for the world will (probably) be: In national politics around the world, this is different and so will the world seem different. (The compiler is a pessimist, not an optimist; this may have coloured this compilation.)
A new sort of politics will slowly emerge (perhaps a style of politics that the world has never seen before); Democracy may not survive because it gives too much power to the naysayer and with Climate Change there will be much less time available to give to the naysayer: governments will seem reactive because they will have to react to the dictates of nature more than people. Supply chain/world trade issues will increasingly plague supply of all sorts of goods in various countries, and cause delays, till academics agree that world trade is/has been affected. The world's canals (the Suez, the Panama) were designed and built when there were still sailing ships, but the maritime world and ports have changed a lot since about 1855. (The Containerisation Revolution on the world's oceans happened in the 1970s.)
Climate matters will slowly begin to dominate the news; (the first of this was the week ending 26-8-2023) but 24x7 TV news especially will continue to give us the impression that business-is-as-usual despite the obvious fact that business isn't; largely because the news also has a brief to report accidents, events of violence, other news, politics and sport. This website has been going long enough, resistering change in the world's weather patterns, to be regarded as an accurate barometer - and if the Asian Monsoon wobbles, then we are all in dire trouble - (data is taken from only a small selection of Australian news outlets, but this includes most Australian TV networks). Expect insurance costs to rise. Expect those with deepest pockets to survive Climate Change best. Expect more traffic to Climate Change-type websites as time goes by (the world's media alone should generate more traffic but it is Very Busy looking at Social Media, thank you very much; jounalists nevertheless will learn that new meaning may be given by the term, the storyline that keeps on giving). Expect further changes to (or in) media, trade, wars, the political complexions of entire nations, the population composition of nations, Economics. Expect wierd things to happen to "normal" ideas of "growth". Expect lots of confusion about doing things from motives of fear of Climate Change vs the business-as-usual model - which is already showing in Australian politics by late 2023. Expect that the tax base of various nations may become malformed. Expect wierd things to happen to government disbursements to citizens. Michelle Bullock, the new governor of Reserve Bank of Australia, speaks of a "Climate Change impact" on money rates on 29/30-8-2023.
Watch out for ...fights about aviation industries (in August-September 2023 in Australia).
Watch also for changes to scenarios, such as: Housing Crises (Australia has one nationally, but Johannesburg, South Africa has one, too). And waste less. Ed.

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2023++ - Australia

Climate - an international perspective

Climate is big. Weather seems big too, but it is actually smaller and operates on a different time scale than Climate. Climate is not weather - Weather stands in front of Climate (so to speak) and is produced by Climate - Ed

Climate stats: The New Year - ... 2023 ... the world has increased its average temperature by at least 1.5 degrees Celsius. Climate Central by 10 November reports that the world has just endured its hottest summer on record. And that's enough. By the way, The Anthropocene (human-induced Climate Change) has never happened before; so we are all now in uncharted waters, together, whether we like it or not.

Climate issues for 2023

Use search word, "Anthropocene". For like-minded websites (and there are far too few around the world still) see: The Climate Change Research Centre at University NSW/the UN at http:// or www.un.org.en/climatechange, or, a brief history of Climate Change at bbc.com/news/science-environment/15874560. - on BBC News - Or, try to Google on books on Climate Change History, too - Ed. Climate Change Sausages ... so good ...

So good! Getcha Climate Change Sausages here ...

generic democracy sausage photo from Australia

Credit: Photo by Anon.

This webpage is about the elephant shitting now in your lounge room - Climate Change

The world doesn't need anymore economic giants, but it does need ways for everyone to make a decent living.

Not all Climate Change news is being reported, by the way.

Really, where do these Climate Deniers get off? They are mostly older folk whose outdated education perfectly unfits them to comment on sciences (they're called Earth Sciences) which have only grown up since the 1970s. And why do Climate Deniers complain about Climate forecasting but not about Weather forecasting, when Climate produces Weather? Because both air and most greenhouse gases are invisible? Is that why?
World Climate Change may seem insidious, partly because of the invisibility, partly because "things happened" long ago for certain people (such as the original Agricultural Revolution, such as warriors riding horses), before about 2000BC, before the Holy Books were ever written; so it is no good quoting any of the Holy Books now. Nor has The Anthropocene ever happened before.
One essential challenge is to realign the fruit of the Agricultural Revolution (which gives us Food Security, which is now necessary) plus the Industrial Revolution (which gives us a supply of Electricity (which about now is also necessary); now, not in 2050, otherwise the world will have not have either. The world's historians have done badly at handling Climate Change down the ages, by today's standards, because Climate Change is usually so slow. But today's World Climate Change, whether it is to assail mankind or not, (the Anthropocene)) has to do with heat and heat redistribution. And we've got it, heat. (Have a chat with anyone from the island of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean.) As the UN secretary-general warned the world at the end of July 2023, the more carbon dioxide/greenhouse gases we pour into the air, the worse things will get; it is now time for governments to act and to cease asking: what are others doing? This is just the beginning. Unfortunately, Climate Change is invisible and so it leaves no smoke behind it; air is invisible and so is Carbon Dioxide, so we are left with Science vs Climate Change Deniers to tell us what the story is. The Greenies by the way have not done well with their communicatios: the climate deniers have been for more succesful.
Does Democracy meantime give too much leeway to the naysayer? Paradoxically, many present-day Climate Change Deniers rely on technology-of-the-future (Science) to get us all out of the pickle we are now in (this is the flaw in their argument) ... And unluckily for us, vocal US Climate Change Deniers are wrong wrong wrong about their topic and ignorant of World Climate as well, because their education is too old, because they have never studied Climatology.
And what of cold? Cold is merely the absence of heat and any unexpected level of coldness on the face of the globe is merely a sign that excess heat (somewhere on the face of the globe) is being blocked, is being frustrated at being redistributed; at finding an outlet, so to speak. And we've got it.
It seems to this webpage that Climate Change has started in earnest but that the wide world in general and nationalistic politicians in particular are still in a business-as-usual mode. It's not a good mix, but it will change, too. (The UN seems by 9 September, 2023, to agree, about then, it declares that around the world, governments are not doing enough to avert disaster.)
What is the Reserve Bank of Australia boss, Phillip Lowe/Michelle Bullock, going to do about the very poor predictive record of his/her chosen discipline - Economics - which seems in Australia to have gone into recess for the time being - not that real people are not suffering, but the "laws" of Economics in the matters of housing supply or wages (the price of labour) are simply not being obeyed these days, so, ergo, they can't be laws. And would their doctor, say, approve of his/her and his/her ilk's habit of using information for the future that's traditionally about three months old, (if not older)? Hmmm? This for one thing is the age of the computer, information can now be processed faster! Get with it!

This wepbpage has lately (Sep 2023) gone to the trouble of contacting a retired Canberra public servant about government disbursements of the future, who said that "in Australia, Climate Change or no, governments in Australia, state and federal, would probably remain as corrupt, inefficient and short-sighted as they always were", so it doesn't look good for the future, either.

Generic remarks: This webpage has received a complaint re "Climate Change" from a Greenie. Evidently, certain Denialist parties with an outmoded education because it makes no distinction between climate and weather are still going about saying they don't "believe" in climate change". (Belief is for children: it is better to know in an adult way.)
This webpage replied that it is not a matter of mere belief (that is far too old-fashioned and urky) - it is a matter of what can and should be measured by appropriate Science. This wepbpage also opined that these Denier folks have a great fear - too great a fear (?) - of being hoaxed in public. That is what they are really saying, whether they recognise it or not. Meantime, re business in the future - particularly Agriculture, and so security of food-supply - will NOT be as usual. Besides, what is happening with the world's glaciers - melting - is visual enough, isn't it?
Hey! what's this? More Climate Change Denialism from Australia? And does this question now girdle the entire Earth? What's with all this international talk of renovating the electricity grid and almost NO ONE is talking in public anything about electrical engineering? Doesn't the modern world of Medicine need constant, reliable electricity (because of its computers?) And isn't electrical engineering more expensive than not? Like, what do the peak bodies feel about any of this!? And NO ONE talks about any of this silence or expense, either! But business-as-usual will not transpire. What on earth are our politicians thinking or not thinking, as the case may be!? Can you believe it? Do we have a bright and on-the-ball media industry with a changing/failing business model or do we just have a bright media? - Ed.



14-11-2023: Nothing new here yet: World:.

13-11-2023: Missed it.

12-11-2023: World: The world is warned, Greenland’s glaciers are melting at five times the rate of twenty years ago. Sea levels will rise. Australia: Tasmania east has bushfires: The era of Global Warming is months over; this is now the era of Global Heating. Yes, 2023 was a historic year for Climate. Btw, if you thought the year 2023 was hard, try 2024.

11-11-2023: Australia: Western Australia has bushfires, Queensland has wild weather.

10-11-2023: East Africa: Somalia has floods: Australia: (what of the Maldives of the Indian Ocean?) starts to receive climate refugees from the Pacific region; people seen as at-risk from rising sea levels; this trend begins with Tuvalu; climate-affected people will turn from a trickle to a flood as climate change hots up and population composition changes, entailing political troubles for Australia from Australians who do not understand the kind of climate change being encountered. Report issued that the world (Northern Hemisphere) has just endured its hottest summer on record.

9-11-2023: Pacific: Pacific Islanders before their forum talk Climate Change and rising sea levels. Some of them are reportedly narkey with Australia as Australia just keeps on providing clearances for more fossil fuel projects.

8-11-2023: missed it.

7-11-2023: Australia: A measured but realistic approach is recommended for Australia's coming fire season, which already looks bad due to lack of rain: A fine day in Armidale for Melbourne Cup Day.

6-11-2023: Australia: crikey-worm has climate change item today: Local rain in Armidale NSW is cooling. Bushfires quieten in Eastern Australia.

5-11-2023. ABC TV has nostalgia re Hurricane Otis and the ruins of Acapulco. No one seems to be worrying about, or even idly wondering about, let alone trying to estimate, the amounts/volumes of extra carbon dioxide being poured into the planet's atmosphere due to the world's many bushfires. Each separate bushfire must add some tonnes.

4-11-2023: Book title on climate change - midway between Denialism and Doomism - (Penn State University), Michael Mann, Our Fragile Moment. Scribe, 2023, Sydney Morning Herald p. 40. Europe: Storm Ciaran causes mayhem for Europe/Scandinavia.

3-11-2023: It is now Autumn (a quiet time?) in the Northern Hemisphere (?).

2-11-2023. Australia: eastern Australia wakes to more bushfires though conditions have eased. Heavy loss of houses. Heatwave and report issued on extra hospitalisations due to extreme weather events. Australian treasurer Jim chalmers speaks on nations not meeting their climate targets.

1-11-2023: Australia: eastern Australia wakes to more bushfires, though conditions are slighly better/cooler.

31-10-2023: Australia: eastern Australia wakes to High Fire Danger, and some wild weather/damaging winds- thousands without electric power in Sydney. World is warned that things may have gotten beyond a 1.5 degree centigrade rise in avg world temperature.

30-10-2023: Australia: Australia has widespread bushfire dangers, especially in NSW/Qld, plus all kinds of weather including hail, snow-on-the-tops or damaging winds. Pacific: ex-Hurricane Lola: island of Vanuatu is damaged and thousands without power in NZ.

30-10-2023: eastern Australia has bushfires.

29-10-2023: Australia: eastern Australia wakes to dozens of bushfires.

28-10-2023: Australia: SMH: Twiggy Forrest’s new climate mission, part of which story is a graphic of the world’s near-equatorial reaches, with WetBulb temperatures, (near fatal mixes of heat and humidity) and one conclusion is that Twiggy’s [use of] Science could be improved. Concerns surface on ABC TV that some Queenslanders might not have got emergency bushfire warnings during a time of prewarned climate change; the problem if any would appear to be one of adequacy of communications.

27-10-2023: Australia: NT and eastern Australia have various bushfire warnings.

26-10-2023: Australia: Australia has severe bushfire warnings for various parts of the country. World: UN releases report on six tipping points that the world evidently believes are unimportant: Central America: Mexico has Hurricane Otis. and eg., Acapulco (a tourist town) is now ruined,

25-10-2023: Australia: Australia has severe fire warnings for various parts of the country.

24-10-2023: Australia: Eastern Australia has bushfire risks.

23-10-2023: Aus tralia: Australia has fire dangers, various, especially in Perth (WA) and in NSW.

22-10-2023: Africa: Ghana has floods (and a dam problem?). Australia: Bushfire dangers persist especially in NSW (eastern Australia).

21-10-2023: Europe/UK: Scotland and parts of northern England have wild weather/floods. (Storm Babet, 3 killed). And northern Europe/Scandinavia, too.

20-10-2023: Australia: fires persist in various parts of the country.

19-10-2023: Australia; WA and NT have bushfire danger.

World. The world has departed its years of global warming and now enters the world of global heating. What you gonna deny now?

18-10-2023: Europe: In Sweden, climate activist Greta Thunberg has been arrested following an oil/gas conferenc: Australia on Nn NSW coast and in Queensland has bushfires.

17-10-2023: Australia: Australia has bushfires. The world has departed its years of global warming and now enters the world of global heating. What you gonna deny now?

16-10-2023: World. ABC TV's Science Monday is devoted to the idea that by sequestering carbon in specially-turned agricultural soil, we could all make a big dent in the world's stores of carbon dioxide. Australia: various bushfire warnings are operative for specific areas.

14-10-2023: Another apparent non-news-day in the world re Climate Change matters (?). Australia: Nationally, the No Case wins the Referendum.

13-10-923: Australia. Bushfire conditions in northwest: heatwave conditions in some parts of the country.

12-10-2023: Australia: Various bushfire warnings in different parts of the continent.

10-10-2063: South America: Bolivia has floods/landslides.

<8-7-2023: it seems the world's attention is given to what is happening now in Israel between Israel and Hamas - war.

7-10-2023: Australia: Is it well-prepared for a heavy bushfire season/summer?, ABC tv asks.

6-10-21023: Australia: Country Victoria (East Gippsland) has floods.

5-10-2023: Australia: Both VIC and southern NSW (Bega Valley, and Bermagui area) both have floods and bushfires. Wild weather.

4-10-2023: Australia: VIC and NSW: fire warnings turn to flood warnings. Wild weather.

3=10-2023: Australia: VIC and NSW both have urgent fire warnings.

2-10-2023: Australia: WA and VIC and NSW (70 fires) have bushfires and NSW has flood warnings.

1-10-2023: The world is well out of the era of global warming and into the era of global heating.

30-9-2023: There is little or no climate news in today's standard issue of SMH. So is this a disgrace or not? But it is one of the hottest Australian spring/summer on record according to ABC morning TV. North America: USA: New York City and New Jersey both have flash flooding.

25-9-2023: Australia: 200 organizations meet in Canberra to discuss Australia's national bushfire prepareneess for a predicted shocker (climate-warmed) summer.

24-9-2023: Media: ABC TV: Insiders is devoted almost entirely to Australia's national bushfire preparedness following BOM's declaration of an El Nino summer.

23-9-2023: South America: Brazil has heatwave. World: Climate Change is going faster than our efforts to keep up with it - Australia's Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, warns the UN. (Wong is an ex-Australian minister for Climate Change/Environment, etc.).

22-9-2023: Australia: NT: Barkley area north of Central NT has "catastrophic" fire warning.

21-9-2023: Australian fires are mentioned.

20-9-2083: World: UN Secretary-General warns world that it is becoming "unhinged" due to Climate Change anxieties. North Africa/Middle East: Libya: Coastal Dernar: Dernar's mayor has his house burned by protestors. Australia: Southern Tasmania has dangerous fires and Coles Bay area east of Hobart in southern Tasmania has high winds; areas of s/e Australia have damaging winds: High fire danger in the Sydney area, Upper Central West Plains, Hunter Valley. (Basically, re El Nino, atmosphere is finally responding to warmer ocean temperatures across and north of the equatorial Pacific.)

19-9-2023: Australia: BOM officially declares an El Nino Event (to the end of summer): TV news today has a lot of talk about bushfires, especially re The Gold Coast and the Far South NSW coast, more than we can ever remember. Australia: Some heatwave conditions. Fire warnings of differing severity apply nationally. Thousands of dead fish (probably carp) in South Australia: Australians brace for more natural disasters: Sydney area has total fire ban.

18-9-2023: Australia: Central Queensland: Extreme fire danger: NSW has heatwave.

17-8-2023: North Africa: Libyan floods, local anger rises: North America/USA: Maine and Massachusetts in northern USA/and provinces in southern Canada, are in path of hurricane-force winds.

16-9-2023: North Africa: Libyan floods are mentioned: Australia: Average temperatures are about 10 degrees Celsius above what is normal for this time of year.


15-9-2023: Climate - smoke haze afflicts s/e Asia, but it is not said how/why s/e Asia has a smoke haze problem. Australia; bushfire warnings continue for large parts of the continent. Libyan floods, recriminations swarm.

14-9-2023: Australia: Scientists worry deeply about low yields for 2023 and the likely future, of ice, including Sea Ice, in the Antarctic. The only way out seems a global reduction of emissions

13-9-2023: Libyan floods: port city of Denara: several coastal dams have burst amid floods: high death toll.

12-9-2023: North Africa; Libya has severe storm and severe floods: the death toll is extensive and ort cities affected: extreme emergency prevails. Australia: NT: Tennant Creek has disastrously large bushfire: warnings continue for NT. Smoke haze for Sydney from hazard reduction burns.

11-9-2023: Australia: Northern Australia has some bushfires and bushfire warnings.

10-9-2023: Europe: Greece: Floods are mentioned.

9-9-2023: SMH: Asia: China/Hong Kong: Severe flooding after city hit by heaviest downpour in 140 years. Australia: The issue arises again of a Nuclear Australia, p.18: Nuclear shift and net-zero feud stir leadership tensions: NP ex-leader Barnaby Joyce is quoted. (By Monday 18-9-2023 the Australian Government calculates it would cost about $387 billion to power australia with about 71 modular electrical/nuclear power stations).

8-9-2023: Australia: Central NT = catastrophic fire risk. Places mentioned = Sydney engulfed in smoke due to hazard reduction burns, NT, Vic/Melbourne. Wild weather warnings. Asia: China: Hong Kong has flash flooding: .

7-9-2023: WMO says that recent northern hemisphere summer is hottest on record.

6-9-2023: Europe: Central Spain and Greece both have floods. Bulgaria has floods.

5-9-2023: North America/USA: Nevada: Burning Man mudfest is mentioned.

4-9-2023: Europe: Central Spain has floods (Madrid area). North America/USA: Excess rain in Nevada turns Burning Man festival into a muddy bog: Australia: Central Queensland has catastrophic fire risk warning situation: China: Taiwan has typhoon.

3-9-2023: North America/USA: Florida: Asia: Hong Kong and China.

2-9-2023 Asia: Hong Kong has Typhoon Saola: SMH, Warnings as millions (re The Philippines, China and Taiwan) brace for typhoons.

1-9-2023: Single-use plastics banned in some Australian states.

31-8-2023: Australia: Australians wake to find ABC TV talking about a State-to-State supply-of-electricity grid with a greatly-interrupted summer supply of electricity. There are huge problems with making the transition from coal-fired power stations to renewable.

30-8-2023: North America/USA: Florida. Today - and this was the first time this has ever happened - this webpage had a conversation with a younger Climate Changer who wonders what will happen; and who wonders about the melting of the Polar ice caps, and about his latest reading; and if the North Pole melts, and if the Earth’s axis changes, and we are really put into Climate Change territory, what then, all hell might break loose. And we thought, this is a fearsome thought, it’s very big! And, we didn’t want to go there because it is so unpleasant.
And a while back, this webpage had a chat to a Nepalese lass who is upset because Nepal – home of Mount Everest – is warming with increasing speed. And she asked this webpage if this webpage thought the Australian (Federal) government was doing enough about it, and we replied, simply, no. Now, see by the end of this summer if we were half-right, or not.

29-8-2023: North America/USA: Florida has storm Indalia: The era of mere Global Warming is well over: now and for the year 2024, think Global Heating: Caribbean: Cuba has floods: the storm (Indalia) heads for the USA (which begins to resemble a third world country) and East Florida. Europe: About 2000 European ski resorts are in trouble for snow due to Global Heating: ABC lunchtime TV news: Australia: Chronic asthma sufferers worry about Climate Change: Europe: Northern Italy has severe storms.

28-8-2023: The era of mere Global Warming is over; this is now the era of Gobal Heating.

27-8-2023: The era of mere Global Warming is over, this is the era of the end of complacency. TV-land and Insiders - Climate Change in latest Intergenerational report?: (the questions are different).

26-8-2023: SMH: Good Weekend: Solar flair: the professor everyone should know; News Review: Life after coal: are we prepared: peak body trouble, p. 10, re electric vehicles: Multi-signed advert wants renewable energy now or soon: Paramatta Sydney bans gas (fossil fuel!) connections, p. 13: Greece: p. 35, fires imperil "lungs of Athens": Rundown on the recent stats of Climate Change from ABC TV news. Canadian fire official agrees that Canadian wildfires are at least partly due to Climate Change.

25-8-2023: Europe/England: British scientists worry re (low) state of Antartic sea ice and the death of thousands of chicks of Emporer penquins.

24-8-2023: HOT AND BOTHERED: Climate change will cost Australia up to $423 billion in the next four decades, the sixth intergenenerational report has found via the SMH, but Treasurer Jim Chalmers has declared Australia is now a “global leader in how we're responding to the threat of global warming”. Australia is not a global leader in responding to the threat of global warming. We are not on track to reduce our emissions by 43% by 2030 — indeed, they’ve risen since 2021, as The Australia Institute shows — even though the government is working on a 2035 target now. Reuters reminds us we remain the world’s second-biggest coal exporter, the Albanese government continues to approve coalmines or expansions against UN advice (at least three so far), and our offsetting scheme has been dubbed “the world's first government-mandated greenwashing system”. But we could be a leader — Australia is one of the windiest and sunniest places on earth, and home to half the world’s lithium, a renewable tech mineral. The report found global demand for it — as well as other critical minerals such as cobalt, manganese and rare earths — will surge by 350% by 2040. crikey.worm.

23-8-2023 : Both ABC and SBS lead their evening TV news broadcasts with climate change-type stories: Australia: report: South Eastern Australia readies itself for a shocking summer of bushfires: ABC lunchtime TV news. Southern Europe: Northern Greece has wildfires. Help, Bangkok is sinking due to climate change.

22-8-2023: Californian/Mexican floods from tropical storm, Hilary.

21-8-2023: Middle East: Turkeye has wildfires. El Nino and his little sister, La Nina, as climate influencers and the rise of ambient temperatures for both land and sea, in "nature" are discussed on ABC News TV. Australia NSW: About 100 fires are ablaze in NSW. Hurricane Hilary (which has now been downgraded to a tropical storm) may produce floods the like of which in Southern California has not been seen in the past 84 years (since 1939).

20-8-2023: Experts are saying that this is Canada’s worst-ever fire season. Some 35,0000 folk are to be evacuated from British Columbia. North America: Western Mexico and Southern California (USA) have flooding due to Hurricane Hilary. The era of mere Global Warming is well over, now we are in the era of Global Hot. And halp. Bangkok, capital of Thailand, is sinking due to Climate Change.

19-8-2023: The era of mere global warming is over and Bangkok, capital of Thailand, is sinking due to climate change: Today's SMH; Business section: Whitehaven's plans could double Australian methane emissions: general paper: Green Square is Sydney's future but does it work? p.41; Business rejects Coalition's fight against renewables rollout. Pacific/USA: Hawaii: Maui emergency boss resigns. Canada: British Columbia declares a state of emergency. Yellowknife in Canada (which has 1000 wildfires now burning), a town of 20,000 evacuated to avoid approaching fire. (SMH). North America: Western Mexico and California USA have flooding due to Hurricane Hilary.

19-8-2023: Canada: Wildfires.

18-8-2023: The era of mere global warming is over, this is in earnest. The Himalayas Mountains and Nepal in general are getting more rainfall than they are used to. Wildfires in Canada (Yellowknife a large town in the Canadian northwest is evacuated) and Tenerife (the Atlantic Ocean) are mentioned. Australia: Areas of eastern Australia have declared an earlier start (by about a fortnight) than usual to the summer fire season which now begins about now: India: Central India has floods eg., in the New Delhi area.

17-8-2023: Bangkok the capital of Thailand is sinking due to climate change: : Wildfires on Spanish Atlantic Ocean island of Tenerife.

16-8-2023: TV news mentions Maui death toll, outrage, etc.

15-8-2023: TV news mentions wildfires in Canada. Pacific/USA/Hawaii: now 106 dead. What caused the fires on Maui, "nature" or an electricity company?

14-8-2023: Pacific/USA/Hawaii: Maui fires (still).

13-8-2923: One has the distinct feeling watching ABC political TV show, Insiders, David Speers interviews David Littleproud, leader of the NP, that climate change is moving far faster tnan our politicians are - so the coming summer in the Southern Hemisphere - Africa, Australasia, the Pacific, South America - may also well be a political watershed in the direction of greater realism. USA/Pacific: Hawaii, island of Maui and wildfires, 96 dead in the town of Lahaina, which is razed on Maui, about $8 billion of damage, this is not news? As authorities angst about whether warning sirens were sounded to the general population, or not?

12-8-2023: Canada has floods. Scandinavia has floods.

11-8-2023: Hawaii/Maui wildfires cause world TV horror.

10-8-2023: TV news: mentions food security generally and the difficulty of telling some governments that Climate Change is actually real: Pacific/USA: Hawaii has wildfires: especially island of Maiu: Europe: Portugal has wildfires up to five days old by now.

9-8-2023: USA: severe storms on eastern coast: Australia: scientists warn about effects of marine heatwave re Great Barrier Reef.

6-8-2023: South Korea: Heatwaves inconveniences World Scout Jamboree later abandoned due to coming typhoon.

5-8-2023: Asia: Northern China and heavy rain are mentioned on early evening tv news: World: Marine biologists say the world's oceans have never been so warm, a danger sign.

3-8-2023: Australia: WA: Perth has power outages due to thunderstorm.

2-8-2023: Australia: the healthcare system is not built for extreme heat events: Asia: China: Floods in northern China are mentioned. The era of mere Global Warming is over.

1-8-2023: The era of mere global warming is over. Asia: China: Parts of northern China have floods, and a new typhoon may hit China, and even Japan or South Korea.

29-7-2023: the era of mere global warming is over. Asia: China: Typhoon Doksuri means evacuations: Greece: military ammo dumps go up as fires reach them: winds on island of Rhodes keep fires going: Australia: global boiling: Sydney not prepared for lethal heat - SMH.

28-7-2023: World; UN secretary-general surprises the world by declaring that the Era of Global Warming is over, the Era of Global Boiling has begun. (This webpage on reflection feels that he is right enough.).

27-7-2023: Concern continues re European heatwave. More fires are now alight in European nations not earlier mentioned.

26-7-2023: The Prime Minister of Greece speaks now of Climate Change as a challenge for the entire planet.

25-7-2023: North Africa: Algeria has wildfires. Greece now has more than 80 wildfires, many on the mainland.

24-7-2023: Middle East: Flash flooding in Afghanistan. Scientists in Australia and elsewhere worry about the low yield of Antarctic sea ice. More wildfires in Greece and on islands of Rhodes and now Corfu, evacuations. India has floods. China has floods.

23-7-2023: Europe: Greece suffers with wildfires on the island of Rhodes.

22-7-2023: USA: Carolina has tornado: Australia: grave predictions proven as heat flares, Sydney Morning Herald, p. 1: article on this Australian summer: hottest july in history bodes ill for summer, p. 10.Peter Hartcher in News Review has a long article on solar panels manufacture; saving globalisation from itself.SMH. India: has rain and landslides.

21-7-2023: Croatia: has storm the result of heatwave.

20-7-2023: World: World Health Organization (WHO) says the current heatwave is straining Europe's healthcare system.

19-7-2023: Europe: As heat records topple, high temperatures and wildfires continue across Europe. Australia: Australian TV now asks: Just how bad will be this coming Australian summer? Greece: Now Greece has wildfires northwest of Athens. Now Asia in in the grip of heatwave; Japan has heat alerts./p>

18-7-2023: World: Worry continues re the South Korea flooding and the American/European heatwaves but the question is: will it be enough for us to stop warming this planet with our emissions?

17-7-2023: Northern Hemisphere: there is much angst in the Southern Hemisphere re the heatwave in the Northern Hemisphere, and it's got to do with heat and heat redistribution - world-wide, heat used to cut channels that we were used to - called "normal world climate" (which included huge ocean currents) - but now that the ground and the oceans are both warmer, and the ice (sea ice and glaciers) world-wide is melting, new channels need to be cut for heat redistribution by "natural systems" - and one result is a hemisphere-size heatwave. But this is just the beginning. Next year will be worse. (Temperatures in Death Valley (USA) seem set to reach 55 degrees Celsius. Unbearable. Meantime, South Korea has floods ... So has Northern India. Northern Spain.)

16-7-2023: South Korea: South Korea has shocking floods, Southern Europe's heatwave continues. (Spain by now has wildfires as well as floods in its north, so do the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean have wildfires) and now spreads to North America (Canada and the USA which now has some of the world's worst air quality). ABC TV (as though it had done a survey) mentions how many climate records are being broken lately.

15-7-2023: Australia: SBS news TV evening broadcast decides to make a climate change survey, including mention of European heatwave. Canada: Canada has wildfires!

14-7-2023: Southern Europe: heatwave conditions prevail in Spain, Italy (more than 16 cities become affected), Greece (the Acropolis is closed), Galacia.

13-7-2023: World: .

11-7-2023: Australia: s/e Australians are warned that there will be an early start to the bushfire season this year (2023). World: Sees flash flooding in USA (New York and Vermont), Japan and Northern India. Antarctica: Antarctic sea ice is down about 17%. Antarctic situation is dire, say some scientists.

10-7-2023: Northern India: Flooding in Punjab area and about New Delhi.

7-7-2023: Japan: argument about release into ocean of nuclear-contaminated water from Fukiyama disaster area.

5-7-2023 World: World average temperature reaches 17.1 degrees Celsius, it's never been so high. experts say, never. (Or, 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit) ABC tv Lunchtime news; Netherlands and parts of Germany have high, destructive winds. South America: Bolivia has severe drought, Uruguay has "water shortage".

4-7-2023 Australia: Parts of Queensland have unseasonably heavy rain. Britain: Britain records its hottest- ever summer, but still, Rupert Murdoch's newspaper people - particularly in Australia - mysteriously forget how to read a World Weather Map.

3-7-2023: Australia: Day Four of flight cancellations at Sydney airport. Parts of Queensland have heavy rain.

1-7-2023: Australia: a second day of flight cancellations at Sydney airport due to high winds. Unseasonably heavy drops of rain in parts of Northern Australia.

30-6-2023: Australia: Sydney: strong winds at Sydney airport mean flight cancellations.

28-6-2023: Heavy unseasonal rains in Outback Australia. And yes, it's rainin' on the rock called Uluru. Breakfast tv news.

25-6-2023: Lodged on a blog as spam but some remarks on solar power from one of today's webmasters. Hi, my name is Matt d'Agati. Solar power is now probably the most promising and sought-after types of clean, renewable energy to appear in the past few years. It is because of its numerous benefits, including financial savings, energy efficiency; additionally the positive impact it offers regarding the environment. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of using solar technology in homes and businesses, the technology behind it, and just how it may be implemented to increase its benefits. One of the main benefits of using solar energy in homes may be the cost benefits it offers. Solar energy panels are designed for generating electricity for your house, reducing or eliminating the necessity for traditional sourced elements of energy. This will lead to significant savings in your monthly energy bill, particularly in areas with a high energy costs. In addition, the price of solar energy panels and associated equipment has decreased significantly through the years, making it more affordable for homeowners to purchase this technology. Another advantage of using solar technology in homes could be the increased value it could provide to your property. Homes that have solar panels installed are often valued more than homes which do not, while they offer an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly option to traditional energy sources. This increased value may be a significant benefit for homeowners that are trying to sell their house as time goes on. For businesses, the many benefits of using solar technology are numerous. Among the primary benefits is cost benefits, as businesses can significantly reduce their energy costs by adopting solar power. In addition, there are many government incentives and tax credits accessible to companies that adopt solar technology, rendering it much more affordable and cost-effective. Furthermore, companies that adopt solar technology will benefit from increased profitability and competitiveness, because they are regarded as environmentally conscious and energy-efficient.
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23-6-2023: Australia: South Australia: Adelaide floods.

20-6-2023: EU exports of electric cars to UK put at risk by Brexit trade deal (The Guardian).crikey.worm.24-6-2023: Nothing new here yet!

of Medicine) need constant electricity? And isn't electrical engineering more expensive than not? Like, what do the peak bodies feel about any of this!? And NO

21-6-2023: Nothing new here yet

19-6-2023: India: India (Uttar Pradesh) has unexpected heatwave, almost 100 dead. Al-Jazeera. The Guardian. ABC breakfast TV news.

18-6-2023: Australia/World: El Nino gets a mention: ABC mid-morning TV news.

17-6-2023: Australia: lack of rain in eastern Australia is a cause for concern re agriculture/crops and war/dam saboutage in Ukraine gets a mention. ABC TV news, 9.52am-ish.

16-6-2023: India/Pakistan Cyclone Rajalroy mentioned: ABC mid-morning TV news. ABC TV lunchtime news says Texas USA suffers 1-10 tornadoes.

15-6-2023: India/Pakistan have Cyclone Rajalroy. The area had Cyclone Biparjoy/(pron: biporjoy) on June 7-15, 2023. Mid-morning TV news/Internet.

11-6-2023: Caribbean: Floods in Cuba.

10-6-2023: North America: Canada: many wildfires continue to send smoke to north-eastern US, resulting in "the worst air quality in living memory". Imported Australian firefighers are finding the Canadian terrain "different" - fires in Australia happen "on top of the ground" but Canadian fires burrow underground). Australia: flood warnings issued for parts of Central/Northern Victoria. Meantime, ABC mid-morning TV news has a warning item on general reportage of climate change matters - and an expert says that unless something useful is done, these things will only get worse.

9-6-2023; Canada's many wildfires continue to send smoke haze to USA's east coast/cities. This has not happened before in living memory. (Mid-morning TV news). In Australia, men from the Torres Strait area sue the Australian Federal government claiming it has a duty to protect their lifestyles from the effects of rising sea levels.

8-6-2023: Australia: wild weather inc. hail continues in southern areas: Canada: Smoke from Canadian wildfires - Quebec alone has about 83 - drifts to US cities such as New York.

7-6-2023: Australia: wild weather for states in the south: ABC TV morning news.

5-6-2023: Canada: Canada on 4/5th has fires maybe coast to coast, fires so bad the army is called out. The World: Here are all the positive environmental stories from 2022 (Euronews) - crikey worm.

2-6-2023: North Africa: Egypt: Cairo has a huge sandstorm.

25/28-5-2023: Spain: has had drought; parts now suffer flood. BBC Headlines. Typhoon Marwar at US base, Guam. Damaging and superfast winds. Power is cut. And heading then for the Philippines, according to lunchtime or mid-afternoon TV news.

23-5-2023: Alberta Canada has wildfires: crikey worm.

<>p>22-5-2023: Canada; Alberta has wildfires.

21-5-2023: Climate Change forms a strong theme for ABC's Sunday morning current affairs/interview show, Insiders (though the main driver for this seems to be a view on climate change from the US defence dept). Will this happen to more TV news shows in Australia? The commercial channels?

20-5-2023: Spain: wildfires. Northern italy: flooding. Pre-lunchtime TV news.

19-5-2023: Europe: More than 20 rivers in Northern Italy are in flood. Middle Europe: Add Croatia to the Balkans flood list.

18-5-2023: Italy: Northern Italy has severe rain and flooding - Mid-morning TV news. Bosnia and Slovenia are also in trouble with flooding according to mid-afternoon TV news. World: UN warns the world is getting hotter. Risk of a larger or more intense El Nino. There is a 98% chance that one of the next five years will be the hottest on record, making for more intense weather events around the world. UN's meteorological service warns world it has heated more than 1.5 degrees Centigrade. Morning and lunchtime TV news.

16-5-2023: Canada: Alberta wildfires receive mention. Mid-morning TV news.

14-5-2023: Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma) get ready for Cyclone Mocha. Winds of more than 200kmh. Morning TV news.

10-5-2023: Africa: Congo has floods: New Zealand: Auckland area has floods: Lunchtime TV news.

8-5-2023: Africa: Congo, devastating floods. Canada: Wildfires in Alberta province such that more than 24,000 are evacuated.

7-5-2023: Middle East: Iraq has acute shortage of water and seeks international aid. (Italy also has drought). Mid-morning TV news.

4-5-2023: Africa: Rwanda has heavy rain.

2-5-2023 : USA. Highway chaos in Illinois due to large dust storm. ABC morning TV report.

<27-4-2023: Tuvalu in the Pacific goes online to save its culture which is threatened by sea rise. Garbled evening TV report. (There will probably be more of this from the worldś* islands - Ed).

23-4-2023: World: Earth day: Protests held around the world to demand more and better climate action.

22-4-2023 World: UN warns the world that it is too late to save the worlds glaciers. ABC TV breakfast news. More than the 198,000-200,000 of them that there are in the world? (See a Wikipedia page on the number of glaciers in the world!) If all the worlds glaciers melted, the seas would rise about 65m or 195 feet and the evacuations wopuld be horrendous. Ed

21-4-2023: USA: Residents in Oklahoma survey damage from tornadoes. Lunchtime TV ABC news. World: World could face record temperatures in 2023 as El Niño returns (Reuters) - crikey worm.

14-4-2023: Australia: WA, Port Hedland and Cyclone Isla.

13-4-2023: Australia: WA, Port Hedland and Cyclone Isla.

12-4-2023: Australia: El Nino on way, about October 2023.

8-4-2023: Australia: Emergency services in Eastern Australia busy with phone calls. Breakfast TV news.

7-4-2023: Australia: Heavy rain and destructive winds warnings for much of Eastern Australia.

3-4-2023: USA: Tornadoes now number 80.

2-4-2023 USA: More tornadoes.

1-4-2023: USA: More tornadoes.

28-3-2023: Ecuador South America: torrential rain, landslides: IS THE GRASS LOOKING GREENER? One week on since UN Secretary-General António Guterres told the world “humanity is on thin ice”, Labor struck a deal with the Greens over its signature climate policy, agreeing to a suite of amendments, including — most notably — an absolute cap on real emissions. The minor party openly conceded the deal would in no way stop all new coal and gas projects, but its leader, Adam Bandt, said it should significantly rein in their number. “Coal and gas have taken a huge hit,” he told reporters on Monday, pointing out the hard cap means “real pollution must actually come down” and fossil fuel corporations can no longer “buy their way out of the cap with offsets”. It’s fair to say the general response to the Labor-Greens deal has been pretty mixed. Over in The Australian, for instance, it's been criticised as a “bloody-minded victory” for the Greens, which will impose a “bureaucratic and legal stranglehold on all future development”, jeopardise energy security and strengthen the “economic hand of our potential adversaries” — whoever they are. Meanwhile The Australian Financial Review ($) told its readers the Greens had plainly “blinked” on their demands, and to this end it downplayed Bandt's claim the hard cap spelled the end of about half of the country's proposed 116 new fossil fuel projects. “A lot of these projects” weren't going to go ahead anyway due to the “gas industry's alarm” over Labor's reasonable pricing regime. So there, says the Fin's Jennifer Hewett. Speaking of the gas industry, its key spokesperson Samantha McCulloch isn't particularly thrilled with the deal, either. She claimed the policy — by stalling or stopping the opening of new gas fields — would make it harder for the country to meet its climate targets, because it would mean we're relying on “dirtier fossil fuels” for longer, which is plainly something you'd only say if you'd (wrongly) subscribed to the view gas is not a fossil fuel. But Labor's Climate and Energy Minister Chris Bowen has in any case poured cold water over these concerns, saying there's nothing in the amended policy which stops the development of new coal and gas projects. And, indeed, he's already signalled willingness to work with the Coalition to amend the new rules if need be. This, former leader of the Greens Bob Brown told your Crikey Worm, was tantamount to “treachery”: “To say ‘I've got a backdoor way of reneging on the hard cap' is robbing Australians of hope. What [Labor is] really doing is selling out the next generation — this will disgust voters around the country.” If you're in anyway inclined to doubt Brown's objectivity, you need only consider the words of climate-sceptic and former editor-in-chief of The Australian, Chris Mitchell: “Luckily for the nation,” he said, “Albanese is following [the US lead] of saying one thing and doing another.” crikey.com

27-3-2023: USA: Town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi, has lethal tornado: 25 dead: TV general news.

28-3-2023: USA: Mississipi has lethal tornado. TV general news.

23-3-2023: USA: California has more storms. TV general news.

22-3-2023: Australia (evidently still imagines it will have a choice! Ha!): BAD OPINION: The "balance" of power; “As a government, we’ve got to balance many different calls to action with many other demands.” (The Monthly/Today). Resources Minister Madeleine King says the IPCC report is important, but the government must balance the future of life on Earth against other stuff. Labor is still pressuring the Greens to support the safeguard mechanism, with some MPs urging against concessions so that the minor party is forced to vote with the Opposition. Sweden: Greta Thunberg, other climate activists, greenlighted to sue Sweden (Al Jazeera) - crikey worm.

21-3-2023: Australia: Reception of latest IPCC report on world climate change, the world faces a self-closing window of opportunity, IF ...dire warning to entire world ...

16-3-2023: Australia: Sydney has heatwave: Turkey: bad flash flooding in Sn Turkey. TV general news.

15-3-2023: Mention of Africa, Mozambique and Cyclone Freddy. TV General news.

13-3-2023: Australia: floods in NSW (Cootamunrdra) and Queensland. TV news general.

12-3-2023: Africa: Mozambique now gets Cyclone Freddy.

11-3-2023: USA: California has floods - Australia: anxiety continues re Northern Queensland floods for the gap in dates (mostly). General TV news. Meantime, Australia's Senator Malcolm Roberts, confidently says, incorrectly, that it simply isn't true that there is no empirical proof that extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is bad for the world environment. Sorry to rain on your parade, Senator (pun seriosly intended), but climate scientists have been talking about it since the 1970s! Obviously, Senator Roberts and I have not been getting around in the same circles! Senator Malcom Roberts is rather like Rupert Murdoch's newspaper people, he simply can't read a world weather map anymore. So why not? ...

3-3-2023: USA: Californians snowed in by winter storm surge (BBC). crikey.worm. Australia: Has floods in the NT.

2-3-2023: Greta Thunberg has joined a protest against wind farms. Here’s why. (CNN). crikey.worm.

28-2-2023: USA: The Midwest has many tornadoes. Calfornia has huge snowstorm!

25-3-2023: USA: Snowstorm questions arise. Many power outages. TV general news.

24-3-2023: USA: huge snowstorm expected.

23-2-2023: Australia: Parts of Australia brace for heatwave conditions:

22-2-2023: Africa: Madagascar battens down its hatches as it readies for Cyclone Freddy, Deluge expected. Australia: Sydney deluged - Heatwave continues. Report: Grass fire risks rise due to La Nina and climate change. So, "expect a summer of bushfires", former commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW Greg Mullins told the SMH: The 'compounding factor of climate change' means grassfires will turn into 'something we’ve never really seen before'. (crikey.worm) New Zealand: flooding clean-up continues. Brazil: Brazil has floods. Italy: now in drought.

21-2-2023: New Zealand: massive clean-up after storm Gabrielle: In Australia via TODAY: Climate cover: Why is it on the Greens to ensure the government can pass its climate policy? (The Politics newsletter)

20-2-2023: New Zealand: Cyclone Gabrielle: state highways left unrecognisable in the wake of the floods (Stuff). - South America: Colombia: Cattle, not coca, drive deforestation of the Amazon in Colombia – report (The Guardian). EVs will not stop climate change, but we must help motorists make the shift — Clover Moore - EVs will not stop climate change, but we must help motorists make the shift — Clover Moore: “We can’t expect electrification of vehicles to be the silver bullet. If we simply swap internal combustion vehicles for EVs we’ll have done more to save the car industry than the planet. That’s why our first priority is creating a city for walking, cycling and public transport — this is the most effective way to reduce emissions from transport. We must improve accessibility while reducing the amount of driving that is necessary. Of course, some people are not able to walk, ride a bike or use public transport easily, and we will continue to need service and delivery vehicles. Electrification of high-impact fleets and private vehicles will help complete the journey to net zero transport.
There are obvious barriers to this, not least of which is the sheer cost of electric vehicles. We need federal and state governments to introduce more stringent fuel and emissions standards for vehicles to facilitate the increased availability, affordability and diversity of electric vehicles in Australia. Costs will also go down as technology and scale of production improves. Another barrier — one that we as a local council can help address — is access to charging. It’s a key consideration in the city’s new electric vehicle strategy. Our new strategy will see us increase public charging capacity in our own car parks and encourage the uptake of charging capacity in publicly accessible places like supermarkets, petrol stations and other parking garages.” (The SMH): crikey.worm - commentariat.

18-2-2023: Scandinavia: Huge snow storm. Australia: Parts of Sydney knocked out of electricity supply by sudden storm. TV news generally.

15-2-2023: TV news about storm and Auckland/north island of New Zealand. Cyclone Gabrielle: town cut off as Wairoa River bursts its banks, flooding homes of about half its population (Stuff)/crikey.worm.

14-2-2023: Australia: Queensland has bushfires about 150 miles n/w of Brisbane: New Zealand declares a state of emergency re north island re effects of storm/cyclone Gabrielle. TV News generally.

13-2-2023: Australia: Bushfires in Queensland. New Zealand braces its north island for devastation from cyclone Gabrielle. TV news generally.

10-2-2023: Australia: NSW surprise flooding in Dubbo. Weather is wild and of all types including an offshore (north-eastern) tropical cyclone (Gabrielle). TV news generally.

8-2-2023: South America: fires in Chile: Australia: rain predicted. New Zealand: Wettest summer this century for many North Islanders (Stuff) crikey.worm.

6-2-2023: Chile: South America: At least 23 dead as dozens of wildfires torch forests in Chile (Reuters). crikey.com.

5-2-2023: Ice in USA vs wildfires in Chile. Both for some days. Evening TV news.

4-2-2023: USA: Texas has an ice storm: Chile. But Chile in South America has wildfires amid a heatwave.

3-2-2023: Cold snap for n/e USA. Hot and humid in Australia. 9.30 morning ABC TV news. Heat warnings for coastal Qld. But paradoxically, Australian alpine areas have dustings of snow.

1-2-2023: More rain in Auckland, NZ.

30-1-2023: Floods and landslides already, but more rain is forecast for Auckland area of New Zealand.

29-1-2023: Australian anxiety continues re New Zealand/Auckland flooding.

28-1-2023: New Zealand: Heavy rains/flash flooding in Auckland.

26-1-2023: Cold snaps during winter in Asia.

23-2-2023:China: Extreme cold (-530F) in China (city of Mohe) near border wth Russia.

19-1-2023: Australia: Queensland floods but floodwaters now receding. 18-21-2023: Australia: Queensland floods continue.

17-1-2023: Australia: More rain in Queensland:

15-1-2023: Australia: Heavy overnight rain in Victoria. More TV news on floods in Central Queensland and elsewhere in northern Australia. USA; Storms continue in California.

14-1-2023: Australia: Floods in Central Queensland. Lethal hurricane(s)/tornadoes (9 and nine dead, power out for many) in Southern USA, eg., Selma, Alabama:

13-1-2023: Last night I was thinking on the future of Democracy. It seems that around the world there are now too many victims of flood for "Democracy" to survive well. I too was surprised in July 2022 to read/hear on ABC 4 corners, a Lismore (?) Mayor said it (re recent floods in his part of Australia), "This is not for Federal or state government, nor local government, this needs something more autocratic … ". Apart from that, the logic is this ... In 2021, Anthropogenic Global Warming ended its "warning phases" and in 2021-2022 entered its actual phase. So, there will here, now, be more emphasis on weather events (and surprises) and less on "normal" things such as socio-political/economic responses. In 2023, things are more well-advanced and all governments should now be on notice. Glaciers melting worldwide and Arctic warming are well ahead of predicted schedules for warming - media-driven alarm/warning bells are ringing louder, internationally; and observer impatience with climate-change deniers and other slow-down artists seems to be growing - TV news reveals that more commentators and observers of many different scenarios around the world are saying that "climate change is already here". The defence forces of increasing numbers of various influential nation states are also increasingly recognising that climate change produces security problems - On 27-7-20022 the CSIRO's CEO, Dr. Larry Marshall, addressed the (Australian) National Press Club; and spoke on; on uncomfortable truths, on megatrends for the future; there will be extra heat-related deaths, the world has missed this century's opportunity to mitigate climate changes, on building our resilience to drought, renewables, Australia's "innovation problems", and there will be, (more of) disease questions, health of environment, digital responses and artificial intelligence appearing, failure to seize new technological opportunities, different political landscapes for the future and for the young, limitations of sovereign capability, falling trust in our institutions, falling investment(s), lack of market vision - (marketing timidity due to our historically small population?) - role of hydrogen/emissions, our innovation problems, lessons of the covid-19 pandemic, dreaming bigger, local manufactures, better waste management systems, rare earths, green steel, managing disruptions, greater trust in science, facing our challenges. And questions to him include: on environments, land clearing, emissions, methods of soil fertisilations, role(s) of China and co-operation re methods of climate modelling, espionage/theft (no), coastal-and-river erosion, growing population, seven waves of disruption, science innovation versus other kinds of innovation, how to regulate artificial intellgence, should governments try to pick winners?, benefits of university-type research (and do not interfere with it), style of social interactions, reducing energy consumptions, where is Australia's "silicon valley" (don't look for geographic centralizations, look for networking by good thinkers), science will break down barriers .... And well, what more/better can be done? - It's a long list of changes to come ... And I don't think Old Style Democracy can survive it all. One thing that has caved in is the sheer number of people that can be shifted by opinion in newspapers versus those shifted by Internet platforms - and this is regardless of the truth of propositiona made. (So toss "truth" out through the window.) Humanity has lived under many forms of politics; and "democracy" is not sancrosact. I prefer "democracy" but it does give a great leeway to the climate-denier, the anti-vaxxer ... and to the idiots of this world generally ...in particular, if our governments have indeed missed our opportunities to mitigate the coming effects of climate- change, then we collectively have a serious problem between our populations and our governments. So I hereby start to predict on the decline world-wide of "Democracy". We have already had a decline of Democracy (part of which is the peaceful transfer of power after an election) in the USA (6 Jan, 2020); in Brazil, (Jan 2023). We have so far had "interruptions to democracy" in ... Israel (16-1-2023) Peru SBS TV (16-1-2023) (reminders will come from various TV news) - Ed -

11-1-2023: Australia: WA North/Kimberley floods and in Queensland, ex-tropical cyclone Ellie: USA: California floods.

10-1-2023: Australia: the Kimberley Cleanup begins: Rain and high winds in Nn, Central and Eastern Australia.

9-1-2023: Australian fright at Kimberley floods.

7-1-2023: Australia: Fright re Kimberley area (flooded) of Northern WA: India: severe cold wave in North India: BBC Headlines: World: at current rates of warming, one third of worlds' glaciers will disappear by the end of the century. Overnight DW TV News.

6-1-2023. Australia: And 5th, too. WA says it has never seen rain/floods like what is now evident in the state's north. Switzerland: Switzerland has less snow and is warming.

3-1-2023: Italy: Frustrated climate activists bother Italy: USA: Monster storm afflicts California plus other states with floods.

2-1-2023: USA: California has heavy rain/floods. Australia: Destructive winds in Northern Australia: Anxieties heighten in eastern Australia as floodwaters move downstream.

History books on climate change

Recommend you netsurf yourself on the matter for extra - try "history books and climate change".
Joelle Gergis, Sunburnt Country: The history and future of climate change in Australia. Melbourne University Press, 2018.
William Rosen, The Third Horseman: climate change and the great famine of the 14th Century. New York, Viking/Penguin USA, 2014.

Climate change explained
BTW, are some world problems due to Climate Change or is it all just due to Anthropogenic Global Warming? What price US propaganda while Africa has drought? What price is an outmoded education system?

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), what is it? The term "anthropogenic" was first used in 1883 and took the theoretical meaning used here internationally and in Australia from about 1995. The term "global warming" was first used in 1975. AGW might be defined as a long-term increase in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere as an effect of human industry and agriculture - read too, energy usage; AGW and much of the politicised argument against it is mostly theory, not fact - something not well appreciated by those on either side of the arguments.
A great many older people -and Rupert Murdoch is about 90 years old by 2022 - simply cannot understand these things educationally, and it is NOT how they were taught at school about weather and climate.
It is all a new concept, mostly arising from the 1970s, a by-product of our Industrial Revolution, which is still probably more taken-for-granted than properly studied. Our Industrial Revolution, which is behind AGW, which has lately been sudivided into four components, and which began in England about 1760 (so coal is pre-petrol by up to 90-150 years), involves heat and heat redistribution.
Cold is neither enigmatic nor paradoxical (which is often the drift of US propaganda about cold) - cold is merely an absence of heat, or kinetic vibrance; heat which may have been re-distributed to elsewhere by natural systems; often archaic climate systems to which our planet and ourselves, plus our domesticated animals, are long used. But new ways appear too, which possibly confuse migratory animals dreadfully.
Basically, the Anthropogenic proposition is, and it is often denied/derided by older people, that our Industrial Revolution as it has been travelled around the world, and mostly adopted, has ended in our pouring too much Carbon Dioxide (some 7 billion tonnes, a huge amount that is added-to by volcanoes and wildfires) and other "greenhouse gases" into the planet's atmosphere(s) and as waste, so turbo-charging all pre-existing, natural, terrestrial climate systems. Much of the argument against AGW has been uncleverly regionalised by various nation states on various continents (except Antarctica), but in fact the problems remain global.
Carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse gases" - methane, water vapour and nitrous oxide - trap extra heat in our oceans, land and atmosphere(s). This is why our glaciers are melting. Much argument about climate matters is due to confusion about just what the facts are and how relevant they might be. This extra heat however is what does "the turbo-charging" of our climate systems. (Our planet and ourselves normally work at about 15 degrees Celsius or about 59 degrees Fahrenheit - or more.)

Most climate denialists deny that this turbo-charging is in fact occurring - or has been active in the least in the past - and so they deny Humanity's effects on our planet's climate systems. This is mostly because of Denialist ignorance of history, ignorance of world climate systems (or Climatology. And ask yourself, do you know what drives the Asian monsoon? And if perchance you don't, then ask yourself, why on earth do you want to still pontificate about Climate? Hhmmm? And much the same goes for the topic of electrical engineering! Particularly in Australia.)

And lack of knowledge of what has happened re energy productions since the Industrial Revolution began in England about 1760. Yes, folks, excess heat on many continents on this planet slops over into higher-warmer and more-expanded sea levels, increased insect activity, more fungal and viral activity; and more-extra rain (inc., Monsoon, floods, weather/climate patterns), heatwaves (which kill people or help intensify droughts) and wildfires (which render people homeless), land-based or ocean-based tornadoes (which kill people and/or render them homeless)/hurricanes, high-altitude glaciers melting; and an absence of heat is termed, cold (snow/ice). Get it!
Slavery - or shifting human energy about - was part-abolished by England in the English-speaking world by 1807-1834 - and the economic skies did not fall in). Oil/petrol was discovered in the USA in 1859; so there was as much as 15 years' differential (1834-1859) in energy usages (?). Electricity, a source of huge energy, was first created and distributed for mass usage from about 1885. Plus, lack of familiarity with graphs. Plus lack of education about Modern Science in general, particularly since the 1950s when geologists began talking about tectonic plates, and earth's mantle, etc.
Perversions of the situation: In Australia - and it is infuriating - no one (including journalists) will talk in public about the origins of (regionalised) coal mining - when in reality it is a simple-enough-matter of post-1788 history. (So just look up any Australian history compendium!)
In the USA, a large emitter, most political systems by now are multi-perverted while the place is actually run by what are despised in Russia - Oligarchs. In Russia, currently under Putin a world-criminal anyway by the vices of its invasion of Ukraine, few people with any real authority give a rat's. In China, another large emitter, don't even think about it!
Other things folks won't talk about: the political power vacuums that will inevitably appear in all our various political systems as the transition is made from coal and fossil fuels (which do cost) as energy sources to "renewables" (which paradoxically can be free). Electrical engineering. So go figure.
It is evident that the communication war has been lost by one side of the debate, the AWG side. We need badly to lift our game(s), the Denialists have won for the time being; at least in Australia. But all indications are that we will not learn to do better, partly - and this is paradoxical - because we believe we have right on our side. We still have about 25 years to get used to what our situation will become. But it looks like we shall have to learn from bitter experience.
Also ... These mindless Australian scenarios, leavened as they are by common sense-plus pandemic-induced-by-Covid19, indicate that people simply won't respond well to rational warnings, end of story. So humanity will simply have to suffer, whether innocent or not, also end of story. And lastly, the world doesn't actually need any more firms that become giants, but it certainly needs many more ways for small people to make an ordinary, decent living! More so when times become difficult ...

In 2021, Anthropogenic Global Warming ended its warning phase and in 2021-2022 entered its actual phase, so there will here, now, be more emphasis on weather events (and surprises) and less on "normal" socio-political/economic responses. Given this, the discussion here will be somewhat different from now on. Evidence? Weather events in either hemisphere (as the Northern Hemisphere thanks to Russia and Putin in Ukraine finally confronts its greatest fears - of nuclear warfare!) ... Increased insect activity [Japanese Encephalitis virus is spreading multi-species in Australia, and cane toads are moving south] - Migrating animals in either Hemisphere change pathways (?) - Glaciers melting worldwide and arctic warming are well ahead of predicted schedules for warming - Media-driven alarm/warning bells are ringing louder, internationally, and observer impatience with climate-change deniers and other slow-down artists seems to be growing - TV news reveals that more commentators and observers of many different scenarios are saying that "climate change is already here". The defence forces of increasing numbers of various influential nation states are also increasingly recognising that climate change produces security problems -
Australian CSIRO estimates in July 2022 that it will cost Australia some $39 billion annually to observe Climate Change/extreme weather protocols by 2050. On 27-7-20022 the CSIRO's CEO, Dr. Larry Marshall, addresses the National Press Club; and says, on uncomfortable truths, on megatrends for the future; there will be extra heat-related deaths, the world has missed this century's opportunity to mitigate climate changes, building our resilience to drought, renewables, Australia's "innovation problems", disease questions, health of environment, digital responses and artificial intelligence, failure to seize new technological opportunities, different political landscape for the future and for the young, limitations of sovereign capability, falling trust in our institutions, falling investment(s), lack of market vision (marketing timidity) due to our historically small population, role of hydrogen/emissions, our innovation problems, lessons of the covid-19 pandemic, dreaming bigger, local manufactures, better waste management systems, rare earths, green steel, managing disruptions, greater trust in science, facing our challenges. And questions to him include: on environments, land clearing, emissions, methods of soil fertilations, role(s) of China and co-operation re methods of climate modelling, espionage/theft (no), coastal-and-river erosion, growing population, seven waves of disruption, science innovation versus other kinds of innovation, how to regulate artificial intellgence, should governments try to pick winners?, benefits of university-type research (and do not interfere with it), style of social interactions, reducing energy consumptions, where is Australia's "silicon valley" (don't look for geographic centralizations, look for networking by good thinkers), science will break down barriers, what more/better can be done? - Ed.

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