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Please Note: By its nature, research and writing on Merchant Networks is not an easy task. Names and contexts can overlap confusingly, more so if a level of detail is reached, in terms of English/British history (and Scottish or Irish), more so where the transmission/inheritance of landed estates needs to be considered in order to indicate the outcomes of individual or familial commercial careers. - Ed.

Soon this website will be fitted with a new file-choosing system allowing better navigation for the website. Please bear with us while the changerover is made from 21 November 2006 -Ed.

Till then, this listing of filenames as given below is organised in the main, chronologically but is interspersed with the names of other files of the website important for normal navigation. The list is still in development. -Ed

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By May 2008 the website was added-to with a 10-file series (numerical), which are files listing the years of incumbency of London Lords Mayors, added to with listings (usually six-generation) of the genealogies of the mayors whose family history is available. Recompilings are by Dan Byrnes (who will probably receive updates from e-mailers in due course). The listings are as follows:

File the first - File1 - Listings to 1550

File2 1550-1600

File3 1600-1650

File4 1650-1700

File5 1700-1750

File6 1750-1800

File7 1800-1850

File8 1850-1900

File9 1900-1950

File the last - File10 - 1950-2008

See for example at File1 of the series on London Lords Mayors at:   http://www.merchantnetworks.com.au/periods/1800after/lordsmayor1.htm

Galleries - "galjamaica1.htm" - Gallery Jamaica One (File is slow loading due to its graphics.)

Galleries - Gallery London One (File is slow loading due to graphics, in preparation.)

Galleries - Wills - Files Wills1, Will2 Two, in series. File Wills1 is on Campbells of Jamaica plus Duncan Campbell in London. File Wills2 is for Enderby and St Barbe and Mangles Wills as PDF files.

Research interests of this website's e-mailers (snippets only).

Feedback from emailers

Old e-mail (for wider reference)

Help1 File - in preparation

Bibliography (a general bibliography)

Special Bibliography on specific merchant family networks, as seen incisively and somewhat apart from "general" economic history

Kin and Creole Cousins: Hanover, Jamaica, C18th to C19th, by Peter Dickson (UK)

Kin and Creole Cousins, Jamaica

The four sections of Pieter Dickson's article appear at:
Part One,
Part Two,
Part Three.
Part Four.

1421 and Chinese Mariners

Lists various: (1) Sydney to 1845: Major merchants of Sydney, Australia.

Directory level /periods/before1775/

Convict Contractors 1717-1775

Joseph Noy, English shipbuilder in Russia, by Rob Martin and Ken Cozens

Richard Cozens, English shipbuilder in Russia, by Ken Cozens

Samuel Holden, (d. 1740), Director Bank of England

The First Bank at Canton (East India Co. from 1770)

Nicholas Hayward Snr., Merchant London to Virginia, from Tracy Hancock.

Colonial correspondents and clients of convict contractor and toboacco merchant to 1775, Duncan Campbell (1726-1803), with lists also of gaolers he wrote to after hebecame hulks oversee.

Directory level /periods/after1775/

The British Creditors of the American Revolution period. (Lists)

South Whale Fishery Lists from The Samuel Enderby Book

The First Fleet to Australia - in preparation

Capt. Donald Trail, employed by Camden, Calvert and King

British slavers 1789-1791

William Richards Jnr, shipping contractor for First Fleet to Australia - in preparation

Richard Cadman Etches - in preparation

Duncan Campbell (1726-1803) - Extra genealogy (in preparation)

George Hibbert, West India Merchant, by Ken Cozens

Thellusson - in preparation

James Penny, Liverpool slave trader

List of 1796 minor English shipping contractors


Diary of London alderman George M. Macaulay (1750-1803) for years 1796-1797, from Dan Byrnes.

Directory level /periods/after1800/

Duncan Dunbar I and Duncan Dunbar II

West India Docks development to 1800, London

Lists of London bankers

Plummer/Barham about 1804 (Re Australia)

Hodson's Lists for Notable Families of British India - 1820+

Robert Brooks, UK merchant in Australia trade

Collapse of indigo business in India: 1827+

W. S. Lindsay, UK shipowner C19th

Joseph Somes, UK shipowner C19th

Norman, C19th British bankers

Enderbys and the later South Whale Fishery about New Zealand - in preparation.

Investors of C19th Britain. A few sets of raw lists of named investors in some major international British investment companies of the nineteenth century, including: Canada Company, Australian Agricultural Company, South Australian Company, Western Australia Company, Van Diemen's Land Company (VDLCo), New Zealand Company ...

For a listing of so-far ungrouped merchants, mostly uncommented, see a file of disparate information given as Ungrouped.

Ends this listing

A book not to forget... Cover of book The Convict Ships


Charles Bateson's The Convict Ships, a book on which to base a great deal of research on Anglo-British shipping, reliable (except for a few errors) and unsurpassed since it was first published in 1959.

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