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Books on Australian History:

Alan Bond with Rob Mundie, Bond. 2003 at Dymocks.

Geoffrey Blainey, Black Kettle and Full Moon: Daily Life in a Vanished Australia, 2003 at Dymocks.

New Books - 2018

Books on Australian Biography:

biography, Australian, Mike Munro, A Pasty-Faced Nothing. 2003 at Dymocks, (Memoirs of a noted journalist.)

Edwin Wilson, Long-Distance Poet: A Portrait of the Poet as an Old Fart. Crows Nest, Sydney, Woodbine Press, 2019. Vol II in 2022.

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Brisbane riverside, July 2008
Brisbane riverside, July 2008
Photo by Dan Byrnes

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Biography (International)

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Java Coast, a Brisbane inner-city coffee shop hideaway, July 2008
Brisbane city coffee shop
Photo by Dan Byrnes

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To the skyline: Suburban Annerley, Brisbane, July 2008
Brisbane thematic public art, riverside, 2008
Photo by Dan Byrnes

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Northern NSW - A Greyhound bus eats its heart out for a destination
Greyhousn passenger bus July 2007
Photo by Dan Byrnes

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"Zoom", the webmaster's cat, 2004
Zoom the webmaster's cat, 2004
"Zoom" (now deceased) ... A cat with a very impassive gaze, and most fondly remembered, too, as a companion for a bookreader. She'd been abandoned as an adult cat and literally zoomed to food when I first decided to adopt her. Photo by Dan Byrnes

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