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From 1825-1850

Trade - an international perspective

This Merchants and Bankers Listings website is years old and is now (from 2009) undergoing a marked identity change. Its timeline material on economic history (for 1560-1930) is being moved to a website managed by Ken Cozens and Dan Byrnes, The Merchant Networks Project. This will empty many of this website's pages which have always been in series. In due course, Merchants and Bankers Listings will carry information from the Crusades on the early development of what became “capitalism” in Europe to 1560 or so. As well as a conglomeration of data on modern developments, mostly on modern/technical industry, computing, and for the future, today's climate change problems. The editor's view is that in the context of climate change, the views of Merchants and Bankers (and Economists, politicians), the keepers of matters economic, are due for a considerable shake-up. If this website can encourage the shake-up, and help inform it reliably, well and good. -Ed

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It is hoped that these webpages will be of assistance to family historians in the UK, the US and Australasia, by way of providing contexts for further research.

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This website (it is hoped) will become a major exercise in economic and maritime history, with some attention to Sydney, Australia.

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1-- Senior Progenitor Shakespear

 sp-Miss Notknown

    2-- Senior Shakespear

     sp-Miss Notknown

        3-- John Shakespear (1619-1689)

         sp-Margaret Jude, widow, wife1 (1615-1652)

         sp-Martha Wall Seeley wife2, of Wapping (1635-1695)

            4-- Jonathan Shakespear (1670-1735)

             sp-Elizabeth Shallett (1679-1745)

                5-- Arthur Shakespear Unm (1699-1749)

                5-- John Shakespear Alderman, Ropemaker (1718-1775)

                 sp-Elizabeth Currie (1726-1807) ([46])

6-- John Shakespear, of Brookwood (1749-1825)

                     sp-Mary Davenport, wife1 (1757-1793)

                        7-- Henry Davenport Shakespear, EICo, In India

                         sp-Louisa Caroline Tobin Muirson (1794-1868)

                            8-- William Shakespear Childe-Pemberton, Composer and  author (1857-1924)

                             sp-Constance Violet Lucy Bligh, Lady

                            8-- Louisa Mary Ann Shakespear ( -1844)

                             sp-Capt. James Macaulay Higginson, in India-46331

                            8-- Augusta Shakespear

                            8-- Agnes Shakespear

                            8-- Henrietta Shakespear

                             sp-Rev. Henry Brougham Vizard

                        7-- John Talbot Shakespear, BCS, EICo (1783-1825)

                         sp-Amelia (Emily) Thackeray (1780-1824)

                            8-- Richmond Campbell Shakespear (1812-1861)

                             sp-Maria Sophia Thompson (had issue) (1825-1899)

                                9-- Richmond Shakespear (1844-1931)

                            8-- Emily Anne Shakespear (1804-1887)

                             sp-William Fleming Dick BCS

                                9-- Augusta Dick (1822-1859)

                                 sp-Lt.-General James F. Tennant, Bengal Engineers

                                    10--William Francis Tennant, Schoolmaster in Tasmania (1857)

                                9-- Harris St John Dick (1834-1879)

                                 sp-Grace Notknown

                            8-- William Makepeace Shakespear (1807-1835)

                            8-- John Dowdeswell Shakespear (1806-1867)

                             sp-Marianne Elizabeth Hodgson

                            8-- Augusta Ludlow Shakespear (1809-1893)

                             sp-Major, Lt-General Sir John Low, ( -1880) ([47])

                                9-- Charlotte Herbert Low (1833-1853)

                                 sp-Sir Theophilus John Metcalfe, Bart ( -1883)

                        10--Charles Herbert Theophilus Metcalfe, Railway Engineer (1853-1928)

                                9-- William Malcolm Low (1835-1923)

                                 sp-Lady Ida Feilding

                            8-- George Trant Shakespear (1810-1844)

                            8-- Marianne Eliza Shakespear (1816-1891)

                             sp-Major Irvine

                            8-- Charlotte Mary Anne Shakespear (had issue) (1813)

                             sp-James Henry Crawford, BCS

                                9-- Selina Crawford, wife2 (1844)

                                 sp-Lt--General James F. Tennant, Bengal Engineers

                        7-- William Oliver Shakespear, EICo at Madras (1784-1838)

                         sp-Leonora Charlotte Maxtone ( -1832)

                            8-- Charlotte Emilie Shakespear

                             sp-Captain Moore

                            8-- George Frederick Shakespear

                             sp-Emily Charlotte Taylor

                            8-- Charles Maxtone Shakespear

                             sp-Maria Fraser

                        7-- Arthur Shakespear, Soldier (1789-1845)

                         sp-Harriet Sophia Skip-Dyot-Bucknall (1799-1877)

                            8-- George Bucknall Shakespear (1819-1895)

                             sp-Henrietta Louisa Panet

                            8-- John Davenport Shakespear

                            8-- William Powlett Shakespear (1820-1844)

                        7-- Mary Anne Shakespear (1793-1850)

                         sp-Rev. Francis Thackeray

                        7-- Charlotte Georgina Shakespear (1802-1888)

                         sp-Dr. James Allardyce

                     sp-Charlotte Fletcher, wife2

                    6-- David Shakespear, West India Merchant (1751-1823)

                     sp-Catherine Wagstaffe (had issue) ( -1805)

                        7--Rev. John Mure Shakespear, at Madras (1785-1836)

                         sp-Fransisque Eliza Muntz ( -1829)

                            8-- John Joseph Shakespear (1820-1881)

                            8-- Frances Eliza Shakespear (1818)

                        7-- Arthur Shakespear (No issue) ( -1846)

                         sp-Louisa cousin Sage (No issue) ( -1860)

                        7-- Catherine Campbell Shakespear (1774)

                         sp-John Spencer Griffith

                            8-- Catherine Anne Griffith (1795)

                             sp- Admiral John Erskine Douglas

                                9-- Helen Douglas

                                 sp-Colin Mackenzie, Madras army

                                9-- Crofton Douglas (To Australia) ( -1922)

                                 sp-Miss Notnown (had issue)

                        7-- Elizabeth Currie Shakespear (1775)

                         sp-Rev Hamilton of New York

                            8-- James Dunn Hamilton, Bombay Army

                            8-- George Singer Hamilton

                             sp-Miss Notknown

                        7-- Ann Caroline Shakespear, Unm (1777-1860)

                        7-- Sarah Frances Shakespear (No issue) (1777-1858)

                         sp-Colonel William Roome, Bombay Army

                        7-- Arthur Shakespear (Fought at Waterloo) (1788-)

                    6-- Arthur Richmond Shakespear, Ropemaker, MP (1748-1818)                   

               sp-Jane Ridley (1777-1804)

                        7-- John Matthew Shakespear, of Albany, No issue (1778-1844)

                        7-- Arthur William Shakespear, Rector, No issue (1783)

                    6-- Anne Shakespear (1573-1834)

                     sp-John Blagrove of "Cardiff Hall", Jamaica (1777-1824)

                    6-- Martha Shakespear ( -1843)

                     sp-Rev. John Robert Lloyd, of Aston Hall (1779)

                        7-- William Lloyd

                         sp-Louisa Harvey

                        7-- Elizabeth Lloyd

                         sp-Robert Curtis Esq.

                        7-- Louisa Charlotte Lloyd

                         sp-Thomas Kenyon, Hon

                    6-- Sarah Shakespear ( -1829)

                     sp-Joseph Sage, Assay Master of the Mint (1779-1820)

                        7-- Joseph White Sage

                         sp-Miss Notknown wife1

                         sp-Miss Notknown wife2

                        7-- Richard Palmer Sage

                         sp-Anna Martha Boulton

                            8-- Emily Boulton

                             sp-Rev. R. W. Whickham, of Holmwood ( -1908)

                                9-- Thomas E. P. Whickham

                                 sp-Elsie Grieve

                                    10--Michael Wickham

                                    10--Anthony Wickham

                        7-- Louisa cousin Sage (No issue) ( -1860)

                         sp-Arthur Shakespear (No issue) ( -1846)

                            6-- Mary Shakespear (1762-1845)

                     sp-Laver Oliver, Esq.

                    6-- Colin Shakespear, EICo, In India (1764-1635)

                     sp-Harriot Dawson

                5-- Sarah Shakespear (1704-1781)

                 sp-Timothy Maintru

                    6-- John Maintru

                5-- Joseph Shakespear, Capt. (1705-1740)

            4-- Elizabeth Shakespear (1678)

             sp-Abraham Shaw


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