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From Nancy E. Jamrog at on 21 March 2009

Hi! I am very interested in the history of piano tuning and why the tuning of A as 440 became standard. What do you think of the movement to natural tuning, as somewhat lower? If all of the major composers prior to the 1920's used a lower tuning, then the music would sound different today. Sorry if these questions are basic - I have taught music in schools, public and private and have NEVER thought about this before.
Blessings, Nancy E. Jamrog

Check out -

On 7-8-2008 from Ron Carlisle at: roncarlisle @
Dear HotM, I'm doing some research on the Gautrot brass instrument company in France in the 19th century. Have you found a good way to search for 19th century French patents on the web? Modern patents are fairly easy to access, but I'm not having much luck with the old ones. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Ron.

And as they e-mailed us in Feb 2006: Recent good discovery:

UK Music - latest in Rock and Pop
The UK Music website is dedicated to the UK music scene. is updated daily with the UK Music Top Ten and from UK music charts. They have music news, features, interviews and reviews from and of ALL the fave UK artists.
All scenes covered: rock, indie, grime, pop, hip hop, R&B, dance, soul, jazz, UK charts, video, audio streams, forums, events listings, games, gigs, and competitions.
(If you have a quality website on related matters, drop them an e-mail about a cross-link.)

Received: 25 Aug 2005, Subject: Message from Graeme Smith Dear Dan, We met many years ago I believe. Saw your site googling around (though I had spotted it previously) I though you might be interested in my recently published book Singing Australian: A History of Folk and Country Music. Singing Australian tells how two musical styles, folk and country, have in the past thirty years taken their place in the public sphere. The scenes claim to speak for the nation, yet despite their links, they do so in different voices, and to different audiences. In this new book Graeme Smith traces the history of these musical movements and the ideas and styles which propel them. These scenes are shown to be powerful and eloquent participants in the public debates on national community which have permeated Australian public life over the last thirty years Details are at Graeme Smith

Incoherence 2005 (verbatim): for <>; Thu, 10 Mar 2005

From: srtgf <>
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i dont want to know your life storey you fucking idiots i want to know the history of the fucking electrical giutar (sic)

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Music for today's Australians: A message from Vlad Gilbourd, January 2005: HoTM, I'd enjoy introducing my website "CorporateNews + Jazz'n'Blues" ( It features very comprehensive J'n'B gig guide, huge artists' profiles list, CD reviews, etc. Also, in the business section, it does business media monitoring. It would be great if you add link to my site to your list. Thank you, Vlad Gilbourd 0412-199-818 at IP Addr:

Hi HoTM, My name is Baraka, and I work with the Peace- not-war music project (u.k crew). I am in Montreal (Canada) for a few weeks. Not sure exactly where you are based, but am currently trying to establish some interested contact here for help with distribution of our peace movement fundraiser.
Basically, we have two compilation CDs ready to go, to be used by human rights and environmental networkers across the globe. We work with groups in 21 countries worldwide and believe through music we can enhance awareness and give strength to all those who are in need of recognition and faith - and funding too of course.
Anyway, take a listen on , perhaps add a link, and if you do happen to be anywhere near Montreal and would like to discuss this further (or indeed have any contacts here) then let us know.
Thanks for the good work, respect and peace, Baraka (re John Lennon article at:

Email of late 2004: Dear Sirs,

We have learned that our products may be of interest to you, and we would like to introduce ourselves.

We are an in-house manufacturer and exporter of Musical Instruments: BAGPIPES, PRACTICE CHANTER, VELLUM DRUM HEADS,BUGLES,



Before partition of Indian subcontinent, the Company was involved in making Components and Accessories Of Musical Instruments such as Cane Reeds for Bagpipe & Clarinets. The Company used to be the Primary platform for the repair of band Instruments relating to British Army Regiments during British Rule in Indian Subcontinent.

We are supplying all over the world, Musical Instruments with service around As per we are manufacturer of Musical Instruments. If you have your own samples, we can make and produce you regarding your specifications.

We assure you that our competitive rates and prompt delivery, along with our high-quality products will meet your order needs every time.

We stand behind our quality and service. Our products are used by many Music Schools, Private Organizations, and Groups from around the world.

Thank you for letting us introduce ourselves to you, we look forward to hearing from you. If you happen to have received this email in error, we apologize; this is a one time mailing.

For more information and photographs of our products, please check our website at

Respectfully yours,





TEL: +92 432 273888 & 273999

FAX: +92 432 588815 & 593888

Please visit:

E-mail of April 2004 from Jim Johnson in US
Dear HoTM, In 1953 I owned a National solid-body, 6-string electric guitar. Has 2 pickups and a selector switch. Not a resonator, but a regular guitar. Any ideas where I could see a picture of one or buy one?
Answer: Sorry, no.

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February 2004: Dear HoTM, I have been reading your page on the TRUE origins of the electric guitar. Some of that stuff [the Tutmarc story] is quite a scoop, that's if it's correct. Anyway, you currently need to dress up the pages, and can ES provide pics of any antiques he knows about. I really believe all dates are relative to Fender and Gibson activities. The idea that electric guitar pickups would be modelled on telephone earpieces would certainly be correct. For a very long time phones had carbon granule microphones and magnetic earpieces, with quite obvious windings and pole pieces. The output from some of these early pickups might have been very low and would have required the best in preamplifiers to raise the signal to a normal level.
From BR in Australia

bluepin1.gif - 947 BytesEarly 2004: From Andrew Clermont in Australia: So does the pedal steel predate the electric guitar then?

Later 2004: Emailer BR says, on techo questions and promotion of double-neck guitars, see at his www. And if interested, see re "nudie suits", very arcane material here, which were cowboy-singer suits made for Hollywood actors &c, which were made by a Russian emigre, well, go netsurf.

Dear HoTM, I have recently bought a piano made by Henry Rodgers of 63 warren street Fitzroy Sq., London ... in the bottom of the case I found two entry cards to Exton school hall concert, held on the 15th of September 1915... I wonder if you have any info on Henry ? Thank you, Brian, Launceston, Tasmania

HoTM... on 6-11-2004 The following message has been received... Do you intend to include history of music printing as a technology? If so i can contribute a few details (i did a dissertation years ago on printing and the dissemination of the madrigal).


about Amanda Macdonald's offer of hotm material as above -

Amanda Macdonald. She was replied to on 6-11-2004.

-- Message Ends --

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