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Dan Byrnes

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Article 1 - By Dan Byrnes What's wrong with the Internet in Australia?
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The Arathoon Project - Campbell-Arathoon

An exotic genealogical exercise spread across continents

By Dan Byrnes and David R. Arathoon

And that is, Dan Byrnes in Australia, and David Arathoon in Toronto, Canada. How did these men meet anyway? Their websites are: Dan Byrnes at http://www.danbyrnes.com au and at http://www.davidarathoonstudio.com/.

Why the exercise? Byrnes, a writer in Australia, considers this a major exercise, not without its amusements, in Campbell genealogy in respect of convict transportation to Australia, concerning matters which for more than 200 years have escaped the imagination of Australian researchers. And particularly, the imagination of those Australians who tend to take an overly-fond view of the activities of Scots in Australia - and the history thereof. Or indeed, in the wider British Empire of whatever days are to be considered. His view as webmaster-cum-genealogist here is objective, dispassionate, uninvolved - and if necessary, merciless.

Arathoon, who is an artist in Canada, has personal concerns about his family history at stake. He is curious, a bit frustrated, eager to continue researching, eager to learn - and very involved. This is family! Maybe, what his family have told him is not the whole story? And indeed, the real story, whatever it is, is full of mysteries. At least one of those mysteries goes back to the 1680s, in Scotland! It is a mystery of real lives that has so far baffled the best of Clan Campbell genealogists for two centuries! What on earth is a curious man to do if he believes his origins are mostly Armenian, via India, via "Persia", and ending up in Canada? But with some Scottish offshoots - that are hard to understand. When he also has many relatives in Sydney, Australia! Is it an identity question at all? Maybe, ask an Australian?

(At which point, Byrnes comments: I do not personally know what it is like to live with such mysteries of family history. My own family knows enough about where we come from, or thought we did. In 1988, on my mother's side, a mystery appeared and resolved itself at the same time when a convict ancestor was identified. Whatever we know by 1988, this convict ancestor only made all our information - whatever it was - seem much clearer. If there had been any problems, they were quickly rectified. This convict ancestor was not identified by our branch of the family. In my mother's branch of the family, no one, including me, had asked, mostly because none of us had anyway felt there were any serious problems. To me, this was however a clear warning - that any branch of a family can surprise a different branch - and no one should be complacent about what might be discovered. Complacency is a great enemy of accuracy in family history.)

Enlarging the family history patterns

What happened is this. Weeks before Christmas 2004, Arathoon emailed Byrnes, having read Byrnes' material on the Net concerning his treatment of the first Campbells on Jamaica. This file contains mentions of a London (England) woman named Launce Campbell who was noted as married to "unknown". This woman was a daughter of Rebecca Campbell from Jamaica, and before that, Scotland. Rebecca had married her second cousin, Duncan Campbell (1726-1803), who was the overseer of the Thames Prison Hulks at the time Britain first sent convicts to Australia, 1788. Byrnes has here researched this subset of Clan Campbell partly because they are connected also with the career of William Bligh of the fame of the Mutiny on the Bounty. (You have seen the films?) These Campbells are in fact tough to research on, as we will see. But Arathoon is miffed because Ms. Launce Campbell in Byrnes' view is married to "Unknown". When in fact she had married Lt. Philip Glover, the younger, a nice guy from Norfolk, England. Of which Byrnes has been ignorant for almost 30 years while researching these families of Campbells!

Is genealogy an exact art? Certainly not in this case! And it gets much worse! Yet, this is a fairly common finding with families moving through the Nineteenth Century - and the British Empire. Perhaps, others can learn from this exercise in Arathoon-Campbell genealogy? We hope so... and as will become clear, this research exercise is going to become very intricate.

A range of unknown names

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Before we delve further into the Glover-Campbell connections, it will be entertaining to outline some of the names (about whom little is known right now, December 2004, as this article begins), that Byrnes and Arathoon will have to examine to get to the bottom of sets of obvious mysteries. Photographs exist, and very good, but how to interpret them usefully is a relevant question!

As if the problems of looking at these Campbell folk are not already well-known! We need to look both historically and freshly, with today's eyes, not nineteenth century eyes, at surnames as follows:

A Scots name Adams in Persia, a name which mysteriously transmogrifies into "Arathoon" by means, or for reasons, not yet evident (see on the Net re Arathoon, A. M. (Jhalda), planter of Persia). Also, the name Lucas "in Persia", also mysterious.

On Sir Alexander Cockburn-Campbell (who died in Western Australia); Aversein in London (a very rare surname indeed); Pascoe; Dunsfords who emigrated to New Zealand; Rev. William Chamberlain in England, one Edward Temple Booth in England, the name Orme; the Scots surname Malcolm (earlier-known as MacCallum or McCallum, depending on whom we read) as the name Malcolm is found in Persian/British-Indian history. And the names in England/British Empire: Prendergast, Clarke-Jervoise (baronets) and Gathorne-Hardy (the Earls Cranbrook). And we find, that netsurfing on these names is basically an unsatisfactory experience, information-wise. Precisely why this article appears on the Net! What are the problems!

To further forewarn the reader here, it has to be said that the locations considered for this discussion will range from: Glasgow, London, Jamaica (Hanover Parish), India (Calcutta), New Zealand, Australia, Persia, Canada, and some areas of North America/nowUSA. Busy enough?

At this point, Byrnes is mostly interested because here is a marvellous opportunity to improve on some mysterious Campbell genealogy that has presented him problems which get in the way of proper history for almost 30 years now! How annoying is that!? And are Australians interested? Not noticeably. Is this because Australia is a land of migrants? And a land of migrants becomes a land full of people (and families) with identity problems who prefer not to get to the bottom of things? Let's see... shall we?

Ms Launce Campbell (1770-1856) was not married to "Unknown". She married Lt. Philip Glover (1773- circa 1843) of the 6th Inneskilling Dragoons. He was from a Norfolk family which later sent branches to New Zealand, in New Zealand married to the name Dunsford (a set of connections not yet noticeable on the Net).

Launce's first name was actually the surname of her maternal grandmother on Jamaica, Anne Launce, and generally, it is almost impossible to find out the travels of the surname Launce in and from Scotland during the C18th. Anne Launce was wife of Dugald Campbell (1697-1744), one of the notable members of the first Campbells on Jamaica.

Follows a short precis on the descendants of Launce Campbell (d.1856) who was daughter of Duncan Campbell (died 1803), the overseer of the Thames Prison Hulks.

Descendants of CAMPBELL Launce -
1. CAMPBELL Launce-487 (b.1770;d.15 Apr 1856) sp: Lt 6th Inneskilling Dragoons GLOVER Philip-1345 (b.1773;m.7 Sep 1800;d.1843)
2. GLOVER Anne-230591 2. GLOVER Launce-230592 2. GLOVER Philip Dugald the Younger-230876 sp: NOTKNOWN Miss-230907 2. GLOVER John Campbell-230891 2. GLOVER Mary Ann-230892
2. Lt. GLOVER Edward-230893 sp: PASCOE, Catherine-230906
3.Sergeant GLOVER Edward Henry Philip (b.1843)-230927 sp: NOTKNOWN Miss-230928
4. "Of India", GLOVER Gladys Kathleen-230926 (c.1939) sp: ADAMS-ARATHOON Mackertoon "Mack" David (b.1902)- 230851; parents of David Edward Arathoon (born Calcutta) and Errolyn Rose Malcolm (born Calcutta), the parents of David R. Arathoon, Artist, Toronto, Canada.
2. GLOVER Fanny-230894 2. GLOVER William-230895 2.
GLOVER Launce Campbell-230899 sp: Rev CHAMBERLAIN William-230900.

The above on the descendants of Launce Campbell is acceptable as Campbell genealogy. The mysterious appearance here is of ADAMS-ARATHOON Mackertoon "Mack" David (b.1902)- 230851, father of David R. Arathoon, now of Toronto, Canada.

It is not yet known where the "Adams connection" arises. Men named Adams evidently appeared in "Persia". And here, re Campbell genealogy, we find that oddly enough, a descendant of Launce's father, the hulks overseer, one Campbell, became one of the first Britishers to sail up the Euphrates River: on which, more later...

We come also, with this Adams mystery, to the possibility that a one-time governor of Bombay had a first family which has remained unknown to the history of British India? If this is the case, then all the genealogy of British-India will know about is this Bombay governor's second family, which is part of various other Campbell genealogy. Where then should we start with this governor, who was - Sir John Malcolm (died 1833), a heavy-duty East India Company emissary to Persia and one-time governor of Bombay.

(See an electricscotland website story via the "C" index here at: Sir John Malcolm ...)

Now, the attempt here is to present the complexities of the Arathoon story in terms of levels of mystery - where (1) is Lucas, (2) is Adams - which changes into Adams-Arathoon and then to Arathoon; (3) is (possibly) an Armenian name surfacing in Persia, then in India, Malkom, possibly to be treated as an ethnic/regional name, and not as a Scots-based name; and (4) is the name Malcolm (originally in Scotland, MacCallum/McCallum) - which will involve Sir John Malcolm noted above, the only Sir John Malcolm who can be found to be relevant here.

The name Lucas appears as:

Descendants of LUCAS Ter Macketich (no dates given, no parents known) - sp: NOTKNOWN Miss-230615 2. Post Master General, Persian Post LUCAS Arakiel Makertich John-230612 (b.1848;d.12 Jun 1906) sp: MALKOM Ripsima-230613 (b.1854;d.13 Aug 1898) 3. LUCAS Madeline-230605 sp: MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony) II-230941 (d.1899) 4. MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony II)-230942 sp: MINOS Rose Marion-231087 (b.31 Oct 1902;d.2 Dec 1938) (Daughter of Lucas Minos and Mary Lucas, who by their namings were possibly cousins or second cousins, from an inter-related group of Lucases and the ethnic surname Minos (?))
5. MALCOLM Errolynn Rose-231090 sp: ADAMS-ARATHOON David Edward-231102 6. Artist, Toronto, Canada ARATHOON David R.-230850

So far there is no explanation of how the name Lucas appears in such a listing. ( NB: The name Lucas can for example be associated in London before 1800 with London-based whaling. Any such family is no help here.)

The name Adams appears as:

Descendants of ADAMS-ARATHOON Mackertoon "Mack" David-230851 (b.1902) sp: GLOVER Gladys Kathleen-230926 (b.1902) 2. ADAMS-ARATHOON David Edward-231102 sp: MALCOLM Errolynn Rose-231090 3. Artist, Toronto, Canada ARATHOON David R.-230850 (c.2005)

(The above being as unexplained as the name Lucas above...)

The name Malkom appears as:

Descendants of MALKOM Mirza Ya'qub Malkom Khan (Yoosef?) (Jacob)-230933 (b.1815;d.1881) sp: PERSIAN Miss-230934 2. MALKOM Ripsima-230613 (b.1854;d.13 Aug 1898) sp: Post Master General, Persian Post LUCAS Arakiel Makertich John-230612 (b.1848;d.12 Jun 1906) 3. LUCAS Madeline-230605 sp: MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony) II-230941 (d.1899) 4. MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony II)-230942 (b.1899;d.1894) sp: MINOS Rose Marion-231087 (b.31 Oct 1902;d.2 Dec 1938) 5. MALCOLM Errolynn Rose-231090 sp: ADAMS-ARATHOON David Edward-231102 6. Artist, Toronto, Canada ARATHOON David R.-230850 )

2. Prince MALKOM Mirza-230935 sp: a Princess of CONSTANTINOPLE, Daelian-231109 (m.1863)

3. MALKOM Miss1 (conjectural?)-231122 3. MALKOM Miss2 (conjectural?)-231123 3. Prince MALKOM Ferdoun-231124

2. MALKOM Charlotte-230940 sp: MALCOLM Aratoon (Agha Tony I)-231079 (b.20 Nov 1825;d.7 Jan 1892) 3. MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony) II-230941 (d.1899) sp: LUCAS Madeline-230605 4. MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony II)-230942 (b.1899;d.1894)

With the above rendition of family progress, the assumption is that the name Malcolm, where it appears, is an Anglicization of an Armenian name spelled Malkom. But if so, Armenian-derived information on the name Malkom, which might possibly have been a quite large family, or an old family, seems to be difficult to find. Why would this be, if members of the family achieve high social position?

And lastly, the theory on the Scots name, Malcolm:

Descendants of Sheepfarmer MALCOLM George, in Scotland-195610 sp: PASLEY Miss (of the noted British naval family)-195609

2. Admiral of the Blue, Sir Bart MALCOLM Pulteney-195611 (b.1768;d.1838) sp: ELPHINSTONE Clementina-195613

2. Sir RN, Superintend Bombay marine from 1827 MALCOLM Charles-200473 (d.14 Jun 1861) sp: (Cousin) PASLEY Magdalene-200474 3. MALCOLM Miss-200479 sp: wife2 SHAW Elmira Riddell-200480

2. Major-General, Sir, once Governor Bombay MALCOLM John-194825 (b.1769;d.1833) sp: wife2 CAMPBELL "Charlotte" Isobel-195612 3. m her cousin MALCOLM Margaret-68261 3. Sir MALCOLM Alexander C.-194826 3. Capt army MALCOLM George Alexander-194827 3. MALCOLM Charlotte Olympia-220141 3. MALCOLM Anne Amelia-220142 3. MALCOLM Catharine Wellesley-220143 3. MALCOLM Margaret Cockburn-130867 (d.6 Feb 1841) sp: Sir COCKBURN-CAMPBELL Alexander Thomas-83780 (b.1804;d.1871 in Western Australia) (NB: Just before his death, Alexander Cockburn-Campbell here had married in Western Australia a woman named Trimmer, a sister of the Miss Trimmer who had married his own brother there.)

And here is long-time Arathoon conjecture re a possible Persian paramour that Sir John Malcolm (died 1833) may have had children with? Did Malcolm secretly take care of this family as his East India career blossomed? If so, this would not have been so unusual for Britishers in the East. But the facts so far are few. The conjectural family would be:

sp: PERSIAN Miss-231076 3. MALCOLM Son2 of Sir John (Conjectural)-231074 sp: NOTKNOWN Miss-231075 4. MALCOLM grandson 2 of Sir John (Conjectural)-231072 sp: NOTKNOWN Miss-231073 5. MALKOM Mirza Ya'qub Malkom Khan (Yoosef?) (Jacob)-230933 (b.1815;d.1881) sp: PERSIAN Miss-230934 6. MALKOM Ripsima-230613 (b.1854;d.13 Aug 1898) sp: Post Master General, Persian Post LUCAS Arakiel Makertich John-230612 (b.1848;d.12 Jun 1906) 7. LUCAS Madeline-230605 sp: MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony I)-230941 (d.1899) 8. MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony II)-230942 sp: MINOS Rose Marion-231087 (b.31 Oct 1902;d.2 Dec 1938) 9. MALCOLM Errolynn Rose-231090 sp: ADAMS-ARATHOON David Edward-231102 10. Artist, Toronto, Canada ARATHOON David R.-230850

6. Prince MALKOM Mirza-230935 sp: A Princess of CONSTANTINOPLE Daelian-231109 (m.1863)

7. MALKOM Miss1-231122 7. MALKOM Miss2-231123 7. Prince MALKOM Ferdoun-231124

6. MALKOM Charlotte-230940 sp: MALCOLM Aratoon (Agha Tony I)-231079 (b.20 Nov 1825;d.

7 Jan 1892) 7. MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony) II-230941 (d.1899) sp: LUCAS Madeline-230605 8. MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony II)-230942 (b.1899;d.1894)

3. MALCOLM Son1 of Sir John (Conjectural)-231084 sp: NOTKNOWN Miss-231085 4. MALCOLM Grandson 1 of Sir John (conjectural)-231082 sp: NOTKNOWN Miss-231083 5. MALCOLM Aratoon (?)-230602 sp: NOTKNOWN Marianne-231080 6. MALCOLM Aratoon (Agha Tony I)-231079 (b.20 Nov 1825;d.7 Jan 1892) sp: MALKOM Charlotte-230940 7. MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony) II-230941 (d.1899) 3. MALCOLM Miss (??)-231086.

And now - What if the real Sir John Malcolm did NOT have a Persian paramour? Suppose that this Persian woman did exist, and had the children she is supposed to have had, but to a Persian or Armenian man named Malkom (?) In this case, the genealogy she helps produce would be rather like this... (?)

But if the name Malkom is Armenian/Persian, not Scots... conjecturally

Descendants of MALKOM Mr (Conjectural)-231155

1. MALCOLM Mr-231155

   sp: PERSIAN Miss-231076

2. MALCOLM Son2 of  Sir John-231074

   sp:MNOTKNOWN Miss-231075

3. MALCOLM grandson 2  of Sir John-231072

   sp:MNOTKNOWN Miss-231073

4. MALKOM Mirza Ya'qub  Malkom Khan (Yoosef?) (Jacob)-230933 (b.1815;d.1881)

   sp: PERSIAN Miss-230934

5. MALKOM Ripsima-230613 (b.1854;d.13 Aug 1898)

   sp: Post Master General Persian Post LUCAS Arakiel Makertich  John-230612 (b.1848;d.12 Jun 1906)

6. LUCAS Madeline-230605

   sp: MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony)  II-230941 (d.1899)

7. MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony  II)-230942 (b.1899;d.1894)

   sp: MINOS Rose Marion-231087 (b.31 Oct 1902;d.2 Dec 1938)

8. MALCOLM Errolynn Rose-231090

   sp: ADAMS-ARATHOON David Edward-231102

9. Artist, Toronto, Canada ARATHOON David R.-230850

5. Prince MALKOM Mirza-230935

   sp: Princess CONSTANTINOPLE Daelian-231109 (m.1863)

6. MALKOM Miss1-231122

6. MALKOM Miss2-231123

6. Prince MALKOM Ferdoun-231124

5. MALKOM Charlotte-230940

   sp: MALCOLM Aratoon (Agha  Tony I)-231079 (b.20 Nov 1825;d.7 Jan 1892)

6. MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony)  II-230941 (d.1899)

   sp: LUCAS Madeline-230605

7. MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony  II)-230942 (b.1899;d.1894) ** Printed on Page 1 **

2. MALCOLM Son1 of  Sir John-231084

   sp:MNOTKNOWN Miss-231085

3. MALCOLM Grandson 1  of Sir John-231082

   sp: MNOTKNOWN Miss-231083

4. MALCOLM Aratoon (?)-230602

   sp: NOTKNOWN Marianne-231080

5. MALCOLM Aratoon (Agha  Tony I)-231079 (b.20 Nov 1825;d.7 Jan 1892)

   sp: MALKOM Charlotte-230940

6. MALCOLM Aratoon (Tony)  II-230941 (d.1899)

2. MALCOLM Miss (??)-231086

This view would suggest that the ongoing Malkom(Armenian?) lineage intermarried with the Lucases (?). So where did the Lucases come from? So far we do not know. It would also appear that the Adams' also married to the same Malkom line. Where did these Adams' come from? It now seems that IF the Sir-John-Malcolm-theory is abandoned, the mysteries of the Lucas and Adams names only intensify.

However, if the Malkom clan is large, as it should be, if it is an "ethnic Armenian name", why are there so few Malkoms to talk about? Certainly, it seems that any extant C18th and C19th reports are going to be little help, since the views taken in those British Empire days were not well-adapted to discussing these sorts of family questions then - and they will be of even less help today. Such issues fret two centuries of the Campbell genealogies noted above. Such issues also still fret the available genealogies of the Brookes of Sarawak! (Versions of which are easily found on the Internet.)

Arathoon family history - The Savoy, London in 1949

1949: An Arathoon family photograph which
speaks for itself. Courtesy of David R. Arathoon,
Toronto, Canada.

We find also that... in Arathoon family history, the grandfather of David R. Arathoon was in his own days told that his family were descendants of a Sir John Malcolm of Scotland (of whom only one can be identified). The legend exists that Sir John's Persian paramour had been a daughter of an Armenian merchant maybe named Prince "Khojar" (?) She died, and the children she had with Malcolm were cared for by Armenian grandparents, and so an independent lineage worked its way into whatever societies confronted it (?). This theory would seem to have only one chief virtue - there is only one Sir John Malcolm to mention - so it must have been him? Well, why not one of his brothers - or some other Scots MacCallum or McCallum?

It is also thought that some of this "Malcolm lineage" entered the shipping industry in a large way - certain of them owned A&TJ Malcolm Steamships and were agents of Anglo-Arabian steamship lines for up to a century! If so, they should be relatively easy to track down through shipping industry information resources. It is also suggested that these shippers were engaged in "arms smuggling". And, a good many Malcolms-Lucases were naturalized British citizens. Where does it all lead?

Another question is: Who were "The Malcolms of Bushire"?

For now, how does the print-out for the Scots Malcolm appear when the "Arathoon Malkoms" are removed? They appear as follows, which is the usual version known to British-Indian or East India Company history. (More to come here)

See also, Charles Rathbone Low, History of the Royal India Navy, 1613-1863. 1877. Reprinted by Royal Navy Museum, Portsmouth, in conjunction with London Stamp Exchange, nd. 1990?

Update information has lately (before 25 Janary 2005) arrived from Nadia Wright... who emails... "I was looking at the Arathoon- Campbell website in which you raised the issue of the surname Lucas in Persia. This name is an anglicisation of the Armenian name, Ghoogassian/ Ghookassian, depending on dialect. As English lacks an equivalent to the Armenian gutteral 'gh', it is often transliterated as 'l'. Thus, "Nigoghassian" becomes Nicholas and Ghookassian becomes Lucas. The other common change to many Armenian names in India and Persia was to drop the 'ian' ending. Malcolm is the anglicisation of Melkonian as in the various Melkonian Institutes. Kind regards, Nadia Wright

Comments David Arathoon on this... Dear Dan, I am aware of Nadia Wright's work and have her good book, which features countless ancestors. I have sent her pictures and so on. I have discussed Malkomian with her too. I have also assisted her site, including when my grandfather's uncle was misrepresented as banker rather then leader in the Shellac trade with plantations in India, most recently. Yes Malcolm is spelt in different ways as is Arathoon, (Haratoun, Aratoon, Arathoonian...). In fact I looked up the Scotish Malcolm clans and see it spelt as Malkom, Malkoum, Maulkam and sundry... If you look up Sir John Malkom/Malkum of Persia you will get hits pertaining to the Major-Gen- Gov. The 'ian' as a suffix in Armenian names infers, "from the family of" something like Malcolm-son, it is optional...

I believe this Sir John was also given the title of Khan and perhaps Mirza too. The Prince Mirza of my family line carried a suitcase full of 'Order of the Lion and the Sun' medals; he had about 175 on hand to give out to whomever he felt was worthy to have one, such as Queen Victoria, various artists, etc. I do believe that our family name was at some point Malcolm, Malkom-ian, or Malcom-ian, or Malkum-ian, as I mentioned in my first letters, and as written in Armenian or Parses. Yes the Armenian alphabet is 36 letters and they do drag out words/names. I still wonder if in the distant past there was a Sir John Malcolm who worked for the East India Co. and founded a family in Persia as I have been told. I must investigate people like Neil Malcolm of Pollolach's family and circle, to see if they produced a John Malcolm.

I have discovered the existence of a Jacob Malcolm of Bushire, who's daughter Nanajan Malcolm got married to a Seth Seth in 1799. This is in a book called Armenians in India written by the descendant, M. J. Seth, 1939, (the writer is a relative of mine as well) I do not know what Malcolm family this would be, it couldn't be a direct link to me? (??) But coming from Bushire, which was basically 3/5 owned by the family, it leaves me wondering. I have found out that the shipping Company owned by the family felt it their duty to take Armenian boys from Persia to India for further education, so they had some sort of 'free passage', and that is how both my grandfathers got to India. It was presumed these boys would return home, but few did. Let me know if there is any other hints I can come up with. Sincerely, David Arathoon at: http://www.davidarathoonstudio.com

Genealogical queries, other

Below is not an article at all, but a set of genealogical queries, the answers to which I want to keep separate from purely historical work. Placing them here is by way of a request - can anyone help with any extra information?

The set of names below regarding the name Clennell belong to the genealogy of a friend who wants to perform several types of search on his forebears. We have various proper citations on the information, but we've also considered that a "blind search" of netsurfers might also turn up interesting new information. Can you help at all? Our proposition is that the name Clennell as given below connected with the name Wilkinson. But how, we can't yet imagine.

Re descendants of Thomas Clennell of Clennell
1. Clennell Thomas of Clennell, northern England (d.1365) sp: Notknown Miss
2. Clennell Walter (c.1365)
2. Clennell Thomas of Clennell (c.1361) sp: Corbet Joan
3. Clennell Robert (c.1432) sp: Notknown Miss
4. William Clennell Constable of Harbottle Castle 190285 (c.1434) sp: Notknown Miss
5. Clennell Thomas (c.1482) sp: Notknown Miss
6. Clennell Percival of Clennell (c.1533) sp: Notknown Miss
7. Clennell Percival of Clennel sp: Selby Isabel
8. Clennell Robert (c.1628) sp: Wife1 Selby Anne
9. Clennell George sp: Pott Ann of Merton
10. Clennell Thomas (b.1622;d.1701) sp: Selby Alice of Biddlestone
10. Clennell John (b.1634;d.1713) sp: Collingwood Elizabeth of Wooler (d.1726)
10. Clennell Miss sp: Proctor Mr of West Lilburn
9. Clennell Isabel sp: Galton Percival
9. Clennell Jane
sp: Wife2 Hall Isabel
9. Clennell Isabel sp: Errington John of Bingfield
8. Clennell John, 8. Clennell Michael, 8. Clennell Andrew, 8. Clennell Isabella

Another genealogical query

Below is an extract from my own family history, originating in Ireland, regarding the names: Byrnes-Sherry, Irvine-Sheridan, Irvine-Arbuckle, Sheridan-Graham, Byrnes-Dunne, Sherry-Bailey.

Recently, a branch of my extended family in Australia (originally from France) found a formerly unknown branch with the same surname in Brazil. This has prompted me to try to find more information on my Irish forebears. The information currently to hand is as follows... does anyone have any extra information which could be added to the version below?

1. Farmer in Ireland BYRNES Peter, active 1798 (?) (b.1770?) sp: NOTKNOWN Bridget (b.1770;m.1790)
2. BYRNES Timothy (b.1800;d.1872) sp: DUNNE Margaret (b.1819;m.1842;d.1903)
3. BYRNES Bridget (b.1844) sp: MITCHELL James (c.1863;m.1864)
3. Farmer BYRNES Peter (b.1845;d.1925) sp: SHERRY Jane Maria (b.1856;m.1874;d.1938)
3. BYRNES Patrick (b.1847;d.1928) sp: FOLEY Margaret (m.1864)
3. BYRNES John (b.1848;d.1941) sp: FOLEY Cath (m.1874)
3. BYRNES Timothy (b.1848;d.1922) sp: GLEESON Rebecca (m.1880)
3. BYRNES James (b.1852;d.1929) sp: Mary KELLY (m.1880)
3. Unm BYRNES Thomas (b.1852;d.1877)
3. BYRNES Richard (b.1855;d.1925) sp: KNUCKEY Mary Jane (m.1882)
3. BYRNES Michael (b.1858) sp: FLOOD Mary (m.1888)
3. BYRNES Simon (b.1861)
sp: FAHEY Elizabeth (nee Sherry)

Notes on the above people include: (More to come)

More genealogical queries

The names below are very diverse, and I have placed them on this webpage to separate the questions arising from better-organised historical material in other files. Mostly, the names have already been subject of Net searches or other research which has so far proved unsuccessful. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who could give me extra information (and relevant information does not seem to be posted on the Net) on any of the following names/people. (The names I want to work on more urgently as they may be vaguely related are rendered in bold typeface.)

Name Anglin on Jamaica as planters -
Miles Barne as a set of same-named MPs (fathers-sons?) in England after 1800 - especially names of wives -
Lineage of Beresford-Hope as Ullswater as in the Peerages -
Material on William Blathwayt d. 1717 once Secretary of State in England - he married to name Winter -
The lineage of the name Brayne generally in England -
Mr Ellis Cunliffe after 1800 -
Before and after 1800, the lineage of the names Duncombe and/or Buncombe in proximity to the name Thomson/Thompson -
Names in general as married to all the lineage of baronets named Every -
The lineage of Sir John Glyn of Hawarden - probably before 1800 -
The baronets Sir James Grant as in series -
The name Hall generally in India and/or Jamaica after c1780 - possibly in military India -
Extra on name Hardcastle as married to name Scarlett (Barons Abinger) and same for Galbraith/Scarlett -
About 1800, the name Hibbert in general in England and/or colonies especially Jamaica -
The lineage of Arthur Hill, Viscount Fairford died 1861? -
Who was Hyde as Earl6 Clarendon?
The name Marsham as baronets of England -
The name Kingswell in proximity to Edward St Barbe -
The name Popley in general in England after 1800 (Maybe some confusions with Peploe?) -
About 1800, the name Shallett in London -
Lineage of George Smith as one-time Chief Justice of Mauritius -
The Lords St John as relating to the name Macleod -
Stiles or Styles as a Lord Mayor of London -
The name Tomlin on Jamaica as planters -
Various - early English merchant names William Sanderson, Thomas and Edward Fenner before 1600 -
Material on Sec. of State Thomas Wilson died 1581 in England -
c1800, the name Woodstock as married to Hotham in England -
The name John Yorke died 1811 in England as married in London in 1769 to a Campbell daughter from Jamaica - Elizabeth Woodstock Campbell born about 1748 - supposedly a daughter of Deborah Woodstock (died in London about 1797) and Peter Campbell of Jamaica. The identity of Peter Campbell here is proving very bothersome - Deborah Woodstock had a brother a planter on Jamaica named Barnard/Barnart Andries Woodstock - The surname Woodstock seems to be relatively rare -

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