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Merchants and Bankers Listings


Merchants logo gif - 9347 BytesThis website, produced by Australian historian Dan Byrnes, is a no-frills, text-based website designed simply to list historical and genealogical information on many notable merchants and traders of what is termed, the Western World.

revising.gif - 1705 BytesAustralian Encyclopedia. In 10 Vols. Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1958. Grolier Society of Australia, 1962. Various entries

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Russell L. Ackoff, Re-Creating The Corporation: A Design of Organizations For The 21st Century. nd? Remaindered, 2003.

The Merchant Networks Project
Merchant Networks Project logo by Lou Farina

The history websites on this domain now have a companion website on a new domain, at Merchant Networks Project produced by Dan Byrnes and Ken Cozens (of London).

This website (it is hoped) will become a major exercise in economic and maritime history, with some attention to Sydney, Australia.

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Update: March 2002: For more information on Blackheath in London, visit a site managed by the noted local historian there, Neil Rhind, now preparing his third book on the history of his area: http://www.blackheath.org

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    Clark - John - The next such contracts for convict transportation after the death of Shelton in 1829 were made out by Shelton's nephew, John Clark. The Accounts of John Clark (Clerk of The Peace) relating to convict transportation, 13 July 1829 - Dec 1840, CLRO Shelf No. 209C. The dates covered by this volume are virtually identical with those of the 12 volumes of: List of Convicts on Board Ships ... To Australia, 13 July 1829 - Nov 27, 1840, CLRO Shelf No 209D. It seems likely that John Clark was responsible for both sets of records. -Ed

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    Precis from reviews and news articles: Soros, one of the world's richest finance operators, and a small 'd' democrat, considers the US' current doctrine of pre-emptive military action as pernicious. The gap in perceptions between the US and the rest of the world has never been so wide. The US is seen as abusing its dominant position, while its current dream of American supremacy is unattainable and contradicts basic/traditional American values. Now, the US has to re-examine its role in the world and adopt a more constructive vision, in the light of which, if G.W. Bush is not re-elected, his views can be written off as an American abberation, but if he is re-elected, Americans need to so some serious rethinking. The US government is now in the hands of extremists who see life in terms of a crude social Darwinianism where survival needs to be aided by the use of force.
    True, 11 September 2001 introduced a discontinuity into American life, but a military war on terrorism is not an appropriate response. Terrorists are better regarded as criminals to be hunted by police, not military personnel. (See Weekend Sydney Morning Herald 31 Jan-1 Feb 2004, where Soros deplores the Bush administration's "Orwellian truth machine" using doublespeak, etc. Soros cannot understand how so many US citizens, in a land of a pluralistic, free media, now believe that Saddam Hussein was directly connected with 9/11 The US electorate is now largely or partially misinformed. Soros has given US$5 billion to help foster in democracy in Asia but now sees a need to foster democracy in the US.

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    More to come


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    Brian Murphy, The Root of Wild Madder. Simon and Schuster, 2007. (Yet another book on a valued commodity. Madder, (botanical. name: rubia) as used for Persian carpets, is a leafy plant from which red dyes are extracted, as is mentioned in Egyptian hieroglyphics)

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