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HOTM - History of Music Technology (a work-in-progress - articles and timelines)

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Explore history timelines and wonder deeply about the past.

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The Merchant Networks Project website (Updated 3-9-2019, now being redesigned, merchant and commercial histories with Dan Byrnes and Ken Cozens) Helm gif from Merchant Networks website

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A major work on history

The Blackheath Connection ... a 70+ page website on convict transportation to North America, then to Australia to 1810. Based on The Duncan Campbell Letterbooks 1758-1803++ held by Mitchell Library, Sydney.

Who We Are

Dan Byrnes is now semi-retired, but ... he carries on undeterred ...

Photo: Dan Byrnes by Lou Danielli

Your webmaster has lately been blogging on history topics at Linked-In History Enthusiasts forum; several times a Top Contributor there in 2014. Revising websites. Has lately been working on finishing two books, one, on Merchant Networks (commercial history 1760-1860), and two, "cultural comment", also blogging ... Pay Pal Prefer gif

What these websites do

Presenting a wide variety of content ... now being redesigned

Some of the crew

People to talk to, to learn from ...

  • Gerry Patterson

    Computer programmer, musician, friend. (Impossible to please, however, eg., in 2019 he wants to know: how good are rhetorical questions? )
  • Joel Byrnes

    Of Brisbane. Graphics, technical help, now adviser for this domain.
  • Lou Farina

    Photographer, webmaster, musician, joke-teller
  • Photo of Andrew Clermont

    Andrew Clermont

    Musician, multi-instrumentalist, guru, constantly on tour
  • Photo of Ed Matzenik

    Ed Matzenik

    Rock bass guitarist and video guru who inspired the website HOTM

Misuse complaints: Thankfully there is only one complaint, but it's a real doozy. Re "the web's most comprehensive Christian site" - "God bless America" says the stern eagle graphic. "God bless" for thieving US Protestant clergymen? I don't think so. See the webpage (scroll down a bit): Oddthings.

Item 6 of November 2019: Australia has been subject to successive droughts ever since after-1788 and the first arrival of Britishers. And presumably long before 1788. As everyone in Australia learns in History at High School. So when 2019's politicians speak their nonsense about 2019 drought in Australia and drought "underestimation", as they have been lately, what they really mean is that they have failed utterly. How does one know this clearly? One only has to read the national poem, "My Country", by Dorothea Mackellar c. 1911. About a land of droughts and floods. It is hardly new news!

News Item 5: As at 30-10-2019 - Does the Australian Tax Office (ATO) need to lift its game? As for some years now? Well, yes, says this website. Bigly.

News item 4: And what do you mean, there's not a psychological problem in Australia with processing information due to Anthropogenic Global Warming? One of the single biggest employers of meteorologists in the country is, the media (print and TV). Go figure. Try on also, the Australian aviation industry. Is there a problem here, that's what I want to know!? Who should we ask here? The teachers of the meteorologists? (Australia has about 43 universities.) Maybe we could start with asking the Vice-Chancellor's Commission of Australia? But who is "we" here? The Australian media? Which is currently overbusy with running an anti-government secrecy campaign! What? This does not apply to The Guardian in Australia, which evidently feels "the science is in". Just how much to worry is a real question for realists.

News Item 3: Why does the world green movement not help sponsor a nightly, broadcast-on-TV digest on sustainable investment opportunites around the world? Not yet serious enough about environmental issues?

News Item 2: Melbourne Cup Emergency! The racing industry in Australia is not wealthy enough to buy a property somewhere for the decent retirement of racehorses? Pull the other one!

News Item 1: Barnaby, Barnaby, Barnaby, where were you when we really needed you? There's a drought on, mate! What are we gonna do now?

List of usual contributors: Ken Cozens (UK, history). Peter Dickson (UK, history). Ed Matzenik (Maitland, Australia, music). Brian Robson (Bondi, Sydney, Australia, computers, Australian politics). Larry West (Texas, USA, affairs in general). Joel Byrnes (Brisbane, Australia, affairs in general). Gerry Patterson (Melbourne, Australia, affairs in general) Thanks to Dora Koops for proofreading etc. E-mailers various, inc. Michael Longmire (Virginia, USA, history). Reggie Thomson (history).

Tech update: From early 2019: This website is lately made with open source web editor kit Bluefish and produced with a Linux Mint system V18 ...

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