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You can find an excellent music-and-recording history timeline at (Error 500 - can't connect): http://history.acusd.edu/gen/recording/notes.html

Approaching the C20th


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bluepin1.gif - 947 Bytes1892: Tchaichovsky's ballet The Nutcracker Suite premieres in St. Petersburg, Russia. new1.gif - 3972 Bytes


1893: Constant Pierre, Les Facteurs D'instruments de Musique, les Luthiers, et La Facture Instrumentale: Precis Historique. Paris, 1893.

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You can find an excellent music-and-recording history timeline at: http://history.acusd.edu/gen/recording/notes.html


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The Prom Concerts in UK -history and development

On 10-7-2010 per a GeneaNet newsletter

BBC launches online Proms archive

In the UK, BBC Proms London's Royal Albert Hall plays host to the Proms every year. Now the BBC has launched a Proms archive, listing all performances, composers, works, soloists, conductors and ensembles in its 115-year history.

Details of all the 7,168 concerts which have taken place since 1895 can be searched in the online database. It has taken two years to compile and cross-check the database using old Proms programmes.

Roger Wright, director BBC Proms, said it was a "fascinating" snapshot of musical trends over the last century.

PROMS FACTS * Wagner is the most performed composer * Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 (Land Of Hope And Glory) has been performed 146 times * Wagner's Tannhauser is the most-performed work * Sir Henry Wood - the Proms co-founder - conducted more than 23,000 pieces * Sir Simon Rattle's first Prom was in 1976, when he was 21 years old

The team who worked on the database faced several challenges while compiling the record. There was a huge effort to standardise spellings and how particular works are listed, and to recognise changes in the titles of works and the names of ensembles over the years.

Programme listings also had to be cross-checked with what actually happened at the concerts, as works and artists were often added or changed at the last minute. Another challenge was identifying pieces of music by now-forgotten composers and working out who actually performed them.

Mr Wright said: "To have the entire database of concerts available reveals much about the Proms itself, but also about the history of classical music in the UK over the past 115 years. It's fascinating to see developments in musical trends and the careers and popularity of particular artists, composers and music. We're delighted to make this amazing resource available to the public and hope it will be invaluable to music-lovers, musicians, academics and fun for anyone who is interested in classical music."

The BBC Proms 2010 opens at the Royal Albert Hall on 16 July.

1895: P. Rougnon, Pianos et Pianistes. Paris, 1895.

1896: Alfred J. Hipkins, A description and history of the pianoforte. London, 1896.


new1.gif - 3972 Bytes1897: Electronic music: Partial beginning of experiments with electronic music instruments as Thaddeus Cahill builds world's first electric synthesizer, which he calls, Telharmonium. It generates sinusoidal tones and has a 36-note per-octave keyboard. (See file for 1923)

You can find an excellent music-and-recording history timeline at: http://history.acusd.edu/gen/recording/notes.html


1898: Oscar Bie, The Pianoforte and Pianoforte Players. Munich, 1898. (Das klavier und seine Meister) Translated, London, 1899.


The late 1890s - And a major innovation! New Orleans drummer Dee Chandler attaches a drum beater to a foot pedal so he can strike his bass drum using his foot. The arrival of the bass drum foot pedal as so-much-used later for rock and roll!
item submitted by HoTM co-founder Ed Matzenik, who asks, "How influential was this?!" So far he can't find an exact date for the innovation - but we're working on it - Ed)

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