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And ok, I do research daily and so I need Google to help me with my research. On the other hand, I post my research results for free, so get lost, as it all pans out. So listen, Google, I'm an Australian and I don't like being threatened. So as long as you insist on being threatening, you can get knotted! ok? Is this a deal or ain't it? If you want to throw the Internet into chaos, let it be on your own head, and, do it in your own time, too. You used to have the slogan, "Do no evil". When and why was that rescinded, hmm? Yours in algorithms which can be sooooo manipulated, and in complete contempt, Dan Byrnes.
Contrary to a good deal of content in "the world media", plus words from particular conservative Australian politicians, the US "tech giant" decisions re Trump-speak on social media, or not, is NOT part of a debate about free speech. It is part of a disapproving debate about fantasy-on-the-net masquerading as fact. There is a difference, and BTW, one is not allowed to falsely shout "fire" in any crowded cinema. Rupert Murdoch/Fox News notwithstanding. Craig Kelly MP notwithstanding.
Books for the times, indeed.
Barry Jones, What Is To Be Done? Political Engagement and Saving the Planet. Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria, Scribe, 2020.
Adam Kucharski, The Rules of Contagion: Why Things Spread, and Why They Stop. Profile, 2020. Dan Byrnes logo

Latest update work is on historical genealogy esp. on businessman Robert Brooks of UK (died 1882) (also James Cain in Melbourne and Robert Towns in Sydney) - Check also, Dan Byrnes' blog at: Dan Byrnes' Blog.

Now finishing a new book co-written with Londoner Ken Cozens on Merchant Networks written between 2007-2020, treating history of British Empire 1760-1860, ie., loss of the American colonies, birth of the USA, the rise of British-India and the British capture of the sovereignty of Australia and New Zealand, or, Australasia. Which people thankfully are already asking about! This book, which will become available later in 2021, gives much attention to merchant names which are forgotten or near-forgotten ...

A suite of websites with content ranging from Australian convict history to the personal, digests of international (old not new) news, music matters, creative writing, humour, and a spot of family history, plus some of The Future too ... not to speak of a dab of satire ... See bottom of page for extra notes on what of this domain has been closed due to the corona virus worldwide pandemic by about May 2020.
E-mail anytime to: dan@danbyrnes.com.au. For 2021:
Now redesigning these websites (a huge job). Last heard of re Dan Byrnes' profile on www.academia.edu at 4137 hits (increases of about 10 per day on the best days) for specialty history articles on www.academia.edu. Recent researchers (mostly in the English-reading world) have given this website hits from (DSA = Divided States of America due to POTUS Trump, formerly the United States of America or USA) DSA, UK, Italy, China. New Zealand, Australia, DSA, UK. DSA, Australia, Malaysia. Australia. DASA, Portugal, UK, New Zealand, China. UK, Australia, Hong Kong. DSA. DSA, Australia, UK, Portugal. Australia, DSA. Australia, UK, DSA, Netherlands. Australia, UK, DSA. DSA, Canada, UK, Australia. Australia, China via Baidu, DSA. China, UK, Australia, DSA. DSA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada. China, DSA, Malaysia. UK, Australia, France. DSA, Canada, UK, Philippines. Aust, UK, DSA. UK, Australia, China, Vietnam, DSA. UK, Australia, DSA. Portugal, New Zealand, Canada. China, Australia, DSA. Norway, UK, DSA. Australia, Singapore, Canada, UK, DSA. Australia, France, DSA, Malaysia, UK. Australia, China. Australia, Candada, UK, Japan, DSA, China, Russia. UK, DSA, Canada. Australia, Germany, UK, China, Bangladesh, DSA. Portugal, UK, DSA, China. Ireland (New Years' Day). DSA, Australia, UK. Australia, Philippines. DSA, China, Australia. Australia, DSA, Portugal, Hong Kong. Australia, DSA, UK. Australia, DSA. China (Xmas Day). ...
Dan Byrnes has works cited on Google Scholar (by eg., English historian Emma Christopher, A Merciless Place (2010). Also, work by the Australian, Tom Keneally, A Commonwealth of Thieves (2005) on early European Sydney 1788-1792.) Otherwise some of his historical work is currently cited at eg.,: link.gale.com; See Hilary M. Carey, (University of Bristol), Empire of Hell: Religion and The Campaign to End Convict Transportation in the British Empire, 1788-1875. Cambridge University Press, 2019.; at University of Queensland website re Byrnes' Outlooks article on British whaling cited in: Dr. John Ayres Mills, The Contribution of the whaling industry to the Economic Development of the Australian Colonies: 1770-1850, a 2016 PhD thesis. Cited as a source in Tom Keneally, The Commonwealth of Thieves: The Sydney Experiment. Sydney, Random House, Australia, 2005. ... and in Stewart Lillard, Lost in the District, Lost in the Federal Territory: The Life and Times of Doctor David Ross, Surgeon, Sot-weed Factor, Importer of Human Labour, of Bladensburg, Maryland and related individuals. 2017, self-published. Also in the maritime history journal American Neptune, a 1985 issue. Dan Byrnes also has profiles on Facebook and Linked-In.

You can also look for the following eleven separate websites ... (Some are now finished, some are not.)
About page - finished (now retired)
Lost Worlds - The Website - now closed - ie, finished. Explore history timelines and wonder deeply about the past.
Bibliographies/Booklists (Australian history) - work-in-progress
The Blackheath Connection - A major work in Early Modern Australian history _ The Blackheath Connection ... a 70+ page website on convict transportation to North America, then to Australia to 1810. Based on The Duncan Campbell Letterbooks 1758-1803++ held by Mitchell Library, Sydney. Finished -
The English Business of Slavery - a 12-chapter website book - finished
The Merchant Networks Project (A follow-up to The Blackheath Connection) - The Merchant Networks Project website (Updated from 3-9-2019, now being redesigned, merchant and commercial histories with Dan Byrnes and Ken Cozens) - finished
Merchants and Bankers Listings (history) - finished
History of Music Technology (HoTM) - work-in-progress - articles and timelines)
Poetry (Poems 1-1000) - work-in-progress
Humour - work-in-progress
Short stories and a few articles - finished
Personal Website, The - work in progress
Email anytime to: dan@danbyrnes.com.au.

Who We Are

Dan Byrnes is now retired, but ... he carries on undeterred and asks the question: if Australia is indeed The Land of Lest We Forget, how and why is it that we remember so badly? ...

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Your webmaster has lately been blogging on history topics at Linked-In History Enthusiasts forum; several times a Top Contributor there in 2014. Revising websites. Has lately been working on finishing two books, one, on Merchant Networks (commercial history 1760-1860), and two, "cultural comment", also blogging ... Pay Pal Prefer gif

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Misuse complaints: Thankfully there is only one complaint, but it's a real doozy. Re "the web's most comprehensive Christian site" - "God bless America" says the stern eagle graphic. "God bless" for thieving US Protestant clergymen? I don't think so. See the webpage (scroll down a bit): Oddthings.

List of usual contributors: Ken Cozens (UK, history). Peter Dickson (UK, history). Ed Matzenik (Maitland, Australia, music). Brian Robson (Bondi, Sydney, Australia, computers, Australian politics but now discontinued). Larry West (Texas, USA, affairs in general). Joel Byrnes (Brisbane, Australia, technical assistance, affairs in general). Gerry Patterson (Melbourne, Australia, affairs in general) Thanks to Dora Koops for proofreading etc. E-mailers various, inc. Michael Longmire (Virginia, USA, history). Shane Ware (Tamworth). Reggie Thomson (history). Certain of these websites (news digests various, Lost Worlds, Merchant and Bankers Listings, Merchant Networks, The Blackheath Connection, The English Business of Slavery) were closed in May 2020 due to corona virus and associated problems. NOT due to be closed are sections of this domain for feedback, poetry, music matters, family history, humour, personal.

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