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1910: Germany supports 300 piano factories, some of them in existence for a century. By 1911, in the USA, 22 piano-builders are of German origin.


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1911: H. E. Krehbiel, The Pianoforte and Its Music. London, 1911.

1911: Alfred Dolge, Pianos and Their Makers. Covina, California, 1911.


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1915-1944: Arnold Dolmetsch, The Interpretation of the Music of the XVII and XVIII Centuries. London, 1915-1944.

In review: 1915-1945: Richard M. Sudhalter, Lost Chords: White Musicians and their Contributions to Jazz, 1915-1945. Oxford University Press. Remaindered 2003.

September 1915: Date for one beginning of the action in: Greg Milner, Perfecting Sound Forever: The Story of Recorded Music. London, Granta, 2009. (A book this website recommends!)



1917: USA: First jazz records issued. Jazz style is still linked to ragtime. (Most musically creative areas are Chicago and Times Square/Harlem in New York.) Interesting influences on careers of Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong (who began his musical life with a cornet he bought with a borrowed $5).

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bluepin1.gif - 947 BytesIn review: 1917: The Roots of Jazz: Albert McCarthy, Alun Morgan, Paul Oliver, Max Harrison. Jazz on Record: A Critical Guide to the First 50 Years: 1917-1967. London: Hanover Books, 1968., 416pp.new1.gif - 3972 Bytes playerSMWHT.gif - 2218 Bytes


1917: Belgian inventor Pierre Hans produces a piano with two keyboards, the second tuned a semitone above the first, in the light of the "inconvenience" of playing between the black keys.


1918 and before: During World War One, "novelty solos" are played on the saxophone in a West End theatre in London. Presumably a matter of spontaneity which moved across to jazz?


1919: W. Niemann, Virginal Musik. Leipzig, 1919.


1920: Falla using the guitar composes Homenaje as a tribute to Debussy and his (Debussy's) feeling for the spirit of Spain.

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