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This webpage is about the elephant now shitting in your lounge room - Climate Change

Book titles: Chris Cunningham, --

Joelle Gergis, Sunburnt Country: The history and future of climate change in Australia. Melbourne University Press, 2018.
William Rosen, The Third Horseman: climate change and the great famine of the 14th Century. New York, Viking/Penguin USA, 2014.
Michael Mann, Our Fragile Moment. Scribe, 2023.(Reviewer finds it is pitched midway between denialism and doomism.)

(The compiler is a pessimist, not an optimist; this may have coloured this compilation.) Expect wierd things to happen to government disbursements to citizens because the tax take has changed.
Watch also for changes to scenarios, such as: Inflation: it's world-wide: at least in the "developed" world, the UK, USA, etc. Housing Crises (Australia has one nationally, but Johannesburg, South Africa has one, too). And waste less. Ed.

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For 16 January, 2024 - Climate Change
2024++ - Australia

Climate - an international perspective - a news digest devoted to world weather ...

Climate stats: The New Year - ... 2024 ... By the way, The Anthropocene (human-induced Climate Change) has never happened before; so we are all now in uncharted waters, together, whether we (or the insurance company, or the government of the day) like it or not. Watch the democratic countries vomit soon. Expect to see more Australian internal migration as time goes by. Ask yourself soon whether the weather will make the planet less-than-livable.

Climate issues for 2024.

Use search word, "Anthropocene". For like-minded websites (and there are far too few of them around the world's Internet still) see: Or, try to Google on books on Climate Change history, too - Ed.

Climate Change Sausages ... so good ...

So good! Getcha Climate Change Sausages here ...

generic democracy sausage photo from Australia

Credit: Photo by Anon.

This webpage is about the elephant shitting now in your lounge room - Climate Change.


15-1-2024: Australia: WA, Perth north area has bushfires. most of Australia has heatwave - North America/USA overnight, Iowa conditions cause comment.

14-1-2024: South America: Colombia has heavy rains plus landslides/mudslides; Australia: EV take-up after national charging surge gets more ABC tv attention- Heatwave conditions in the nation's west encourage bushfires - NSW has rain showers - Far North Queensland fears more floods.

13-1-2024: Conditions worsen. North America: USA: Iowa temperatures lower to point where it interferes with US presidential election.

12-1-2024: Australia: Far North Queensland faces threat of new tropical cyclone maybe forming, bringing heavy rain and further risk of flooding. Central VIC floods are over but floodwaters now on the move in watercourses pose new worries.

11-1-12024: America: Eastern US has bad storm. Australia: Poor conditions, inc., excess rain, ramp up again in Central VIC and FNQ/Central Qld. In n/w NSW, Armidale begins with a fine day that moves to intermittent, light, grey cloud cover.

10-1-2024: Australia: conditions ease.

9-1-2024: Australia: conditions ease, the rain moves east, but Central VIC. is flooded. In n/w NSW, Armidale begins the day with grey cloud cover. Armidale has light rain.

8-1-2024: Australia: Heat builds and wild weather/heavy rain prevails in s/e and as usual, do not drive into floodwaters: In n/w NSW, Armidale initially has grey cloud cover/fine day; Armidale has light rain.

7-1-2024: World: Australia: Predictions are that Victoria is in for a hard time. In n/w NSW, Armidale has a fine day.

6-1-2024: Australia: Conditions ease further in coastal eastern Australia. In n/w nsw, Armidale starts with a mostly fine day. And if you ardently believe that so little could be happening in the rest of the world re Climate Change, adjust your set now - and just wait. And oh, we find that UK is discombobulated by bad floods. And predictions by late afternoon are that tomorrow, Victoria Australia will cop more flooding rain.

5-1-2024: Australia: Queensland clean up after flooding continues. In N/W NSW in Armidale, we have grey cloud cover.

4-1-2024: Australia: conditions ease.>

3-1-2024: Australia: Heatwave eases in north? - Queensland invokes help from Aust Defence Force - Rainfall moves north from n/e NSW to Brisbane area.

2-1-2024: world. In n/w NSW, Armidale has mostly either a fine or a grey cloud cover day, mixed. Today's conditions are much like yesterday's, ecxcept that now, waterways are fuller. Heatwave for the north and intense rain for s/e qld and n/e and s/e NSW.

1-1-2024: Australia: a soggy start for the eastern coastal New Year: (but last night's fireworks in Sydney Harbour went off magnificently at midnight). In n/w NSW, Armidale has mostly either a fine or a grey cloud cover day.

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