Vale: Duane Allman (US guitarist, 1971, car accident), Marc Bolan (singer of T. Rex, 1977), John Bonham (drummer, Led Zeppelin, 1980, alcohol), The Big Bopper (US singer-songwriter, or, Jiles Perry (JP) Richardson Jr.) (1959, plane crash), Jeff Buckley (US, son of Tim, singer, 1997, drowned), Tim Buckley (US, father of Jeff, singer-songwriter, 1975, drugs), Karen Carpenter (US, singer of The Carpenters, 1983, illness), Harry Chapin (US singer-songwriter, 1981, car accident), Patsy Cline (US country singer-songwriter, 1963), Kurt Cobain, (suicide, US singer of Nirvana, 1994), Sam Cooke (US singer-songwriter, 1964, shot), Noel Coward (UK composer, fix), Ian Curtis (with Joy Division, 1980, suicide), Smokey Dawson (Australian country vocalist, 2008, old age), Doris Day (US singer, fix) John Denver, (US country singer-songwriter, 1997, plane crash), Nick Drake (UK singer-songwriter 1974, 1974), Slim Dusty (Australian country singer, 2003, old age), Cass Elliot (US female singer, Mamas and the Papas, 1974, food), Ella Fizgerald (US black jazz singer, fix), Stephen Foster (US popular composer, 1864), Marvin Gaye (US black singer, 1984, George (Jacob) Gershwin (US popular composer, 1937), Ira Gershwin (US popular composer-lyricist, 1983), George Harrison (Beatle, UK lead guitarist, songwriter, 2001, lung cancer), Jimi Hendrix (US guitarist, singer-songwriter, 1970, drugs), Billie Holliday () US black jazz singer fix), Charles "Buddy" Holly (US singer-songwriter, 1959, plane crash), Jerry Garcia (US guitarist, founder of The Grateful Dead, 1995), Maurice Gibb (UK-Australian-US singer, member The Bee Gees, 2003, illness), Huddie William Ledbetter (US bluesman, Leadbelly, 1949), Michael Hutchence (lead singer, Australian band INXS 1997, misadventure), Michael Jackson (US pop singer 2009, misadventure), Blind Lemon Jefferson (Texas blues, US bluesman, 1929), Robert Johnson (US bluesman, singer-songwriter, 1938), Brian Jones (founder The Rolling Stones, UK blues guitarist, 1969, misadventure in a swimming pool), John Lennon (UK, Beatle, singer-songwriter, 1980, assassinated), Janis Joplin (US singer, 1970, drugs), Kate McGarrigal (Canadian singer, 2010, cancer), Bob Marley (Jamaican, singer-songwriter of The Wailers, 1981), Max Merritt (New Zealand/Australian singer, 2020, illness), Keith Moon (UK drummer The Who, 1978, misadventure with alcohol withdrawal drugs), Ennio Morricone (Italian writer of film music (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The Mission), 2022, old age), Jim Morrison, (US singer-songwriter, The Doors, 1971, misadventure), Tex Morton (New Zealand/Australian country music artist/compere, born Robert William Lane in NZ, 1983, old age), Doug Parkinson (Australian singer, old age), Elvis Presley (US rnr singer, 1977, food/diet), Cole Porter (US popular composer, 1964), Prince (US singer/songwriter, 2016, drugs), Otis Redding (US soul singer-songwriter, 1967), Minnie Riperton (US, singer-songwriter, 1979, illness), Bon Scott (lead singer, Australian band AC/DC, misadventure), James "Jazzer" Smith (drummer, Australian country music writer, 1987, cancer, hodgkins lymphoma), Ritchie Valens (US singer, 1959, plane crash), Stevie Ray Vaughan (US blues guitarist, 1990), Vangelis, (Greek songwriter-composer, [Or, Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou], synthesizer, 2022, heart failure), Sid Vicious (UK, bassist, Sex Pistols, 1979), Hiromi Yanagihara (singer, 1999), Hank Williams (Hiram Williams, US country music singer-songwriter, 1953, alcohol/drugs/heart problems plus cold), Amy Winehouse (UK singer-songwriter, 2011, alcohol). Ronnie van Zant (singer, US band Lynrd Skynyrd, 1997, plane crash), Frank Zappa (US singer-songwriter/composer, 1993, prostate cancer.)

Page updated 26 July, 2022 - another webpage from Dan Byrnes

Dan Byrnes logo

Music Music

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." Anon.

This webpage is redesigned to make all of us think more deeply about music since the advent of Humanity on this Planet over 100,000 years ago. It is mostly based on Climate Changes, earlier titled

The Bleak

, soon to become available, another book by Dan Byrnes; which is about deep Ancient History and today, plus the age-old conflict between Science versus Religion. Just what are the protocols of this revised outlook ... which is less-than-concerned with music per se - whereas this webpage is very concerned with music ... .

... This is about a repatterning of world music per the new book by Dan Byrnes, Climate Changes: a book about religion for people short of time ... . But first, what qualifications does Dan Byrnes have anyway to go mucking about with music like this? Well, basically, he has a now-old-curiosity about the origins of everything/almost anything.
He says, I did learn as a teenager to read and write music. Though I've long forgotten, too. My music teacher was a Miss Hall. I was for a while a good rock musician and general music arranger. Foolishly, in my late 20s, I gave up on music, as I wanted more to write, I found, and I was unaware that a skill that lapses is a skill that is lapsed perhaps forever. It is true, as today's medicos say - "use it or lose it" Later, in my early 30s, I was inaugural programming convenor for 2YOU-FM, at Tamworth NSW Australia, so I have programmed music for a community radio station. My initial programming format lasted in part for about 25 years, which is not bad.
I have also in the later 1970s written some original music on the exploration of Australia. (It appears below here, for the 1840s re the exploration of Australia!). But this presentation of music-in-general follows my recently-re-written book, Climate Changes, which among other things gets on with avoiding the world's holy books as it tries to explain human development since about 25,000BC, or since before the last Ice Age. So, let's get with the facts - not with words but - musically.

Initiation - Music

5 billion years ago - We start about five billion years ago with a nuclear explosion. (Maybe THE sound of The Big Bang?) Ideas from British/English band Pink Floyd (?).

More to come here.

4 billion years ago:

Sound fill from Al Di Meola or Joe Satriani (now loaded) or maybe Vangelis, synth, astronomy - Space in general = synth cliches - first parts of Pink Floyd's "Interstellar overdrive". fix - The formation of the Milky Way - stars = The beginning of our universe. Oldfield = dark star now loaded -- Birth of the sun = Sol (Rivamonte) - the beginning of the immediate universe - "Let there be light" - round earth-flat earth? - Concepts from physics. Eg., Gravity , light. the space-time-continuum (things that life-forms on Earth eg dinosuars - cannot do without. Jesse Winchester - = defying gravity - star(s) - tectonic plates (1900 - 1950 - 1970s and Gondwanaland) Ken Davis, album Birdsong = birds = dinosaurs, track Birdsong of the Billabong now loaded, Seasons of the Sun, Caribbean Steel Band = dubious here. Moon Shadow, Dark Side of the Moon. Numbers. Objects/common objects. Sails. Tools. and this helps indicate the way to Now.

3 billion years ago:

2 billion years ago:

1 billion years ago:

4 billion years ago:

63 million years ago: dinosaur music by GP

60 million years ago: bird music various eg David Rothenberg album = "why birds sing" track: "the language of water" -

One million years ago: = Obscured by Clouds by Pink Floyd.

115,000 years ago: now going.

Or, try download: BitchesBrew BitchesBrew.ogg by Miles Davis.

Geography: Mountain Ranges. music by George Winston on nature - (genetics? - music on animals for George Winston - ideas per Byrnes + Hugh Thomas) -->

Downriver (see Pink Floyd, The Endless River). A return to Nature. Plains. Beaches. The River. Big River Valley(s) and Civilization(s). The hill(s). The mountain(s). (Source of rivers.) Songs for generic parts/bits of life, Asian music. The creek, the bush, the plains. At the origin of humanity re bipedalism plus wonderment, = imagination? The Australian didgeridoo? Nature and the slowness of nature. Beauty = Iranian piano music = marufi/maurufi?

The Appearance of Humanity - Music

Try - Put A Spell On You.oggI put a spell on you by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Or try - Put A Spell On You.oggI put a spell on you by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The first human-made music was (probably) percussion as drumming on a human body part (the thigh? the belly?), or, drumming on the earth itself, or maybe a piece of tree; something here is owed to humans and the earth - drumming on the human body - This was followed by ? Lullaby.

"Now" begins at about 115,000BC, about the time of the first date given for the Rise of Humanity (otherwise known as Homo Sapiens).

Crops/agric = wheat/barley/rice crop. Human life = 250,000 years ago. Then Gondawanaland, which of course is the Australian continent, appearing from about 180 million years ago ...

A heartbeat by the time of the appearance of homo sapiens =bipedalism (115,000BC), invention of fire eg 115,000BC re rise of homo sapiens (homo sapiens sapiens?) ... .

/musicweb/Bitches Brew by Miles Davis.


1450BC: Volcano at Santorini? Homer?

pre-Axial Age - the 1250BC problem? Exodus? Trojan War?

2000BC - Music

pre-Axial - to about 2000BC

700AD - Music

The Axial Age - 1000BC-700AD -


Post-Axial Age - The Middle Ages -

Music before science, = Old Friend(s). Music of the Crusaders.

Renaissance Music

The Renaissance, post-Renaissance eg., after 1608 = music for big rivers - eg., Shenendoah - maritime jigs and (see Vangelis) - 1700s = Sea Breeze (original music by Dan Byrnes after British explorer William Dampier, and see any work by Australian Tony O’Connor), eg, How deep is the ocean? Ideas for new-written tracks by Byrnes, - 1770 see Australian Fire and flood, Dorothea Mackellar, Gunnedah and Mackellar, Re clarinet and other "new" instruments, see works by Mozart/Sibelius/Beethoven -1800 - 1840s. New instruments = (Andrews Sisters) = Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.

Music to 1900s - Africa a tone poem = a symphony by Hayden Wayne (classical). Then after Tavener = eg., the Protective Veil (= Russian Orthodox Church not Jewish - see a wikipedia page on John Tavener the son of a musical builder of London.

1910s - Music

1910s - Modern streets don't appear till about 1914. Edwardian, WWI - Original music by Dan Byrnes -

1920s - Music

Villa -Lobos Sym2 part 1 re steal item plus a run up to VL’s melody to end to be reproduced, then items from Sym1 part1`then maybe descend to silence, is synesthesia, colours such as red, blue, green and see Mario Millo.
A rearrangement - see Herman B re Mack the knife by Bertold Brecht. 1920s

film music and Ferde Grof music

1930s- Music

1930s and Ferde Grof on Hudson Valley -1930s, Australia and music by Russell Morris, Sharkmouth.

1940s - Music

1940s - WWII -

1950s - Music

1950s - The invention of the phrase RnR - Elvis - Chuck Berry and the invention of Teenagerdom - - Original music by Dan Byrnes = Tourmaline - -

1960s - Music

1960s - The Beatles (inclusiveness) - Bob Dylan -

1970s - Music

- The simultaneous appearance of synthesizers and world music - Original music by Dan Byrnes on? -

1980s - Music

1980s - Early signs that the world music audience is getting younger/pre-pubescent, ie., pre-teenagerdom - but a countervailing (and older age-group) trend appears too as world music grows -

1990s Music

1990s - Forgettableness - but world music grows - - Original music by Dan Byrnes -

2000s Music

2010s Music

2010 -

Music 2020s+

San Francisco CA, then Hidden Fortress, and use heartbeatsound as filler see Pink Floyd’s “Speak to me”. the human voice -

Arguments: All God's Chillun Got Rhythm vs (film music?) White Men Can't Jump.

last section of all = Hawkwind - Master of the universe; Vangelis = Intergalactic radio station. (Some recapitalation re Big Bang?) tracks by Joel.

One of those love songs - Enja-

Below are items still uncollected

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