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Cooking at a friend's party one night, 1990s
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By Dan Byrnes

Misuse complaints: Thankfully as the years go by there is only one complaint, but it's a real doozy. Re "the web's most comprehensive Christian site" - "God bless America" says the stern eagle graphic used on this websitge. "God bless" for thieving US Protestant clergymen? I don't think so. See the webpage (scroll down a bit): Oddthings.

Now finishing a new book co-written with Londoner Ken Cozens on Merchant Networks written between 2007-2020, treating history of British Empire 1760-1860, ie., loss of the American colonies, birth of the USA, the rise of British-India and the British capture of the sovereignty of Australia and New Zealand, or, Australasia. Which people thankfully are already asking about! This book, which will become available later in 2021, gives much attention to merchant names which are forgotten or near-forgotten ...

Now redesigning these websites (a huge job). Lodgement on academia.edu of shortened Introduction (to new book) Merchant Networks on 5-6-2021. Last heard of re Dan Byrnes' profile on www.academia.edu at 4911 hits for specialty history articles on www.academia.edu. Recent researchers on the Net (mostly in the English-reading world) have given this website hits from (DSA = Divided States of America due to POTUS Trump, formerly the United States of America or USA) On 8-11-2021: Australia, DSA, China. On 6-11-2021. Australia, DSA, China. On 5-11-2021: Sth Korea, DSA, China. On 4-11-2021: Australia, China, DSA, Canada, UK. On 3-11-2021: Australia, UK. On 31-10-2021: Australia, Barbados, UK, DSA. ...
Dan Byrnes has works cited on Google Scholar (by eg., English historian Emma Christopher, A Merciless Place (2010). Also, work by the Australian, Tom Keneally, A Commonwealth of Thieves (2005) on early European Sydney 1788-1792.) Otherwise some of his historical work is currently cited at eg.,: link.gale.com; See Hilary M. Carey, (University of Bristol), Empire of Hell: Religion and The Campaign to End Convict Transportation in the British Empire, 1788-1875. Cambridge University Press, 2019.; at University of Queensland website re Byrnes' Outlooks article on British whaling cited in: Dr. John Ayres Mills, The Contribution of the whaling industry to the Economic Development of the Australian Colonies: 1770-1850, a 2016 PhD thesis. Cited as a source in Tom Keneally, The Commonwealth of Thieves: The Sydney Experiment. Sydney, Random House, Australia, 2005. ... and in Stewart Lillard, Lost in the District, Lost in the Federal Territory: The Life and Times of Doctor David Ross, Surgeon, Sot-weed Factor, Importer of Human Labour, of Bladensburg, Maryland and related individuals. 2017, self-published. Also in the maritime history journal American Neptune, a 1985 issue. Dan Byrnes also has profiles on Facebook and Linked-In.

From the Main Page before 28-3-2021
And ok, I do research daily and so I need Google (a US web giant) to help me with my research. On the other hand, I post my research results for free, so get lost, as it all pans out. So listen, Google, I'm an Australian and I don't like being threatened. So as long as you insist on being threatening, you can get knotted! ok? Is this a deal or ain't it? If you want to throw the Internet into chaos, let it be on your own head, and, do it in your own time, too. You used to have the slogan, "Do no evil". When and why was that rescinded, hmm? As for Facebook by 18-2-2021, even more so! Very responsible behaviour during a pandemic and all, not! Yours in algorithms which can be sooooo manipulated, and in complete contempt, Dan Byrnes.
Contrary to a good deal of content in "the world media", plus words from particular conservative Australian politicians, the US "tech giant" decisions re Trump-speak on social media, or not, is NOT part of a debate about free speech. It is part of a disapproving debate about fantasy-on-the-net masquerading as fact. There is a difference, and BTW, one is not allowed to falsely shout "fire" in any crowded cinema. Rupert Murdoch/Fox News notwithstanding. Craig Kelly MP notwithstanding.

Latest update work is on historical genealogy esp. on businessman Robert Brooks of UK (died 1882) (also James Cain in Melbourne and Robert Towns in Sydney) - Check also, Dan Byrnes' blog at: Dan Byrnes' Blog.

On 23-1-2021 an Australian friend sent me the following message: My lasting memory of the past week is an interview with a Trump supporter on one of the news networks. This person, dressed rather scruffily as though he had just left his trailer park after a night on the bourbon, with a beard that was in need of a trim and wearing a MAGA hat, was asked what he thought of the new President. He loudly proclaimed that "my President is Donald J. Trump. And do you know what the J. stands for – genius". Sums it up, really.

23 Jan 2021: Is it true that ScoMo is going to take 2022 off so he go to uni and do Australian History 101?

11 Jan 2021: The biblography sections of this website will be closed by Christmas 2020. What will NOT be closed for these websites due to corona virus changes will be sections-ongoing for: poetry, family history, humour, personal ... For a few other remarks on closure of some of these websites see: re corona virus ...

4 January, 2021. Hooray, Trump is fired as POTUS, so Joe Biden will become 46th president of the DSA (Divided States of America, Disunited States of America, Deplorable States of America.) Remember, about 75 million US voters voted for Biden but 70-odd million voted for Trump. The fear is that Trump might well go away but part of the 70 million will not go away! Hmm? But anyway, let's hear it for the Over-70s! The Younger Generations have never had it so good, just ask 'em!
4 Jan., 2021: This website is from a retired Australian journalist! And it is a matter of old culture, not new culture of any kind; it goes back to the American Revolution when certain French officers noted with consternation the Americans' love of "cupidity", ie., greed. On Facebook not paying for Australian journalistic content, and other "tech companies" and Australia, try reading: Scott Reynolds Nelson, A Nation of Deadbeats: An Uncommon Financial History of American Financial Disasters. New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 2012.

Taken off main page on 7-8-2020: Also working on: Looking anew at the maritime history of convict transportation and the ways Australian historians overlook obvious questions ... Finishing new history essays and looking afresh at pre-1775 Tidewater/colonial Virginia/Maryland and generally, not impressed at all with the 2019/2020 state of genealogy research in Virginia/Maryland USA. (This topic ended up being abandoned.)

Ending 19-7-2020: Questions for Australian media: Re underpayment of wages, otherwise known as "wage theft". What is this? How is it even happening? What is Australian Labor Party doing/saying? And what on earth are firms' personnel departments being paid for? What is Australia's Union Movement for? What is this? A gigantic con?

May 2020: Corona virus changes (world-wide, not just in Australia) mean there is extra to cope with so parts of these websites were closed, but some sections still remain open - Ed.
13-5-2020: Message for Amazon/Prime Video Australia . . . Re "War for a New Nation", a four-hour+ documentary mostly on the military aspects of the American Revolution which I have not long seen by May-June 2020. It seems well-researched, well-scripted, well-narrated, and it quotes many US historians still living. But the proofreading of the accompanying spoken script, displayed on the screen, is appallingly bad; ludicrous, inept, illiterate, laughable, and worse-than-amateur. The result is a completely spoiled production. So don't argue, please, just fix it! Fix it soon or bear with the world's laughter of derision. It's a disgrace! It looks like this disaster is the product of an illiterate computer program. What is this? Another symptom of the decline of US hard-and-soft power in the world? Proofreading by cowboys from Modern America? Or more Trumpian nonsense with no information, no knowledge, no bookreading, just prejudice and nonsense? Idiots! I say again! Fix it yesterday! I really don't give a tuppenny damn how much it costs, just fix it and fix it soon!
Yrs etc, Dan Byrnes.

Dan Byrnes 2014

- Dan Byrnes (otherwise indicated in these pages as -Editor)

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