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Opinions of late

By Brian Robson

BrianĀ“s Computer Predictions for 2013: as at 3 Jan 2013

* Windows will retain its ownership of the desktop, but Android will gain ground against Apple on mobiles.

* WinPhone will earn a few percent of market share, but the topic to watch is HTC customers - they have to choose Android or Windows. All the lesser mobile operating systems like WebOS and Symbian are disappearing fast although Blackberry is hanging on.

* Specialist Linux magazines in the UK will cease publication due to low circulation figures.

* Last year Safari passed Internet Explorer, but this year Chrome will pass Safari.

* By mid year the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) industry will either have died out or will have started paying lots of money to get search information from Google.

* Remember that Google is not sacred although many challengers have come and gone. A lot of traffic is being referred from Facebook; any mentions in the media of Facebook having their own search engine should be noted. Google's latest tactic of featuring Youtube videos in the top search results may backfire.

* Try to predict who will be the next MySpace. Alternatively new sensations just come out of nowhere.

* Despite spending a billion on their network, Vodafone will continue to decline because their reputation is mud. I'm not joking - I had a Vodafone dongle which did not permit FTP access to the Internet.

* Over-pricing for bandwidth by mobile operators and congestion on their networks may turn out to be good publicity for the NBN. Watch closely as both sides of politics try to campaign without mentioning the NBN. Keep in mind that future "mobile broadband" will be mainly local wi-fi and not the more expensive direct-to-tower mobile broadband. The same idea goes for mobile phone calls - we can't possibly be paying the same fortune for mobile phone calls in five years time.

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- Dan Byrnes (otherwise indicated in these pages as -Editor)

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