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This page updated 28 November 2005

This is not an article, merely a redirection to a few must-read treatments for anyone worried about current problems on the Net. The articles in question have been written since July 2003 by GERRY PATTERSON.

Gerry Patterson at PGTS in his journal predicts a large rise in volumes of spam for 2005 - read the bad news at: http://www.pgts.com.au/pgtsj/pgtsj0501a.html

For the latest, go now to: http://www.pgts.com.au/pgtsj/pgtsj0401c.html>CorporateEnterprise versus Free Enterprise - Copyrights and the Open Source Movement debate

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Here, writing in January 2004, Patterson launches into many knotty questions about music copying, the Napster Revolution, the responses of the World Music Business and much else. What is the future of Copyright?

Also - an earlier article with special reference to Australia and the case of just one Australian spammer. Gerry Patterson first published his anti-spammer article on 1 August 2003 on his own website journal.
A computer programmer for most of his life, Patterson has attempted to track down just one spammer, and indicates the complexity of the operations required. It's a fascinating process, and reveals some of the reason why SPAM is impossible to police. Thought-provoking, and highly recommended reading...at:
http://www.pgts.com.au/pgtsj/pgtsj0308a.html - A Few More Inches, Please? Guaranteed?

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By Dan Byrnes What's Wrong with the Net in Australia
Article 3 - Family History queries
Article 4 - HTML Tips 'n' Tricks

Articles old and new...

Other writings: For a 2002 article by Dan Byrnes on "What's Wrong With The Internet In Australia", go now to: http://www.pgts.com.au/pgtsj/pgtsj0207b.html

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