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An updated/recompiled Bibliography
Aspects of Modern Australian History
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Please note that all titles on Genealogy/Family History are gathered in the one file for GGG - Genealogy. Although, some titles on genealogy may be refiled strictly alphabetically in these compilations, that is, alphabetically by author surname -Ed


AAAAA - Works of fiction and poetry below in this section

Marcus Andrew Hislop Clarke, (Fiction), For The Term Of His Natural Life. (First pub. 1874. Various editions and a full text is online in Australia - the grim world of the convict)

John Creasey (Novel), The Masters of Bow Street. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1974. [On policing].

J. M. Couper, (Poetry), The Book of Bligh. Melbourne University Press, 1969.

Daniel Defoe, (Novel), The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the famous Moll Flanders. Edited, with an introduction by Juliet Mitchell. Ringwood, Australia, Penguin, 1978.

Dante, The Divine Comedy. Penguin Classics, 1968, translated and commentated by Dorothy L. Sayers.

Arabella Edge, (Novel) The Company: The Story of a Murderer. Picador, 2000, 371pp. (The latest in a line of fictions on the Dutch ship Batavia aground on the West Australian coast in 1629)*

The Great Southern Land becomes a fantasy-utopia in Gabriel de Foigny, The Southern Land, Known. (Translated by David Fausett.) Syracuse University Press, 1993.*

Alex Haley, (Novel), Roots. Richmond South, Victoria, Hutchinson of Australia. 1977.

James Michener, (Novel), Chesapeake. London, Corgi/Random House, 1979.

Henry Newbolt, Poems: Old and New. London, John Murray, 1917.

Michael Talbot, (Novel on the First Fleet), To The Ends of the Earth. Glasgow, Fontana/Collins, 1988.

Eric Willmot, (Novel), Pemulwoy: The Rainbow Warrior. Sydney, Weldon Publishers, 1987.

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AAA - Books, general

Mark Aarons, The Family File. Black Inc., 2010, 346pp. (Inside story of a family of noted Australian communists)

Mark Aarons, War Criminals Welcome: Australia, A Sanctuary for Fugitive War Criminals Since 1945. Black Inc., 2001, 649pp.*

A. Abram, An Abstract of the Grievances of Trade, etc. London, 1694.

A. Abram, An account of some transactions ... relating to the East India Company. London, 1693.

Waleed Aly, What's Right? The Future of Conservatism in Australia. Quarterly Essay, 2010, 142pp.

Anon compilation, The Advanced Photography Guide. 2018.

Anon, John Julius Angerstein and Woodlands, 1774-1974: a Bicentenary exhibition celebrating the building of Woodlands by John Julius Angerstein, 17 September-5 November, 1974. London Borough of Greenwich, Woodlands Art Gallery, 1974.

Anon, Maritime History, Anon, Harbours and Marine: Port and Harbour Developments in Queensland from 1824 to 1985. Dept. of Harbours and Marine, Queensland, 1986.*

Anon., London's Roll of Fame: Being Complementary Notes and Addresses from the City of London on Presentation of the Honorary Freedom of that City and on Other Occasions, to Royal Personages etc [scientists, explorers, etc] From the Close of the Reign of Geo II AD 1757 to 1884, With a Critical and Historical Introduction. London, Cassell and Co., 1884.

Brisbane public art, riverside, July 2008
Brisbane thematic public art, riverside, 2008
Photo by Dan Byrnes

Anon?, The Importance of the Sugar Colonies to Great Britain. London, 1731.

Anon?, 'Paper Money in Colonial Virginia', William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. XX, April 4, 1912., pp. 227ff.

Anon - The Nation of Islam, (Compilation), The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. Vol. One. Boston, Mass, The Historical Research Department, The Nation of Islam, 1991 (Latimer Associates).

Anon-Not given, The Van Diemen´s Land Warriors... with an essay on Matthew Brady, the notorious outlaw. (One of the many Australian Historical Monographs produced by Dr. George Mackaness in Sydney, and in recent years marketed by Review Publications, Dubbo, NSW.)

Recent books incoming

Prudence Black, Smile, Particularly in Bad Weather. UWA Publishing, 2017, 310pp. (History of air hostessing in Australia, reviewer finds it's a likable kind of history of an empowerment of women)

Brian Alexander, Glass House: The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-American Town. St Martin's Press, 2017, 307pp. (On how USA became non-great such that Donald Trump had to re-great it).

Henry Hemmings, M - Maxwell Knight, MI5's Greatest Spymaster. Preface, 2017, 400pp.

Allan Gyngell, Fear of Abandonment: Australia in the World since 1942. La Trobe University Press, 2017, 352pp. (On Australia's "geopolitical anxieties".)

Nicholas Reynolds, Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Spy: Ernest Hemingway's Secret Adventures. William Morrow, 2017.

Wal Walker, Jane and D'Arcy: Jane Austen and D'Arcy Wentworth. Volume I: Folly is Not Always Folly. Aecana Trust, 2017, 430pp.(Ideas that Mr Darcy in Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice, is based on Sydney ex-convict D'Arcy Wentworth as she'd had an affair with him. Whew, that's new!)

Tina K. Allen, Bill Gibson. New South. 2017. (Life, work and inventions of Bill Gibson, the doctor who was behind research on cochlear implants to reduce deafness)

Craig Wilcox, Badge Boot Button. NLA Publishing, 2017. (On history of use of uniforms in European Australia)

B. E. A new dictionary of terms, ancient and modern, of the canting crew. London, circa 1696.

Thomas Perkins Abernethy, Western lands and the American Revolution. New York, D. Appleton-Century Co., (University of Virginia, Institute for Research into the Social Sciences), 1937.

Willis J. Abbot, The Story Of Our Merchant Marine. (US history) New York, 1919.*

G. J. Abbott, 'Staple theory and Australian economic growth', Business Archives and History, Vol. 5, No. 2, August 1965., pp. 142-154.

G. J. Abbott, The Pastoral Age: A Re-Examination. South Melbourne, Macmillan/Dalgety Australia Ltd., 1971.

Bro. G. Abbott, History of the Lion and Lamb Lodge. nd.

G. J. Abbott, 'The Botany Bay decision', Journal of Australian Studies, No. 16, May 1985., pp. 21-41.

G. J. Abbot and G. Little, (Eds.), The Respectable Sydney Merchant, A. B. Sparke of Tempe,. Sydney, Sydney University Press, 1976.

Changes to come in your future


More to come


Tax: Do not expect taxes to fall. As populations expand, environmental heath or repair will not be cheap to deliver or maintain. Expect to be asked to pay more tax. (The long run of the US Republican Party's fantasies about tax cuts is over. Repeat, over. What the USA badly needs to do is develop a Fed-led notion of national commonwealth in which all can share equitably.)


Water: Expect to see conflict or outright wars over water and water rights in a variety of countries. Expect to see less emphasis on the world's "holy rivers" and more emphasis on healthy, unpolluted rivers. Worry about the Murray River, Australia. Worry about the Mekong River, South East Asia. Worry about the Colorado River, USA.

Wealth: Notions of wealth and its use may change. Personal wealth may mean greater possession of political power (which activists will try to monitor). Notions of community wealth will change and environmental health will be more valued.

Worry beads: Modern-day version, see Phone, Mobile, above.


More to come


More to come


Zimbabwe: Who else by 2008 wants to see Mugabe and his henchmen exiled to Iceland while they prepare their defence after being charged by an outraged world for crimes against humanity?

G. J. Abbott, and N. B. Nairn, (Eds.), Economic Growth of Australia, 1788-1821. Melbourne, Melbourne University Press, 1969.

G. J. Abbott, 'A Note on the Volume of Treasury Bill Expenditure 1788-1821', Bulletin of the Business Archives Council of Australia, Vol. 6, No. 1, Feb. 1966, University of Sydney., pp. 81-84.

Peter Ackroyd, Albion: The Origins of the English Imagination. Random House, 2002, 518pp.*

satire, Janet Albrechtsen, Alan Jones, The Authorised Biography: Vol. 1, Nightmare on Struggle Street. ABC Books, 2006. (See also: Keith Windschuttle, Alan Jones: The Authorised Biography, Vol. 2, The Wilderness Years. ABC Books, 2006.)

Margaret I. Adam, 'The Highland Emigration of 1770', Scottish Historical Review, Vol. 16, pp. 280-293. c 1920?

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J. T. Adams, Revolutionary New England, 1691-1776. Boston, Atlantic Monthly Press, 1925.

Paul Robert Adams, The Best Hated Man in Australia: The Life and Death of Percy Brookfield 1875-1921. details mislaid, 2010? (Life of a champion of the working class, vehement mining unionist and anti-conscriptionist)

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Robert Aldrich, The French Presence in the South Pacific, 1842-1940. Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press, 1990.

A Brisbane city shopping mall, July 2008
Brisbane city shopping mall, 2008
Photo by Dan Byrnes

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Brisbane inner-city coffee shop, July 2008
Quaintly attractive Brisbane city coffee shop, 2008
Photo by Dan Byrnes

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Below are items still uncollected

Jihadism: Shiraz Maher, Salafi-Jihadism: The History of an Idea. Penguin, 2018. 292pp.

Amal Awad, Beyond Veiled Cliches: The Real Lives of Arab Women. Vintage, 2017. 289pp.


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