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A great concern with Sydney

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Dan Byrnes
Personal Website

Note: This is page1 (work-in-progress) of Dan Byrnes' personal website and will carry mostly a few new family pictures.

Sorry about any text in dog-Latin you might find placed in this or following pages - it is there just to wrap around the graphics lately being loaded.

Dan Byrnes
Word Factory

On turning 60

You might say, I had gotten this far ...

Cooking at a friend's party one night
Dan Byrnes cooking at a party

In 2008 I turned 60.

Quite a watershed. I thought it had come time to rethink any ideas of working on a personal website. What to do? Meantime, I wrote the poem below.

On re-reading Robert Frost

(Thirty-odd years later)

I've rarely if ever lived in a house I fully controlled,
and I've never had strong feelings about owning land,
or even about having enough money to be rolled for,
(or not), and I apologise it's been so long
since I've gotten back to you,
nothing personal and no offence intended.
Things have happened and life here has been wry.
I moved about and you stayed put.
But I never once thought you ever pretended
anything, not a thing, right down to an individual autumn leaf
and its career, and like you I still hear the echo
of promises made versus the contending need for sleep.
Here's a recent thought I had.
Without people like you, poets and such,
humanity would be much less glad
about its mysteries, and then some,
as and when they weep.

Dan Byrnes in his 60s
Dan Byrnes: Photo by John Fields

Hello, My name is Dan Byrnes. I'm a writer in Australia and this presentation will start while I destroy/revise an old personal website I've had, and basically, start again ... an experiment with a blog online was conducted, I didn't like it and abandoned it. What next?

To explain a little ... Earlier in 2008 I turned 60, in 2022 I turned 74, which certainly feels like a watershed, a marker, a hurdle of some kind. (Given that I have almost been killed four times driving on Australian roads, each time, driving alone, as it happened.) Maybe, turning 60, I simply feel qualified to say something. Or simply want to say something. But to whom? And about what? It's not that I am short of outlets. By 2022 I run eleven websites.

It's got to do with blogging as an approach. I simply don't enjoy blogging. I've had websites growing on the Net since late 1996, and have never been short of material for them. My policy for websites has always been to avoid expressing my own opinion, most of the time, and to report facts, and other people's opinions. This hasn't stopped acquaintances urging me to start blogging. You might even enjoy it, they say. Will I?

Post3 So I write poetry? What sort of poetry? Above is a poem I wrote as I turned 60. There are more than 800 poems in my collection. But that won't be 800 poems lodged here thank you. - post 3 Poem 800 draft 2 on 11/12-4-08 By Dan Byrnes

post4 - Hm, that went allright. So we'll try another poem, this one dedicated to a friend. (In later posts, I'll post poems by their number-designation in my system. It's just that my system is not lately updated.)
Poem of 19 February 2007 – draft 3
Deciding to not bother with blogging ...

Time goes by ...

Seem to be thinking more often about Sydney ...

Beginnings of a family history production ... late 2011 to 2014

A great concern with Sydney

Dan Byrnes
Family History

With notes especially on the Australian family names Windle, Smith, Kelly, Byrnes/D´Elboux, Musgrave of today, remaining discreet about today´s questions of today´s privacy.

Work-in-progress here as time permits

NB: All text here is by Dan Byrnes unless otherwise indicated.
Some material will be used from documents, etc. Footnotes will be used sparingly here, set below any text they relate to.

Notable Australian, world events and family dates in this column only

1550: Birth about Sheffield of Thomas Wortley Windle, one of the earliest identifiable ancestors of all who can be mentioned here.

1580: Birth about Sheffield of Thomas Windle, son of Thomas Wortley above.

c.1631: Birth in Sheffield, England of Joiner, John Windle of Coitfield Tankersley, son of Thomas, son of Thomas Wortley above).

1788: January: Arrival of The First Fleet and its convicts at Sydney, the beginning of the European settlement of Australia.

Yes, a great concern with Sydney

1842: New Zealand: Birth of John Thomas Smith, (father of Thomas Oahlin Smith below).

1848: Birth in NSW of Catherine Donnelly (later wife of John Thomas Smith above).

1884: Birth at The Forest, near Orange, NSW, of William James Byrnes (father of Daniel Hilton below).

1886: Birth at Toogong NSW of Annie Jane Irvine, later first wife of William James Byrnes above).

1888: Birth in Gilgandra NSW of Thomas Oahlin Smith.

1893: Birth in Sydney of Elizabeth Emily Windle (later wife of Thomas Oahlin Smith above).

1912: Birth in Cudal NSW of Daniel Hilton Byrnes (father of Dan Byrnes the compiler).

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1914: Outbreak of First World War.

1917: Birth in Sydney of Sarah Smith (mother of the compiler). Her family then lived in Watsons Bay, Sydney.

1918: End of First World War.

1918: Birth in St Leonards, Sydney of Lionel Keith Smith, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Emily Windle.

Birth of Marjorie Smith, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Emily Windle.

This last page of the series can redirect you to the first page here

Birth of Pyllis Smith, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Emily Windle.

1932: 19 March: Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge (affectionately known as "The Coathanger").

1939: Outbreak of Second World War.

1945: End of Second World War

1948: Birth of the compiler in Sydney, Dan Byrnes in Sydney.

1973: 20 October: Opening of Sydney Opera House.

1983: Birth of Joel Byrnes in Tamworth, son to Dan Byrnes and Jill Davies of Tamworth.

Every website needs a second-last page - this website's second last page is here

Dan Byrnes
Word Factory

Nothing here yet!

A great concern with Sydney

Introduction: I need to work on this family history material for someone, somewhere, so I will send it to you. But firstly I, and maybe you, need to think about what a family is anyway. Humanity is one great family, which is true but rather too much to chew on. Do you feel entirely comfortable with the human race when you read a newspaper, or watch the evening´s TV news? I don´t.

The Russian writer who so annoyed his wife as he grew older, Leo Tolstoy said, ¨All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.¨ I have wondered about this observation for years, and find that like a lot of truth, or, the truth, it doesn´t quite meet the case. I doubt that generalisations about happy families will mix well with generalisations about unhappy families at any Australian BBQ I have ever been to, as perhaps a mix of social classes at a BBQ might be a trifle standoffish in mood. I wonder if happy families are happy for different reasons, so that they do not resemble each other at all, while all unhappy families are similar in their unhappiness, and want relief. It possibly depends on what kind of society the people in question live in and what is happening around them. Maybe it depends on the extent of money troubles, or moral and behavioural problems. The war that broke out. The epidemic. The fact the harbour silted up, so fewer ships came in and the economy went belly-up. Are all happy families equal in how they face these kinds of vexations? I don´t think so.

I think at bottom is a deep problem, that life, the human condition and people, in groups or as individuals, are, or can be, vexing. Individuals and families can be vexing. Happiness itself can be vexing if it is sought after too energetically or constantly, more so if it leads to a blinkered outlook, complacency, carelessness or selfishness. But anyway, the more I think on families, the less I can find a useful generalisation to fix on, so I shall fly on blind, as blind as families are to meaning and interpretation from year to year as time or centuries move on.

I happen to conclude, though, that no ancestor is responsible for their descendants, and no descendant is responsible for their ancestors. This conclusion will be my guiding light, then, in the darkness that human explanations dislike and try to deal with, try to light up.

For me, given where I come from, to say that I am not responsible for my ancestors could actually be somewhat self-serving, or become a way to escape some issues. How so? Well, this is a nicely Australian situation, one that grows straight out of real-life and history. I was born in 1948, a good year, I think, but not till 1989, forty years later, did I discover that I have a convict ancestor on my mother´s side of the family -- a man who had spent years on a Sydney road gang. He was from Sheffield in England, This is a rum trot. My father´s side of the family is Irish, and could just as easily, even more easily, have produced a transported convict. Except, that it did not. My Irish ancestors were free immigrants, poor, mostly, but free, and as far as I know, mostly kept out of jail.

My mother found, that the older members of her family had long suppressed information about their convict forebear. Quite deliberately, and she could not see it otherwise ... there must have been collusion and agreement between a set of old aunts, old women engaging in a conspiracy of silence. Shame on their convict forebear! Consign him to oblivion. Judgementalism. Trembling before the absurd gods of respectability in suburban Sydney, a city which began as a convict colony, denying their convict forebear. For how many years, and who started it? And so, what my mother began to see was a clutch of old aunts in denial about the roots of their own city´s life and history. Her picture had changed.

It so happens that in all my extended family, I have probably read more on Australian history than any of them. Still, in 1989, I felt as my male cousins on my mother´s side did, and they all grew up in Sydney: we felt slightly honoured, we felt a little more part of the real scene, the real deal, we were Australians with a convict ancestor (meaning, I suppose, we are men who know what life is about in Australia!). And so we learned how men on the edge of middle age might find reasons to object to a clutch of grand-aunts from an earlier generation by way of defending their convict forebear´s perfect right to have been a convict - if he had been a convict. Which he had. In my estimation at least, this clutch of vexing old aunts suffered greatly. (I have not laid eyes on any of them since I was child, my grandmother´s sisters). The convict? We have had to take him as we find him.

Is it vexing, that I had a certain kind of innocence about my own family history till I was 40 or so, and then lost it because a certain person in the family became suspicious and started researching in the archives of Sydney? (It´s interesting: my mother thought there had to have been collusion and a cover-up, the family researcher earlier for his part had thought there had to have been a convict. As far as I know, both in their way were correct!)

We have all heard stories about people who grow up in families which float on a sea of lies as they sail for Utopia, or Happiness, or Security, or maybe even The Promised Land. Suddenly, my mother at least, was in the same boat. But she, for example, had not read, as I had, that the noted-but-rather-pretentious Australian historian, Manning Clark, early in his career, carefully wrote an article which stressed that something important for the world to know had happened with Great Britain´s Great Experiment with Convicts in Australia. Australia´s convict history had proved irrefutably that criminality is not heritable, or, hereditary. And so, my mother´s dilemma with her aunts was more or less, the vexing question -- what to do with people who do not just tell lies, but deny the deeper meanings to things? As I see it, Manning Clark´s finding here should take the wind out of the sails of anyone who makes wide claims about any sector of so-called human objectionability. Clark puts the moral glove back on the individual hand, the sock back on the individual foot, as life and time move on, recruiting individual careers as they go.

Photo by Dan Byrnes, Armidale autumn 2011
Armidale autumn 2011, on Barney Street
Photo also taken on Barney Street.

And so, I have already let my cat out of the bag. If we are going to have a family history here, the theme will be - vexation. Vexation about life, the human condition, what people do or do not do, what can be said and not said. As the band Skyhooks said in the 1970s, you watch the evening TV news and you often see a horror movie.

And you see, I am anyway quite convinced from a lifetime´s reading, my quibble with Tolstoy about the happiness of families is just the tip of the iceberg, that it is far more mentally healthy to know you own family history than not to know. Once you do know it, you can rest more content with the levels of discontent and difficulties with life that your forebears have encountered. You will discover that each generation has its own difficulties and hurdles to deal with. Each generation saw life, and their own ancestors, differently than we do. You will discover that you can as alone or as together with your family history, as much as you like, as you can with anything else important or interesting in life. But if you do not know your family history, you risk remaining unaware of a family-experience of life that just happened to bring you into the world.

As I say, you are not responsible for your ancestors, they are not responsible for you. In fact, across history, families move not so much like streams or creeklets on land, but more like currents in the ocean which meet with patches of hotter or colder water as they move, some branches finding upward social mobility, some downward. This happens to poor people, it happens to royal dynasties; it has happened to nobility in various parts of the world in our own lifetime.

Drawing some useful learning from one´s own family history is an opportunity, really. An opportunity for the curious, for the literate, for the unlearned, for the ambitious, for the satisfied, for the unsatisfied. Learning from one´s family history can help any of us with the important work of cliche-busting, finding surprise-in-truth, that everyone has a uncle who could behave better (because so many girls have a brother who turns out like that, it happens all over the world, presumably in most families). Today -- we can´t avoid the theme of self-interest either -- a knowledge of our forebears might help our doctors help us to avoid some genetically unavoidable health problem we might develop.

We had better get on with it then, and find a common ancestor worth talking about. But since we all have so many ancestors swimming around in our personal gene pools, which common ancestor do you think should rule, ok? Could we disagree here? How annoying, how vexing could this be? To argue all over again about where we came from and who travelled best or most?

I am joking. What we will find is that the only common ancestor we can agree or argue about is the one we can actually find out about, all the rest are lost in the mists of earlier times and may as well be called ¨them¨. And in this sense, knowing our family history has a lot to teach us about how to know, how to know anything. About how to deal with what cannot be known. And vexingly, as an anti-complacency measure, can I ask you here, if you are going to develop a dread disease, would you rather understand that as a question of genetic inheritance, or due to the influence of evil spirits, or black magic, due to predestination, or plain bad luck, or the mystery of life. This too is interesting. Knowledge of our family history can widen our choices in life. Or the choices of our children. Today, it can even help us lengthen our life. But that is another thing our ancestors are not responsible for - medical science is. I never thought the phrase ¨ancestor worship¨ was helpful anywhere outside of China. Respect for ancestors, is how I would put it. Amid all the vexing things in life, respect.

Finding a common ancestor

Now we have to rummage in the records to find a common ancestor. Let´s consider the family names we are considering. Windle, Smith, Kelly, and Musgrave, mostly in Sydney, Australia´s first city. And Byrnes/D´Elboux, both names which have slowly moved east from mid-western NSW and became connected with Tamworth, which is today regarded as Australia´s Country Music Capital. With most of the people to be named, there is indeed a great concern with Sydney. (Someone in the media late in 2011 was asking, where did the term ¨Sydneysider¨ come from anyway? I guess, it is the nearest we can get to terming ourselves as the Londoners or New Yorkers do, we have no way to suggest we are anything like a Melbournian, and to suggest we might be a Sydney-ite sounds far more awkward, so much less appropriate, than a Brisbane-ite. Sydneysider it is.)

Windle is a name from Sheffield in England, apparently working class for generations. Smith we are still not sure about, and it is an overly common name anyway. (My grandmother Liz used to joke, ¨Everyone was originally named Smith, and were given other names as they fell from grace.¨) Musgrave arrived in Sydney via New Zealand via Ireland. Kelly, is from Ireland, I imagine. Byrnes is from Ireland, probably from around County Wicklow. D´Elboux, on my father´s side of the family, comes originally from Marseilles, France, date uncertain, via two brothers who departed France, went to England, and have descendants in Australia and Brazil. The Australian and Brazilian branches of the family did not know about each other till the late 1990s-early 200s, courtesy of the Internet. Whether anyone named D´Elboux today in France care about any of this, we know not. Probably not.

We will start with the Windles of Sheffield, because of all the names to be mentioned, they go furthest back in English history with any reliability, and are listed usefully in our main document, David Larkin´s book, Cornwall to Coogee. (1989)

Descendants of Cutler Windle Edward
1. Cutler Windle Edward-52063 (b.1667;b.1742) sp: Gamble Martha-52064 (b.1730)
2. Cutler Windle Thomas-52065 (c.1706;d.1770) sp: Hollingworth Elizabeth-52084 (m.1728;d.1733)
3. Cutler Windle George-52068 (c.1748) sp: Robinson Mary-117412 (b.1748;m.1774)
4. Windle William-52067 (b.1775) sp: Naylor Ann-52085 (b.1779)
5. Convict transported to Australia Windle Alfred Ernest No1-51985 (b.1803;d.1876) sp: Rooke Caroline Mary Ann-53044 (b.1817;m.1835;d.1884)
6. Windle Alfred data problem-52072 (b.1838;d.1838)
6. Windle Elizabeth-52099 (b.1836;d.1889) sp: Taylor William-38292 (c.1857;m.1857)
7. Taylor William II-19922
7. Jam manufacturer Taylor Robert-31857 (b.1863;d.1944); sp: Dressmaker Adcock Mary (b.1852; d.1894
8. Taylor, Horace Joseph (b.1894) sp: Agnes (Ciss) Robinson (b.1893)
9. Taylor, Mary sp: Larkin Patrick Augustine
10. Family Historian David Austin Peter Larkin (b.1954) 10. Larkin Marion Susan sp: Dieckmann Wayne Arnold
6. Died young Windle Martha-52073 (b.1840;d.1840)
6. Windle Mary Ann-52107 (b.1841;d.1924) sp: Outridge Joseph-33723 (m.1872)
7. Outridge Ann-117656 (b.1875)
7. Outridge Joseph II-295368 (b.1878)
6. Windle Ada-52076 (b.1843;d.1849)
6. Windle Alfred Ernest No2-54314 (b.1844;d.1922) sp: Meades Sarah Rebecca-54313 (b.1849;m.1872;d.1927)
7. Windle Alfred III-52079 (b.1874;d.1942) sp: Smith Emily J.-295369
7. Windle Alice Elizabeth-51971 (b.1877;d.1959) sp: Donaldson Muir-51967
8. Donaldson Winnie-3482 sp: Bradford Cyril-30713
7. Windle Elizabeth Caroline-51966 (b.1879)
7. Twin with Elizabeth Windle Benjamin Samuel-51885 (b.1879;d.1879)
7. Windle Martha Mary-51962 (b.1880;d.1899)
7. Windle Caroline Meades-51884 (b.1883) sp: Of Hunters Hill Schulties Adolphus-51923 (m.1911)
7. Windle Daisy Emily-51959 (b.1885;d.1887)
7. Windle Louisa Mabel-52103 (b.1887;d.1888)
7. Windle Lily Ruby-52104 (b.1889) sp: Wright Albert Oswald-117252
8. Wright Norman-7345 (b.1916) sp: Tomlin Joan-115158
9. Wright Gary-295373
9. Wright Denise-316950
9. Wright Lynette-316951
8. Butcher Wright Clive-52420 (b.1918;d.1979) sp: Dressmaker Gilbert Zena Doreen-316936
9. Wright David Clive-316931 (b.1962) sp: Azzipardi Carmen-316932 (m.1991)
10. Wright Rebecca-316930 (b.2001) 10. Wright Billy James-316937 (b.1997)
9. Wright Junior-295372
8. Wright Sylvia-103853 (b.1920)
7. Seamstress Windle Elizabeth Emily-51896 (b.1893;d.1985) sp: Smith Thomas Oahlin-51960 (b.1888;m.1915;d.1966)
8. Smith Lionel Keith-51945 (b.1918;d.1980) sp: Lacy Margaret-52240
sp: Archbold Dorothy-52301
9. Smith Douglas-52302 sp: Atherden Barbara-52304 (c.2001)
10. Motor industry Smith Andrew-131570 (c.2002)
10. Smith Craig-426433
10. Smith Stephanie-426434
9. Unm Smith Ronald-52303 (d.2006)
9. Smith Carol-426426 (b.1942) sp: Smith Neil Frederick-426427
10. Smith Donna-426428 (b.1962)
8. Smith Sarah-52050 (b.1917;d.2000) sp: Byrnes Daniel Hilton-52049 (b.1912;m.1942;d.1976)
9. Writer webmaster Byrnes Daniel Thomas-51906 (b.1948) sp: Consultant Davies Jill Wickham-52052 (b.1957;m.1982(Div))
10. Byrnes Joel Daniel Wickham-52034 (b.1983) sp: Beard Jocelyn
9. Byrnes Maureen Joan-52051 (b.1949) sp: Of England Henderson James-52054 (b.1946;m.1975(Div))
10. Simmonds Fiona-52053 (b.1974) sp: XXX Notknown2 Notknown-117402 (b.1975)
11. Simmonds Jake-52055 (b.1993)
sp: Simmonds Terence-51888 (b.1943;m.1981(Div)
) 10. Simmonds Cyril-51908 (b.1981) sp: Of Kootingal Jacobson Natasha-194354
11. Simmonds Ashley Jane-194357 (b.2003)
10. Simmonds Donna-51954 (b.1982) sp: Of Taree Crompton Todd-118655
11. Crompton Thalia-91173
sp: Of Ireland Canavan Damian-413874 (b.1986;m.2008)
10. Simmonds Sharon-51955 (b.1984)
8. Smith Marjorie-51998 sp: Lt (WW2) 23 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery Kelly John (Jack) Kevin-52001 (b.1916;d.2005)
9. Kelly Michael-61640 (b.1944) sp: Grayer Sheila Winifred-61641
10. Chef Kelly Craig Michael(b.1971)
10. Paul Stewart Kelly-52313 (b.1973)
10. Rebecca Rae Kelly-52314 (b.1975)
9. Kelly Patricia Elizabeth-51997 (b.1947) sp: McGreal Bernard Thomas-52315 (m.1968)
10. McGreal Anthony John-52317 (b.1968)
10. McGreal Leanne Patricia-52318 (b.1972)
10. McGreal Rodney Bernard Thomas-52319 (b.1974)
9. Kelly Phillip-51909 (b.1955) sp: Teacher Cummings Julie-52305 (b.1955)
10. Kelly Amelia Rose-52306 (b.1991)
8. Smith Phyllis-52015 (d.2000) sp: Musgrave Roy-51979 (d.2006)
9. Musgrave Leslie Roy-52033 (b.1947) sp: Bell Elaine-13768
10. Musgrave Amelia Alice-52011 (b.1975)
10. Musgrave Alexandra Marie-52014 (b.1973)
9. Musgrave Stephen-52032 (b.1949) sp: Watters Deborah Ann-52036 (b.1952;m.1971)
10. Musgrave Karmen Jane-52043 (b.1971) sp: Courtney Jason-294697
10. Musgrave Ryan Paul-52045 (b.1975)
7. Windle Ada Sarah-51978 (b.1869;d.1869) sp: Of Annandale Baxter George William-51924 (c.1094;m.1904)
8. Baxter Hazel-159892 sp: Hearne Geoffrey-117315
7. Windle Hannah Mary-51974 (b.1870;d.1916) sp: Williamson Thomas-117719 (b.1875;m.1898;d.1952)
8. Williamson Emily Sarah-208604 (b.1902;d.1939) sp: Higgins Peter David-208605 (b.1902;d.1966)
8. Williamson Samuel Ernest-208606 (b.1904;d.1975) sp: Marshall Coralie Clare-208607 (b.1910;d.1988)
9. Williamson Linda Fanny-88438 (b.1903;d.1930) sp: Botta Anthony-142164
10. Botta Herbert-142163 (b.1924;d.1927)
8. Williamson Thomas Alfred-212483 sp: Berry Elizabeth Ann-212484
9. Williamson Junior-212485
8. Williamson Hilda May-112754 (b.1901;d.1963)
7. Windle Sarah Rebecca-51881 (b.1849;d.1927)
6. Died young Windle William James-52100 (b.1847;d.1847)
6. Windle Caroline Mary Ann-52108 (b.1848;d.1924)
6. Windle Grace Maria-51950 (b.1850;d.1937)
6. Windle Emily-52013 (b.1851;d.1854)
6. Windle Annie-52095 (b.1857;d.1938)
6. Windle Alice-52091 (b.1862;d.1949)
6. Windle Hanna Mary-52094 (b.1860;d.1860)
4. Windle James-316957
3. Windle Edward-316955
3. Windle Joseph-316956

Descendants of Musgrave
1. Musgrave Progenitor sp: MNotknown Miss
2. Of Limerick Ireland Musgrave George Robert (d.1947) sp: McKenzie Jennett Janet (b.1862)
3. Once of NZ Musgrave George Gordon (b.1913) sp: Robertson Daisy (b.1892;d.1977)
4. Musgrave Roy (b.1914;d.2006) sp: Smith Phyllis (d.2000)
5. Landscape gardener Musgrave Leslie Roy (b.1947) sp: Painter botanical Bell Elaine Elizabeth
6. Musgrave Amelia Alice (b.1975) 6. Musgrave Alexandra Marie (b.1973) 5. Musgrave Stephen (b.1949) sp: Watters Deborah Ann (b.1952;m.1971)
6. Musgrave Karmen Jane (b.1971) sp: Courtney Jason
6. Musgrave Ryan Paul (b.1975)
4. Lives in Armidale Musgrave Myra Mary (b.1916) sp: MNotknown Mr
5. MNotknown Elizabeth 3. Musgrave Henry Leslie

But now comes a surprise, though it cannot be discussed in detail till this project is far advanced. This information on the name Robertson and associated names such as Fowke remained undiscovered till 2011, when it was found on the Internet by Deborah Musgrave/Watters. This 2011 find becomes the second time since 1989 that our family history has been dramatised by the inrush of new information. This will be why this production will be as concerned with assessing new information as well as with preserving old facts. As for new interpretations coming and going, that is mostly left up to the reader.

The Fowke-Musgrave connection

Descendants of Of Calcutta Fowke Francis
1. Of Calcutta Fowke Francis (b.1755;d.1819) sp: Lowe Mary (b.1769;d.1847)
2. Emigrant to Australia Fowke Charles Hubert (b.1805;d.1882) sp: Prosser Anne (b.1807;d.1853)
3. Of Tenby NSW Fowke Charles Edward (b.1824;d.1904) sp: Nicholls Margaret Margrit (b.1824;d.1864)
4. Fowke Thomas Morgan (b.1847;d.1938) 4. Fowke Charles Edward II (b.1849;d.1923) sp: Scott Elizabeth Hannah (b.1855)
5. Of NZ Fowke Annie Blanche (b.1874) sp: Lamb Robert
6. Lamb Charles Edward (b.1909)
5. Fowke Leslie John Nicholls (b.1893;d.1952) sp: Schneider Catherine Elizabeth (d.1974)
4. Fowke Sarah Jane (b.1853) 4. Fowke William Robert (b.1855;d.1919) 4. Fowke John Nicholls (b.1859;d.1938)
3. Emigrant to Australia Fowke Edward (b.1835;d.1909) sp: wife1 Ashfield Jane Anna Morgan (b.1838;d.1868)
4. Fowke Elizabeth Jane (b.1860;d.1955) sp: Robertson Alfred (b.1841;d.1915)
5. Robertson Daisy (b.1892;d.1977) sp: Once of NZ Musgrave George Gordon (b.1913)
6. Musgrave Roy (b.1914;d.2006) sp: Smith Phyllis (d.2000)
7. Landscape gardener Musgrave Leslie Roy (b.1947) sp: Painter botanical Bell Elaine Elizabeth
8. Musgrave Amelia Alice (b.1975) 8. Musgrave Alexandra Marie (b.1973)
7. Musgrave Stephen (b.1949) sp: Watters Deborah Ann (b.1952;m.1971)
8. Musgrave Karmen Jane (b.1971) sp: Courtney Jason
8. Musgrave Ryan Paul (b.1975)
6. Lives in Armidale Musgrave Myra Mary (b.1916) sp: MNotknown Mr
7. MNotknown Elizabeth sp: Duckworth Arthur William
5. Robertson Ellen sp: Bunn Edward (d.1957) 5. Robertson Lily 5. Robertson Ernest 5. Robertson John 5. Robertson Herbert (b.1891) 5. Robertson Rose (b.1892) 5. Robertson Violet (b.1894) 5. Robertson Emily (b.1895) 4. Fowke Anna (b.1859;d.1948) 4. Robertson Isabella sp: of Nyngan Higgins Mr sp: wife2 Saunders Elisabeth (b.1851;d.1933)
4. Fowke Albert (b.1893)
3. Fowke Isabella (b.1840;d.1876)
3. Fowke Anne (b.1828;d.1851) sp: Clutterbuck Mr
3. Fowke Eliza Amelia (Mary) (b.1830;d.1872) sp: Ryves Mr
3. Fowke Mary Eliza (b.1832;d.1841) 3. Fowke Emily (b.1835) 3. Fowke Robert (b.1836;d.1882)
3. Fowke Isabella Henrietta (b.1838;d.1871) sp: Watson Mr
3. Fowke Henry (b.1839) 3. Fowke Francis Arthur (b.1840;d.1841)
3. Fowke Matilda Frances (b.1840;d.1912) sp: O´Brien Mr
3. Fowke Elisabeth Julia (b.1844;d.1863) sp: Warrand Mr
3. Fowke Blanche Laura (b.1846;d.1883) sp: Galloway Mr
2. Fowke Elizabeth (b.1809;d.1882) sp: Of Bellview Braidwood Bell Thomas (b.1797;d.1854)
3. Bell Edmund (d.1878) sp: West Miss
3. Bell Julia (b.1831) sp: Wilson Mr
3. Bell Frances Mary (b.1832;d.1925) sp: Dr MD Crommelin Charles Ebdon (b.1847;m.1868;d.1903)
4. Crommelin George Alexander (b.1869;d.1936) 4. Crommelin Francis Theodore Minard (d.1873) 4. Crommelin Beatrice (b.1885;d.1959)
3. Bell Alexander (b.1833) sp: Draper Miss
3. Bell George Nugent (b.1835) sp: Burke Miss
3. Bell Frederick Nugent (b.1836;d.1861) 3. Bell Ellen (b.1840)
3. Bell Francis (b.1849;d.1888) sp: Crommelin Miss sp: Burke Miss
3. Games Georgina Sarah sp: Games George (b.1805;d.1849)
3. Games Eliza Isabella (b.1939;d.1921) 3. Games Anna Maria Hughes (b.1839;d.1921)
2. Fowke Philip (b.1802;d.1852) sp: Probert Mary
3. Fowke Mary Probert 3. Fowke Jane
3. Fowke Philip Probert (b.1827;d.1941) sp: Baker Frances Ann (b.1811;d.1889)
3. Fowke Mary Frances (b.1843) sp: Sauley W. Vincent
3. Fowke Emily Elizabeth (b.1844;d.1907) sp: Gray Basil
3. Fowke Philip Francis (b.1846;d.1897) sp: Gray Susan French (d.1916)
4. Fowke Lewes 4. Fowke Robert
4. Fowke Philip French (b.1874) sp: Mathews Cicely Susan (b.1879;d.1964)
4. Fowke Frederick Basil 4. Fowke Francis Richardson
4. Fowke Robert Warburton (b.1880) sp: Cremond Edith
4. Fowke Humphrey
3. Fowke Richardson William (b.1847;d.1899) sp: Bird Mary Frances Louise (b.1850;d.1879)
4. Fowke Ruth (b.1874)
4. Fowke Henry Francis (b.1876) sp: Stevenson Dorothea Frances Alan (b.1850;d.1931)
4. Fowke Katherine (b.1877;d.1962) sp: Wimers Charles (b.1900)
4. Fowke Richard Humphrey (b.1881;d.1883)
4. Fowke Dorothea Margaret (b.1884;d.1930) sp: Wallis John Edward Power (b.1861;d.1946)
5. Wallis Dorothea Lucy (b.1905) sp: Durran James Carlill (b.1898)
5. Wallis Clare Margaret (b.1906) sp: von Massenbach Berthold Gemminger
6. von Massenbach Peter Berthold Gemmingen (b.1936;d.1999)
4. Fowke Francis Thomas (b.1886) sp: Macevereath Pansy
4. Fowke Rohan Richard Humphrey (b.1888;d.1941) sp: Morrison Margaret (b.1887;d.1970)
5. Fowke Rosemary (b.1926;d.1945) sp: Dahl Miss
3. Fowke Jane 3. Fowke Laura
2. Fowke Francis (b.1789;d.1826) sp: Phillips Ann
3. Fowke James Francis (b.1822)
2. Fowke Henry (b.1790;d.1793)
2. Fowke Mary (b.1792;d.1852) sp: Watts John (d.1815)
3. Watts Francis (b.1813) 3. Watts James Alexander (b.1815)
3. Watts Emily sp: Williams David Lewis (b.1806;d.1885)
2. Lt Fowke John (b.1794;d.1851) sp: wife1 Ferguson Jane (b.1794;d.1827) sp: wife2 Heaney Esther (b.1822;d.1844) sp: wife3 Borthwick Jane (b.1823;d.1887)
2. Fowke Richard (b.1795;d.1855) sp: Clarke Mary (b.1800;d.1886)
2. Fowke Robert (b.1801;d.1865) sp: Games Isabella (d.1837)
3. Fowke Robert (b.1837;d.1879)
2. Fowke Edward (b.1800;d.1872) sp: Prosser Elizabeth
3. Fowke Sarah Amelia (b.1836) sp: Hoskins Jamea Theodor
3. Fowke Ada (b.1840;d.1874) sp: Hoskins Charles Henry
2. Fowke Sunderland Clay (b.1798;d.1873) sp: Price Ann Llewellyn (d.1837)
2. Fowke Frederick (b.1807;d.1863) sp: Wainwright Anne (d.1863)
2. Fowke Emmeline (b.1804;d.1807)
2. Fowke Eliza (b.1809;d.1849) sp: Games George (d.1849)

(Ends listings re the name Fowke)

Family history - where to start?

Descendants of Farmer in Ireland Byrnes Peter

1. Farmer in Ireland Byrnes Peter (b.1770) sp: BNotknown Bridget (b.1770;m.1790)
2. Byrnes Timothy (b.1800;d.1872) sp: Dunne Margaret (b.1819;m.1842;d.1903)
3. Byrnes Bridget (b.1844) sp: Mitchell James (c.1863;m.1864)
3. Farmer Byrnes Peter (b.1845;d.1925) sp: Sherry Jane Maria (b.1856;m.1874;d.1938)
4. Byrnes Peter Christopher (b.1883;d.1956) sp: Begley Josephine (b.1899;m.1923;d.1967)
5. Byrnes Leo Francis (b.1924;d.1978) sp: Hodge Norma Agnes (m.1948)
6. Byrnes Peter Leo (b.1951) sp: Rogers Janice Lesley (m.1975)
5. Byrnes Rita Mary (b.1926) sp: Mackay Clement S. C. (m.1947)
6. Mackay Peter (b.1949) sp: Lamerton Patricia (b.1950)
sp: Wells Frances 6. Mackay Patricia Anne (b.1950) sp: Berman David
6. Mackay Michael Clement sp: Delaney Bernadette
6. Mackay Lawrence Patrick (b.1957) sp: Delaney Maria
6. Mackay Marcus Samuel James (b.1966)
6. Mackay Justin James (b.1970)
5. Byrnes Terence Peter (b.1928) sp: Wheeler Marie Josephine (m.1954)
6. Byrnes John Christopher (b.1955) sp: Newall Catherine Ann (m.1983)
6. Byrnes Catherine Louise (b.1956) sp: Cooper Kelvin (m.1979)
6. Byrnes Janet Patricia (b.1960) sp: Jennings Philip Roy (m.1982)
5. Byrnes Doreen Margaret (b.1930) sp: Charleston Barry John (m.1951)
6. Charleston Gregory John (b.1951) sp: Eyres Paula Jean (m.1951)
6. Charleston Trevor Barry (b.1953)
6. Charleston Ricci Peter (b.1958)
5. Unm Byrnes Hilary Edward (b.1933)
5. Byrnes Moya Josephine (b.1935) sp: Kelly William Bruce (m.1956)
6. Kelly Stephanie Jane (b.1957)

6. Kelly William Mark (b.1959)
6. Kelly Maree Josephine (b.1961)
6. Kelly Peter Hume (b.1963)
4. Byrnes Veronica Irene (b.1891) sp: Barrister McKeon Michael
5. McKeon Reginald (b.1914) sp: Mills Gwen
5. McKeon Kevin (b.1916) sp: Wife1 Fello Joyce sp: Wife2 Burness Lily
5. McKeon Clare (b.1915) sp: Toland Eric sp: Brown Bob
5. McKeon Ronald sp: Fawkner Norah
5. McKeon June (b.1925)
4. Byrnes Geinevive (b.1898) sp: Smith Frank
5. Byrnes Joan
5. Byrnes Maxwell
4. Byrnes Jane (b.1876) sp: McGuiness William
5. McGuiness May sp: Riley William
5. McGuiness Mary sp: Chown William
5. McGuiness Harry
5. McGuiness Phoebe sp: McDonald Harry
4. Byrnes Timothy (b.1877) sp: Irvine Jenny
5. Byrnes Francis sp: Carman Alma
5. Bachelor, no issue Byrnes Edward (Eddie)
4. Byrnes Alice (b.1874;d.1967) sp: Davies Frank (m.1913)
5. No issue Davies Monica (b.1914;d.1990) sp: No issue Coffey William J. (m.1956)
5. No issue Davies Elma (b.1916) sp: Hibbard Norm (m.1949)
4. Mayor, no issue Byrnes Daniel Terence sp: Cramp Lydia (b.1874) sp: Of Goolagong Dwyer Molly
4. Byrnes William James (b.1884) sp: Irvine Annie Jane (b.1886;m.1910;d.1942)

5. Byrnes Doris Irene Jane (b.1910;d.2002) sp: D'Elboux Hubert (b.1906;m.1936;d.1984)
6. D'Elboux Paul William (b.1941) sp: Walker Marian
7. D'Elboux Grant Paul (b.1961) sp: Griffiths Jenny
8. D'Elboux Zac Paul
8. D'Elboux Carly Jane
8. D'Elboux Luke Grant (b.1997)
7. D'Elboux Shane Andrew (b.1962) sp: Nelson Christine
8. D'Elboux Michael William (b.1987)
8. D'Elboux Anthony James (b.1989)
8. D'Elboux Amanda Jade (b.1992)
7. D'Elboux Todd Michael (b.1964) sp: Bradbury Kim (b.1969)
8. D'Elboux Cody Michael (b.1994)
8. D'Elboux Tyler Morgan (b.1996)
6. D'Elboux Yvonne Mary (b.1939) sp: Of Newcastle-on-Tyne Yeeles Ronald
7. Yeeles Steven (b.1959) sp: YNotknown Lynne
8. Yeeles Jason (b.1986)
8. Yeeles Melissa (b.1984) sp: Burke James "Blue" (b.1938;m.1960(Div);d.1996)
7. Burke Jenni Robyn (b.1961) sp: Honess Ted (b.1953;d.1999)

8. Burke Adam (Honess) sp: Paff Bri (m.2009)
sp2: Darryl William Harper (b.1961)
8. Emily Rose Harper (b.1998)
7. Burke Jamie (b.1962)
7. Burke Jeffrey (b.1963) sp: Roach Anthea (m.1988)
8. Burke Jessica (b.1987)
8. Burke Jack (b.1989)
8. Burke William James (b.1992)
8. Burke Thomas Andrew (b.1994)
8. Burke Henry Joseph (b.1995)
8. Burke Amelia Emma (b.1997)
7. Burke Julie-Ann Maree (b.1964) sp: Curtis Philip John (b.1962;m.(Div))
8. Curtis Jade Ashlee (b.1991)
6. D'Elboux Ralph Richard (b.1943) sp: Matthews Valerie

7. D'Elboux Graham sp2: DNotknown Miss sp: Wife1 Parker Sandra 7. D'Elboux Serena sp: DNotknown Mr
7. D'Elboux Rex
7. D'Elboux Charmain
7. D'Elboux Heath (b.1971;d.1999)
6. D'Elboux Leo John (b.1944) sp: Battye Vicki (b.1950)
7. D'Elboux Rebecca Lee (b.1972) sp: Richardson Glen
8. Richardson Brady
8. Richardson Tegan Brooke
7. D'Elboux Nicole Gaye (b.1973) sp: Curtis Steven (d.1999)
8. Curtis Jade (b.1993)
7. D'Elboux Wade Kenneth (b.1975) sp: DNotknown Miss
8. D'Elboux Jai
6. D'Elboux Rosa Marie Anne (b.1046) sp: Notknown Mr sp: Policeman Murden Bruce (m.(Div))
7. Murden Monique
7. Murden Stephanie sp: Brooks Stephen (b.1968)
8. Twin Brooks Jack (b.1997)
8. Twin Brooks Ben (b.1997)
7. Murden Alexis (b.1974) sp: Mr Notknown
8. Notknown Jaycob (b.1998) sp2 of Rosa Marie Anne: Modritsch Karl (b.1935;m.1999)
6. D'Elboux Christopher Hubert (b.1948) sp: Cash Deniese (b.1952)
7. D'Elboux Brad Marshall (b.1976)
7. Artist D'Elboux Fiona (b.1977)
7. D'Elboux Angie (b.1983)
6. D'Elboux Noel David (b.1950) sp: wife1 Swan Therese (d.2006)
7. D'Elboux Raylene
7. D'Elboux Linda
7. D'Elboux Kerry sp: wife2 DNotknown Miss
6. Twin D'Elboux Gerard James (b.1952)
6. Twin D'Elboux Geoffrey Hilton Joseph (b.1952) sp: Helen Cronin

7. (Incorrect?) D'Elboux Joseph
7. D'Elboux Wayne
7. D'Elboux Gavin
7. D'Elboux Craig
5. Byrnes Daniel Hilton (b.1912;d.1976) sp: Smith Sarah (b.1917;m.1942;d.2000)
6. Writer Byrnes Daniel Thomas (b.1948) sp: Consultant Davies Jill Wickham (b.1957;m.1982(Div))
7. Byrnes Joel Daniel Wickham (b.1983) sp: Saunders Erica Marie
6. Byrnes Maureen Joan (b.1949) sp: Simmonds Terence (b.1943;m.1981(Div))
7. Simmonds Cyril (b.1981)
sp: Of Kootingal Jacobson Natasha
8. Simmonds Ashley Jane (b.2003)
7. Simmonds Donna (b.1982) sp: Of Taree Crompton Todd
8. Crompton Thalia
sp2 of Donna: Of Ireland Canavan Damian (b.1986;m.2008)
7. Simmonds Sharon (b.1984)
5. Byrnes Phyllis Mary (b.1916;d.1991) sp: Vance Leonard Ignatius (m.1939;d.1991)
6. Vance Marie
6. Vance Warwick sp: Cambridge Kerry
7. Vance Andrew
7. Vance Rachel
6. Vance Beverley
sp2 of William James Byrnes (born 1884): Hosie Isabel
5. Byrnes Barry sp: Wife1 BNotknown Miss
6. Byrnes Darren sp: BNotknown Teresa
7. Byrnes Junior
sp: Wife2 BNotknown Miss
4. Byrnes Marcella (b.1853) sp: Married, no issue Byrnes Hube
3. Byrnes Patrick (b.1847;d.1928) sp: Foley Margaret (m.1864)
3. Byrnes John (b.1848;d.1941) sp: Foley Cath (m.1874)

3. Byrnes Timothy (b.1848;d.1922) sp: Gleeson Rebecca (m.1880)
3. Byrnes James (b.1852;d.1929) sp: Kelly Mary (m.1880)
3. Unm Byrnes Thomas (b.1852;d.1877)
3. Byrnes Richard (b.1855;d.1925) sp: Knuckey Mary Jane (m.1882)
3. Byrnes Michael (b.1858) sp: Flood Mary (m.1888)
3. Byrnes Simon (b.1861) sp: nee Sherry Fahey Elizabeth

(Ends the list)

Space reserved for the D´Elboux genealogy not noted above

Descendants of Progenitor D'Elboux of Marseilles, Page 1 29 Dec 2011 1. Of Marseilles D'Elboux Progenitor sp: DNotknown Miss 2. Servant in titled home D'Elboux Francois Louis (d.1794) sp: Lady Compton Hannah (m.1767) 3. Brazil migration D'Elboux Francis Compton I (b.1768) sp: Of Brazil Fernandes Paula Martins 4. D'Elboux Thomas Compton (b.1802) sp: de Menezes Maria Jesuina (m.1826) 5. D'Elboux Jose Thomas 5. D'Elboux Maria Gabriela sp: Eufrazio Manuel (m.1847) 4. D'Elboux Francisco Compton II (b.1798;d.1857) sp: Cezar Prudencia (Maria) Antonia de Oliveira (b.1806;m.1835) 5. D'Elboux Francisco Compton III sp: De Vasconcellos Benedita Maria (m.1862) 6. D'Elboux Carolina Compton (b.1863;d.1930) 6. D'Elboux Carlota Vidal (b.1878;d.1931) sp: Lette Joaquim Anotnio de Amaral 6. D'Elboux Zumira sp: Mallozzi Antonio 6. D'Elboux Francisco Compton IV (b.1879;d.1953) sp: Russeaux Julia (b.1875;d.1940) 5. D'Elboux Joaquim Sabino (b.1838) sp: Penteado Natalina Candida Leite (m.1857) sp: De Oliveira Firmina Ermelinda de Oliveira 5. D'Elboux Maria Marcolina (b.1842) sp: Penteado Eugenio Goularte (b.1827;m.1857) 4. dummylink dummylink D'Elboux Progenitor Brazil sp: DNotknown Miss 5. D'Elboux Manuel Florencio da Silveira sp: D'Elboux Guilhermina Correia 6. D'Elboux Osorio Florencio da Silveira sp: Da Silveira Maria Francisca 7. Archibishop, in Brazil D'Elboux Manuel Francisco (d.1970) 7. D'Elboux Argerimo sp: Bondini Delmira 8. D'Elboux Maria Rosa Bordini sp: Bortoloto Raul 9. Bortoloto Antonio 8. D'Elboux Maria Zelia Bordini sp: Nizzola Mr 9. Nizzola S. Eduardo D'Elboux 7. D'Elboux Jose 7. D'Elboux Francisco 7. D'Elboux Rubens 7. Jesuit priest D'Elboux Luis Gonzaga 7. D'Elboux Decio 7. Sister Rose of Sao Jose D'Elboux Alzira 7. D'Elboux Maria do Carmo 7. D'Elboux Mario Silveira sp: Pires Maria de Lourdes 8. D'Elboux Jose Osorio Pires (b.1947) sp: Lopes Miss 9. Law student, genealogist D'Elboux Rene (b.1976) 9. D'Elboux Daniel (b.1974)
Descendants of Progenitor D'Elboux of Marseilles, Page 2 29 Dec 2011 8. D'Elboux Eduardo Pires (b.1953) sp: Fragnani Vera Lucia 9. D'Elboux Eduardo Pires 9. D'Elboux Juliana Fragnani 8. D'Elboux Lucia Helena Pires (b.1954) sp: Neves Jose Eduardo 9. Neves Priscilla D'Elboux 9. Neves Paula D'Elboux 9. Neves Renato D'Elboux 8. D'Elboux Maria Augusta Pires sp: Bernadino Valmir 9. Bernadino Natalia D'Elboux 9. Bernadino Debora D'Elboux 9. Bernadino Jose Mario 8. D'Elboux Maria Francisca sp: Fonseca Francisco Leitao 9. Fonseca Maria Ines D'Elboux 8. D'Elboux Joaquim Pires sp: Fogaca Eva 9. D'Elboux Adriano Fogaca sp: Desconhecido Ana Paula 10. D'Elboux Analu 9. D'Elboux Fabio Fogaca 8. D'Elboux Maria Ines 8. D'Elboux Maria Ines 8. Filho D'Elboux Mario Silveira (b.1953) sp: Pinatel Helene 9. D'Elboux Yannick Pinatel (b.1976) 9. D'Elboux Thierry Pinatel (b.1977) 7. D'Elboux Eduardo Pires (b.1953) sp: Fragnani Miss 7. D'Elboux Lucia Helena Pires (b.1954) sp: Neves Jose Eduardo 7. D'Elboux Maria Augusta Pires sp: Bernadino Valmir 7. D'Elboux Maria Francisca 7. D'Elboux Joaquim Pires sp: Fogaca Eva 8. D'Elboux Adriano Fogaca 7. D'Elboux Maria Ines sp: Fonseca Francisco Leitao 8. Fonseca Maria Ines D'Elboux 7. D'Elboux Mario Silveira Filho (b.1953) sp: Pinatel Helene 6. D'Elboux Luis Florencio da Silverira (b.1872) sp: Saes Maria Augusta 7. D'Elboux Luis Saez sp: Verde Francisca 8. D'Elboux Paulo Roberto Verde sp: Desconhecido Maria Aparecida 8. D'Elboux Luis Antonio 8. D'Elboux Clovis Verde 8. D'Elboux Jose Carlos 3. D'Elboux Hannah (b.1770) sp: Webb Thomas William
Descendants of Progenitor D'Elboux of Marseilles, Page 3 29 Dec 2011 3. D'Elboux Thomas (b.1772) 3. D'Elboux Louis1774 sp: West Susannah (m.1804) 4. D'Elboux Louis (Lewis) (b.1807) sp: Crippen Elizabeth (b.1808;m.1828;d.1847) 5. Died young D'Elboux Louis James (b.1829) 5. D'Elboux Francois John (b.1833;d.1880) sp: Bradbury Lucia Constance 6. D'Elboux Samuel Wykham (b.1874;d.1943) 6. Died an infant D'Elboux Etheland 6. D'Elboux Lional 6. D'Elboux Ruth (b.1876) 5. D'Elboux Walter (b.1839) sp: Williams Mary Jane (b.1846;m.1868) 6. D'Elboux Reginald (b.1878) sp: Stevenson Charlotte 7. D'Elboux Stephenson William Reginald (b.1918;d.1980) sp: Mare Elisabeth Cathrine (b.1924;d.1981) 8. D'Elboux Annette Louise (b.1945) sp: Thomas Arthur D. W. (b.1945;m.1969) 9. Thomas Llewellyn (b.1974) 9. Thomas Shirley 8. D'Elboux Elizabeth Ann (b.1952) sp: Davison Robert 9. Davison Joy 9. Davison Ryan 9. Davison Christine (b.1983) 8. D'Elboux Michael Anthony (b.1955) sp: Coetzee Hester (b.1958;m.1977) 9. D'Elboux Stephenson William Reginald (b.1982) 9. D'Elboux Marguerite Devaroux (b.1980) 9. D'Elboux Quinton Donavan (b.1987) 7. D'Elboux Walter sp: Hardy Kathleen 8. D'Elboux Reginald John (b.1933) sp: DNotknown Miss 9. D'Elboux Guy 9. D'Elboux Ann 7. D'Elboux Elizabeth sp: Neser Julius 8. Neser Neville sp: Notknown Neta 9. Neser Natily 9. Neser Noel 9. Neser Neville II 9. Neser Natasha 6. D'Elboux Emilie (b.1869;d.1949) sp: Robertson Wallace 7. Robertson Donald sp: Penton Kathleen 8. Robertson Ann 8. Robertson Mary 8. Robertson Susan 7. Robertson George sp: Mustard Nora
Descendants of Progenitor D'Elboux of Marseilles, Page 4 29 Dec 2011 8. Robertson Jennifer 8. Robertson Elizabeth 7. Robertson Alan sp: Broadfield Miss 7. Robertson Elise 7. Robertson Winnie sp: Frazer George 8. Frazer Jeremy 8. Frazer Michael 6. D'Elboux Elise 6. D'Elboux Una 6. D'Elboux Lillie 6. parent recheck D'Elboux Una Mary sp: Dennis Henry Hayward 7. Dennis Donald sp: Dunn Marie 8. Dennis Rosemary 8. Dennis Julie 7. Dennis Margaret 7. Dennis Ralph sp: DNotknown Josephine 8. Dennis Susan sp: Arnesen Mr 8. Dennis Jane 7. Dennis Walter sp: Bale Kathleen 5. D'Elboux Caroline (b.1831;d.1906) sp: Caven James (m.1876) 6. Caven Kenneth D'Elboux (d.1907) 5. Surveyor D'Elboux Louis (b.1807) sp: McNichol Sarah Ellen (b.1839;d.1902) 6. D'Elboux Donald Frederic (b.1861;d.1933) sp: Johnson Catherine (b.1867;d.1931) 7. D'Elboux Chubb 6. D'Elboux Robert (Bob) 6. Blade shearer D'Elboux Richard McNichol (b.1880;d.1972) sp: Newham Louise (b.1876;m.1906;d.1950) 7. D'Elboux Hubert (b.1906;d.1984) sp: Byrnes Doris Irene Jane (b.1910;m.1936;d.2002) 8. D'Elboux Paul William (b.1941) sp: Walker Marian 9. D'Elboux Grant Paul (b.1961) sp: Griffiths Jenny 10. D'Elboux Zac Paul 10. D'Elboux Carly Jane 10. D'Elboux Luke Grant (b.1997) 9. D'Elboux Shane Andrew (b.1962) sp: Nelson Christine 10. D'Elboux Michael William (b.1987) 10. D'Elboux Anthony James (b.1989) 10. D'Elboux Amanda Jade (b.1992) 9. D'Elboux Todd Michael (b.1964) sp: Bradbury Kim (b.1969) 10. D'Elboux Cody Michael (b.1994) 10. D'Elboux Tyler Morgan (b.1996)
Descendants of Progenitor D'Elboux of Marseilles, Page 5 29 Dec 2011 8. D'Elboux Yvonne Mary (b.1939) sp: Of Newcastle-on-Tyne Yeeles Ronald 9. Yeeles Steven (b.1959) sp: YNotknown Lynne 10. Yeeles Jason (b.1986) 10. Yeeles Melissa (b.1984) sp: Burke James "Blue" (b.1938;m.1960(Div);d.1996) 9. Burke Jenni Robyn (b.1961) sp: Honess Ted (b.1953;d.1999) 10. Burke Adam (Honess) sp: Paff Bri (m.2009) sp: Harper Darryl William (b.1961) 10. Harper Emily Rose (b.1998) 9. Burke Jamie (b.1962) 9. Burke Jeffrey (b.1963) sp: Roach Anthea (m.1988) 10. Burke Jessica (b.1987) 10. Burke Jack (b.1989) 10. Burke William James (b.1992) 10. Burke Thomas Andrew (b.1994) 10. Burke Henry Joseph (b.1995) 10. Burke Amelia Emma (b.1997) 9. Burke Julie-Ann Maree (b.1964) sp: Curtis Philip John (b.1962;m.(Div)) 10. Curtis Jade Ashlee (b.1991) 8. D'Elboux Ralph Richard (b.1943) sp: Matthews Valerie 9. D'Elboux Graham sp: DNotknown Miss sp: Wife1 Parker Sandra 9. D'Elboux Serena sp: DNotknown Mr 9. D'Elboux Rex 9. D'Elboux Charmain 9. D'Elboux Heath (b.1971;d.1999) 8. D'Elboux Leo John (b.1944) sp: Battye Vicki (b.1950) 9. D'Elboux Rebecca Lee (b.1972) sp: Richardson Glen 10. Richardson Brady 10. Richardson Tegan Brooke 9. D'Elboux Nicole Gaye (b.1973) sp: Curtis Steven (d.1999) 10. Curtis Jade (b.1993) 9. D'Elboux Wade Kenneth (b.1975) sp: DNotknown Miss 10. D'Elboux Jai 8. D'Elboux Rosa Marie Anne (b.1046) sp: DNotknown Mr sp: Policeman Murden Bruce (m.(Div)) 9. Murden Monique 9. Murden Stephanie sp: Brooks Stephen (b.1968) 10. Twin Brooks Jack (b.1997) 10. Twin Brooks Ben (b.1997)
Descendants of Progenitor D'Elboux of Marseilles, Page 6 29 Dec 2011 9. Murden Alexis (b.1974) sp: Mr Notknown 10. Notknown Jaycob (b.1998) sp: Modritsch Karl (b.1935;m.1999) 8. D'Elboux Christopher Hubert (b.1948) sp: Cash Deniese (b.1952) 9. D'Elboux Brad Marshall (b.1976) 9. Artist D'Elboux Fiona (b.1977) 9. D'Elboux Angie (b.1983) 8. D'Elboux Noel David (b.1950) sp: wife1 Swan Therese (d.2006) 9. D'Elboux Raylene 9. D'Elboux Linda 9. D'Elboux Kerry sp: wife2 DNotknown Miss 8. Twin D'Elboux Gerard James (b.1952) 8. Twin D'Elboux Geoffrey Hilton Joseph (b.1952) sp: Cronin Helen 9. Incorrect? D'Elboux Joseph 9. D'Elboux Wayne 9. D'Elboux Gavin 9. D'Elboux Craig 7. D'Elboux Frank (c.2002) 7. D'Elboux George 7. D'Elboux Ray 7. D'Elboux Edith 7. D'Elboux Nita 7. D'Elboux Eloise 6. D'Elboux Herbert Clare (b.1878;d.1946) sp: Kent Alice Lydia (m.1877) 7. D'Elboux Frances Clare sp: Pearson Thomas Yeomans (m.1917) 8. ONotknown Miss sp: Owen Mr 9. NZ emailer on our genealogy Owen Peter James (c.2004) 7. D'Elboux Mable (d.1921) 7. D'Elboux Louis William I (d.1944) sp: Harding Easter 8. D'Elboux Louis William II sp: Vining Betty 8. D'Elboux Guy sp: DNotknown Kathleen 7. D'Elboux Raymond Herbert (b.1890;d.1960) sp: De Trafford Eleanor (m.1922;d.1955) 8. D'Elboux Ursula Mary (b.1923) sp: Wardlaw Adam Mark 9. Wardlaw Sarah 9. Wardlaw Richard Penrose 9. Wardlaw Michael sp: WNotknown Miss 10. Wardlaw Duncan 9. Wardlaw Elizabeth sp: Simpson Paul
10. Simpson Thompson 10. Simpson Charles
Descendants of Progenitor D'Elboux of Marseilles, Page 7 29 Dec 2011 8. D'Elboux Susan Clare Ann (b.1926;d.2003) sp: Colonial Service admin officer Maynard John Eppes (b.1925) 9. Maynard Jane Susan sp: Brooks David 10. Brooks Matthew 10. Brooks Jeremy 10. Brooks Benjamin 9. Maynard Jonathan Herbert De Trafford sp: Young Elizabeth 10. Maynard Katie 10. Maynard John James William (b.1992) 9. Maynard Mark Cuthbert sp: Whistler Lucy 9. Maynard Peter Rupert Dominic sp: Spires Philipa 6. D'Elboux Philip Tracy (b.1874;d.1956) sp: Cooke Annie (b.1876;m.1910;d.1921) 6. D'Elboux Annie 6. D'Elboux Henry (b.1881;d.1957) 6. D'Elboux Louis William (b.1834) sp: Johnson Ellen Nellie (d.1929) 7. D'Elboux Sarah 7. D'Elboux Lillian 7. D'Elboux Catherine 7. D'Elboux Violet 7. D'Elboux Roy 7. D'Elboux Louis 7. D'Elboux Rita 7. D'Elboux Annie Elizabeth (b.1859;d.1947) sp: Johnson William (b.1854;d.1925) 7. D'Elboux Mary 7. D'Elboux Rose 7. D'Elboux Claude 7. Died infant D'Elboux Nellie 6. D'Elboux Francis John (b.1864;d.1900) 6. Died young D'Elboux Walter James (b.1866;d.1867) 6. D'Elboux George Robert McCallum (b.1868;d.1950) 6. D'Elboux Edward Redmond (b.1869;d.1945) sp: Hill Mary (b.1874;d.1937) 6. D'Elboux Walter Rufus (b.1872;d.1957) 6. D'Elboux Philip Tracy (b.1874;d.1956) 6. D'Elboux Sara Matilda Rose (b.1876;d.1877) 5. D'Elboux George Frederick (b.1836) 5. D'Elboux Emily (b.1838;d.1866) sp: Caven James 6. Caven Rose 3. D'Elboux Sarah Caroline (b.1776) sp: Grant Louis 2. D'Elboux Louis sp: English Hannah nee Compton (m.1767) 3. D'Elboux Louis (b.1774) sp: Downes Ellen May
2. D'Elboux Francois Louis sp: Compton Hannah
3. D'Elboux Francisco Compton

Vale Mollie Gillen

The photo at right is of Mollie Gillen, Australian historian, on the occasion in Canada of her 90th birthday. (It's been taken respectfully from one of her family-managed websites.) A magnificent researcher, she was awarded Order of Australia for her work for Biographical Dictionary of the First Fleet, a definitive register of everyone embarked on the First Fleet of convict ships to Australia. That work had been preceded by earlier work on her own family history. She grew to have a dual life as a writer, in Australia, in Canada, and lived for many years in London while researching. Across years of letter-writing she generously gave much help to Dan Byrnes as historian, and to many others. Mollie Gillen died in Canada in January 2009, aged 100.

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- Dan Byrnes (otherwise indicated in these pages as - Editor)

Some missing pieces of the puzzles ...

There are or have been some problems however with aspects of all of the above information (where the problems are regarded in terms of, as far as we know) ...
(1) No one in the family has yet tried to round out new information on the Windles of Sheffield before 1850.
(2) No one has yet tried to round out extra information on the names Meade from Maidstone, Kent.
(3) From the point of view of Sarah Byrnes (Smith, the compiler´s mother), who lived all her life as a wife, then a widow, in Tamworth ... not till 1989 was she aware of the names Taylor and Larkin (given above in the section on Windle descendants) as the names of Tamworth-area residents who were actually Windle descendants - so from her point of view, the names Taylor and Larkin were lost relatives. David Larkin rectified this sort of information-error with his book Cornwall to Coogee issued January-February 1989.
(4) With the name D´Elboux, which is French via Marseilles ... the Australian D´Elbouxs are the only family of this name in Australia. Until the advent of the Internet, the Australians were unaware of the existence of the Brazilian branch of the family. Noticeably, both the Australian and Brazilians had remained Catholic in religion. In the early 2000s, one of the Brazilian D´Elboux, a law student then in London, was netsurfing and noticed on a website from Australia (www.danbyrnes.com.au) managed by Dan Byrnes, the name of Dan´s cousin, Yvonne D´Elboux. Very curious, he emailed Dan on the name appearing in Australia. Dan contacted Yvonne, and the rest is now, family history. (5) The connections in New Zealand of the name Fowke were unknown to the family history till 2011, when discovered by Deborah Musgrave (wife of Stephen born 1949). By late 2011 there were in fact three-four websites available which presented reliable information on the name Fowke, in England, India, USA, New Zealand and Australia. Deborah Musgrave found her first set of information on the respected genealogy website managed by Camilla von Massenbach, which is a must-view website for anyone interested in the genealogy of a great many upper-class families in England since 1600-1700. It appears, that Camilla von Massenbach has given such attention to the name Fowke since she too is a Fowke descendant. Perhaps we will contact her? It appears, also, that the Fowke descendants in the USA (Fowkes, Fooks) are unaware of the Australian descendants.

Otherwise, the present writer is not aware of any severe problems with these slivers of family history. For later sections of this work we will need to know more of the genealogy of Kelly, for example, since we have inquired about them too-little in the past. In this first section of this work, then, all we have done is explore multiple points of view. Those of the main, Sydneysider group of Windle descendants; those of David Larkin, who had expanded the genealogy more-than-helpfully by 1989; those of the compiler, Dan Byrnes, who has the Windle-Smith family Bible, whose views were mostly inherited from his mother; those of family members now using the Internet with enthusiasm, such as Deborah Musgrave. But none of these views took advantage of curiosity about broad sweeps of history. Whereas, it appears that due to Camilla von Massenbach´s website, for example, the name Fowke can be seen as stretching back to Normandy in France before William the Conqueror left for England (which is a belief to be found on a few American websites presenting information on Fowke.

If broad sweeps of history are to be considered, there is a quite unexpected tidbit of information arising regarding the name D´Elboux, to be found in a book of economic history that most people would regard as obscure. (Found one day in the library of University of New England by Dan Byrnes.) By fix year, British interests had been ejected from Japan as being annoying, while the Japanese were friendlier to the French presence in Japan. One of the French was a man who became a French renegade, and began to assist the British to regain their presence in Japan. His name was Delbowe. Not only this, the history book presents an illustration, a pencil drawing of him.

This tidbit remains provocative. And if so, in the context of today´s use of genealogy websites available on the Internet, the present author recommends the adoption of the following perspective for at least the slices of family history to be re-presented here. It is far better to regard the family histories as not just part of immigration patterns seen in C19th Australasia, which has been the bias in the past of our family historians. It is more productive to look at people, and families, wandering as they felt like it, throughout the changing British empire from 1700, and partly in terms of the global reach of British commercial interests (including, it seems, in Japan). If this view were to be adopted, the American Revolution is naturally to be seen as a great watershed within the British Empire. By the time of the American Revolution, people named Fowke had intermarried with a great many well-known planter names in Colonial Virginia and Maryland, by which time, they had lost touch with their extended family members in England. Some people bearing the name Fowke had anyway gone to Bengal in India, and some of their descendants emigrated to Australasia. The next section of this treatment, then, will begin to explore how useful this revised perspective might become. It is a historian´s outlook, not that of someone who is family-fond. (For the historian, the greatest bane for the examination of genealogy is family-fondness in the treatment of family histories, more so where matriarchs and patriarchs claim any sort of ownership over the information - precisely where the same Simon Delbowe in Japan can he helpful, because he is so far from France, so unexpectedly! At this late stage in proceedings, can we find more information on Simon Delbowe?)

(The next section of this treatment is found here)

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