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On shipowner Joseph Somes

Note: a file nearby this timeframe is on the banker family Norman, at: Norman family.


This directory presents files on merchants working after 1800. Some of these files are on: London Bankers circa 1800, Plummer and Barham after 1804, Robert Brooks of the Australia Trade, India indigo business, W. S. Lindsay, shipowner, Norman (bankers), and on Hodson's Lists of notable families of British-India.

1831: Sarah Palmer, writing on repeal of the Navigation Laws has a list, Table 7, of MPs between 1832 and 1852 with interests in shipping: Including G. Barnard a London shipbuilder of Greenwich; J. S. Brownrigg shipowner of Boston by 1825; Aaron Chapman shipowner of Whitby by 1832; J. Humphrey a wharfinger of Southwark, by 1832; George Lyall a shipowner and merchant of City of London, by 1833; J, Mangles a shipowner and ship chandler of Guildford by 1831; J. Somes a shipowner and shipbuilder of Dartmouth, by 1844; George Frederick Young, shipowner and shipbuilder of Tynemouth by 1831.
Sarah Palmer, Politics, Shipping and the Repeal of the Navigation Laws. Manchester, Manchester University Press, 1990., p. 24.

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