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History of Technology of Music

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In review: 1900 circa: Eric Lott, Love and Theft: Blackface Minstrelsy and the American Working Class. 1993.

1900: Jane Marlin, Reminiscences of Morris Steinert. New York, 1900.


1901; L. A. Villanis, L'Arte del Clavicembalo. Turin, 1901.

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1903: Crosby Brown, Catalogue of Keyboard Musical Instruments in the Crosby Brown Collection. New York, 1903.


1904: E. Rapin, Histoire du Piano et des Pianistes. Lausanne, 1904.


1905: A. Kullak and W. Niemann, Asthetik des Kalvierspiels. Berlin, 1905.


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1908: new1.gif - 3972 BytesAppearance of the original Sousaphone, made first by G. C. Conn, of Elkhart, Indiana, USA, for Sousa's famous band. It is a large-bore upright bass with a kink in the bell which points upwards.


1909: Wanda Landowska, La Musique Ancienne. Paris, 1909.

1909: L. A. Villanis, L'Arte del Pianoforte in Italia. Turin, 1909.

1909: Wurlitzer in New York further improves the harp from 1909.


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